Newt Gingrich on 'This Week'

The former House speaker on the state of the race for the White House.
3:00 | 10/28/12

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Transcript for Newt Gingrich on 'This Week'
Former house speaker Newt Gingrich. Did mr. speaker thanks for coming in this morning it is turned Stephanie Cutter right there she believes -- campaign is ahead in Ohio that nearly -- coming in for President Obama. In those key battleground states your response. Well I think you put your friend -- with the Des Moines Register. Here's a newspaper that has not endorsed a Republican and forty years. And now they were for Obama four years ago they've switched. I think the fact is -- notebook paper in Florida this morning did the same thing and good for Obama it's switched. In Ohio we clearly have gained ground. I think across the country we have -- if you look at the internals the Washington Post poll I doubt very much of Obama's gonna carry Virginia I think the -- way over sampled Democrats. But the bigger issue is whether -- still out whether it's unemployment. Or it is what's happened in many guys -- -- we've had this strange story over the weekend that the secretary of defense apparently. Refused. To -- the president's order -- the president is telling the truth and he actually instructed. His assistance to get aid to Ben Ghazi who are now being told us secretary of defense canceled that. And I think these kind of things all dragged down the Obama campaign. You'll notice he's canceling his trips over the hurricane he did not cancel his trips over Ben Ghazi. And so you have to wonder between Ben -- the price of gasoline and unemployment just how much burden the president's gonna carry into this last week. He does have a -- as you point now with a lot a lot of the stories coming at the same time he also has built up. The leading some of these battleground states according to the wealth of polls we've seen. Across the commission has raised the prospect of the possibility. Of governor Romney winning the popular vote the losing the Electoral College Mark McKinnon who worked for governor President Bush. Has said that Republicans won't accept that is he right. What he means what he we won't accept them. We're we're a nation of law and Obey the law I think it's very unlikely as a historian. They even as -- Romney win I think he's actually an end -- winning run 5347. And I think it's very unlikely he -- winning significant popular victory vote and not carry Electoral College. You know James Carville has a rule incumbents get the last poll. While there are a lot of states for that last poll means for example Ohio. That Obama would lose at least 5149. You go around the country there are lots of states where Obama is -- 4748. Sometimes 49 sometimes 46. And James Carville always said you'd never get if you the incumbent. You never get a break because they had for years to decide therefore you and they don't at the last week. Let's look at the closing arguments from President Obama he was in New Hampshire yesterday. Taking aim at Mitt Romney's record in Massachusetts. Once -- problems. He pushed through a tax cut. Overwhelmingly benefited 278. Of the wealthiest families in the -- At any raise taxes and fees on middle class -- to the tune of 750 million dollars. His argument of course that's exactly governor -- is -- if -- president. -- -- -- -- The fact is. Barack Obama would trade the job creation of -- as governor in a heartbeat. He would trade the unemployment rate of -- -- of Massachusetts under Romney. In a heartbeat -- loved to have had the bipartisan ability -- work with an 85% democratic. Legislature. Obama would love to have been able to work the people as well as Romney did you look at Romney's record and makes it frankly Obama's presidency look pretty thin. And then remarkably ineffective longest period of high unemployment in American history since the Great Depression. Every person who buys gasoline today is paying two dollars a gallon more. Because of Obama's energy policies. I think Obama -- had a chance would loved to have Romney's record in Massachusetts pricey gas is going down these final weeks isn't. Trend -- goes down every fall in the summer travel doesn't. It is still the most expensive for this time of year in American history it is still two dollars a gallon more. Then it was when Obama became. President and we're learning more and more about how many bankruptcies there are. In the solar power industry he was taking care of so you have a president who badly invested your tax money. To distort energy policies while making you pay two dollars a gallon more. I think pretty tough record to go in Ohio or Florida or anywhere and say to folks what she -- voting for two dollars more on gasoline because. You like Obama so much you don't mind paying for. Finally -- -- Stephanie -- bring up this issue of Richard Moore doc the Republican senate candidate. In in Indiana and saying the governor Romney is wrong not to stand up to him and saying his comments were wrong and take -- is that endorsing -- your response. Monstrosity doesn't America actually said he said -- virtually every Catholic and every fundamentalists and country believes life begins at conception. This seems to be be fixated by the Democrats but the radical abortion is Obama who -- -- -- state senator. Voted three times in favor of allowing doctors to kill babies in the -- the ninth month were born having survived late term abortion. And the Democratic Party platform which says you should pay with your tax money from late term abortions something which is about a 20% issue. But doesn't seem to fascinate the -- nearly as much as a business is make or whatever would would. Mr. -- -- exactly was -- this like after -- as horrible as it may be is something in the god intended to happen. You agree with. And -- also merely issued clarification saying he was referring to the act of conception and he condemned to rape. Romney has condemned -- one part of this is nonsense every candidate I know every decent American -- know condemns rape. OK so why can't the people and Stephanie Cutter get over it we all condemned right. Now let's talk about whether we also condemn. Killing babies in the eighth and ninth months mr. speaker thanks very much for your time this morning. Thank --

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