Order Halts Travel From 7 Muslim-Majority Countries

ABC News' Terry Moran reports on the fallout from President Donald Trump's travel ban.
2:41 | 01/29/17

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Transcript for Order Halts Travel From 7 Muslim-Majority Countries
Terry in Iran who covers the supreme court for ABC. David mentioned those stays issued on this executive order what what does that mean. But the timeout Martha right now the court's three courts have said three judges have said. That the people who are appealing for relief from this executive order people try to get into this country have been stopped they've got a good enough case to take a close look at doesn't mean that a win. But in the judges say if they if they don't take the case in their turned around they'll somber irreparable harm. Now they take a hard look at the law and the law much of it is on president Trump's side. The constitution. Many laws of congress many precedents of the Supreme Court. All give sweeping powers to any president to decide who does or doesn't get to come into our country. That congress has passed couple was saying you can't discriminate against people in the basin national origin. But they've also passed a law saying anytime a president determines that a group of people is detrimental to the interest the United States. He or she any president can suspend. Their permission to let those people into the country so the bottom line here is while president truck is testing. The limits of presidential power when when that cases are close the tie almost always goes the president that Terry no major terror attacks have been carried out on US soil. By people from any of those countries those seven countries so why is at a national security risk. Well if that's an argument and it may be a very good political or read good to our argument to have with some of your guests today but judges sit in courthouses and they defer. All the time they let the president. Decide matters of Nash secure they say we don't get the intelligence we are talking to the generals we don't have diplomats all over the world and so you do. Unless you've done something really outrageous courts will generally let the president decide what is in the national security if the United States now that's sad. President trump is testing the waters here one. He has a religious garb qualification there says that group members of religious minorities in these countries will lead get special treatment. And he's gone on television so that means Christians but that's probably unconstitutional under the establishment cause the first he can't. She used on the basis of what religion a person is how you gonna enforce the law against them. And then many people who have already established lawful permanent residents the United States. That yes that government has given them the permission to state to be in this country. They may get caught up in this law and the courts may not like this executive order stripping those people who are already lawful permanent residents states. Of their rights. Thanks very much Terry.

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{"duration":"2:41","description":"ABC News' Terry Moran reports on the fallout from President Donald Trump's travel ban.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/ThisWeek","id":"45126004","title":"Order Halts Travel From 7 Muslim-Majority Countries","url":"/ThisWeek/video/order-halts-travel-muslim-majority-countries-45126004"}