Panel I: Is the U.S. Headed Toward Bankruptcy?

Pat Toomey, Chris Van Hollen, Neil Barofsky, Austan Goolsbee, Grover Norquist, Kim Strassel.
3:00 | 08/19/12

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Transcript for Panel I: Is the U.S. Headed Toward Bankruptcy?
sundays. You won't get mor Mike: Today is going to be dry and sunshine gets confusing at times and clouds backed off this morning and those will dissipate through late morning but towards afternoon more clouds cover from the west. A thin overcast. At times the sun will fade but at times it will be crystal clear and plenty of sunshine. It will be partly cloudy to cover all the bases. 76 degrees and with a mix of clouds and sunshine today. Tomorrow overcast and look for showers but most happening towards evening and clears way tuesday afternoon and mid week looking summary with TEMPERATURES IN THE LOW 80s AND Partly cloudy conditions. Jim and emily. Jim: Emily. Mike: I almost said something else. Emily: All right, well, let's talk about this. Lady gaga, rihanna and aerosmith. Jim: They all rep recorded here in the bay state. Emily: They like a quiet spot and now it can be yours. Reporter: In carlyle long a long driveway and tucked into the side of a hill is a spot known to some of the biggest names in music. Aerosmith, boston, carly simon, lady gaga, backstreet boys, lauryn hill. Reporter: But many locals don't even know it exists. If you're in the know, you know. Reporter: On the market for $799,000 is a 3,000 square foot music studio built in 1979 named blue jay recording studio. The current owner is selling it. There's an a room and b room with two isolation booths and great lounge and sun room. Everyone walks in like really, it's funny. It's funny seeing their face because you walk down this hill and you're like where are we going just like do you. Nobody knows and then you come in the door and your like wow, this is for real. This is where the singers and musicians would be. Reporter: He's looking to focus in on other areas of the music industry and relocate to the south shore. He said all equipment is included. My goal is to sell it blue jay. Jim: Imagine the karaoke parties. Jim: When gas prices could fall and family members of a missing teen search. What the latest search has uncovered so far. Emily: At 9:26 we say good morning to all of viewers in worcester. Looks gorgeous where you are, blue skies, bright sun, 66 average, day switch from Cascade to Finish-- over a million so far. With Finish Quantum you get incredibly clean, sparkling dishes without rinsing first. And now you can try Finish Quantum for free. Visit us on Facebook. Jim: Three shootings in less than a week in malden and the efforts to stop the streak of violence. Emily: Searching for answ answers in a decades old mystery. Jim: And how much cash was raised in the last two days. The eyeopener starts right now. Jim: Get ready to kick off 30 more minutes of news and weather. I'm jim lokay. Emily: I'm emily riemer with mike wankum. If you're just joining us, mr. Wankam for forgot my name. Give me a sunny and get back in my good graces. Mike: The clouds came in and now they're dissipating again. That area is breaking you. Then you see what's see what's coming in from the west and this has thin stuff and lots of holes in it now and that's the way the day's been going off and on peek-a-boo sunshine and we'll call it a mostly sunny to pary cloudy day and temperatures have warmed from some places were in THE 40s. WE HAVE 70s OVER THE CAPE AND Orange is back up to 60 and we can see some temperatures close to 80 degrees today. Here's what's happening. We have a system to our south and it's keeping the rain down in virginia but the cloud deck is trying to be thrown in over the top of us and you'll see plenty of sunshine. We'll call it a day by fading sunshine and by noon high clouds and partly cloudy by 3:00 and by 6:00 it starts to get mostly cloudy and we'll see more clouds overnight and tomorrow we could see rain and I'm have a timeline in a few minutes. Jim: One city, one week, three shootings. Police in malden are working to stop the violence. Two happened yesterday less than a mile from each other. Emily: As kimberly bookman reports people are on alert and want something done. Reporter: An all too familiar sound in malden where three shootings happened in one ek, two on the same day. The surge in violence even that's city's mayor uneasy. We should all be concerned about our community. Reporter: The most recent 3:45 saturday afternoon in the parking left to ryan family amusement. A fight over a woman led one man to shoot another in the thigh. The suspect fled in a great maxima found at the medford meadow glen mall. This young lady walked by the scene completely unaware. I hear this stuff on the news all the time and being confronted with it I got nervous. Reporter: On this same day another shooting near ferry way school. Police say they found a 28-year-old man suffering from gunshot wounds. His injuries so bad they could claim his life. Officers do not believe the attack was random it followed a shooting near the willow street skateboard shot where a 17-year-old was shot in the leg. Police are all over the situation. I can assure the community that they are working diligently to come up with the reasons and solutions moving forward. Reporter: And there will be a public safety meeting in malden august 27 at lincoln commons from 6:00 to 8:00. All residents are welcome. In malden, kimberly bookman, newscenter 5. Emily: Commitment 2012 now. President obamarying to gain a steady lead in the granite state. Current polls show him effectively tied with mitt romney and with those numbers the president was on the attack during a visit yesterday in windham and blasted romney's tax plan citing independent studies on th on theed on the middle class. They tried to sell this before. It will not create jobs or reduce the deficit or move the economy forward. It's the wrong direction for america. Emily: The president also claimed his opponents would change medicare making recipients pay more so wealthy taxpayers can get a tax break. And mitt romney made stops on the cape and martha's vineyard nantucket and shook some sha hand and posed for some pictures. There was a $50,000 a head event at an osterville event. They raised $7 million over the last two days. Both mr. Romney and his running mate, congressman paul ryan are gearing up for their own visit and they'll head to anthem college for romney's 100th town hall of his campaign. Ryan was last in the granite state two years ago. Now new hampshire only has four electoral votes but it's seen as a keen battleground state. Jim: Another bay state soldier killed in afghanistan the pentagon announcing the his death killed thursday. Emily: I'll take it from here. He was killed thursday. The victim of an improvised explosive device. He was deployed to afghanistan last december and the first soldier from north adams to die in the line of duty since the vietnam war. Investigators tried to crack the mystery of melanie melanson. Many believe she with you murdered and ba buried in the woods there. Reporter: Today the family of melanie m melanson want something more tangible. To some it's a new story but to us it's a loved one and wants it over with. Reporter: Crews are shifting behind rail road tracks on montvale ave look for melanie. Just digging and whatever we find we collect to examine later. Reporter: They he 30 to 40 bags of evidence but no human remains. The woburn teen disappeared back in 1989 after a party in these woods. The case turned until november. That's when probono private investigator mike hargan got a hit. Reporter: Now k-9s are sniffing around and archeologists are excavating the land home to put the young girl to rest. Whatever they find we give her a proper burial and so she's not just left out in the woods here. Reporter: About 20 people spent a total of 29 hours searching the quarter acre of land over two days. No human remains were found. Investigators will reassess and decide where to search next. Bob halloran, newscenter 5. Emily: Public health testing for former exeter hospital patients is over. They wrapped it up yesterday. The patients are being tested because of this man, david kwiatkowski. He's a former lab tech accused of using hospital needles and putting them back in supply starting the hepatitis c epidemic. You can still get tested privately through your own doctor. Jim: In attleboro consider yourself warned. Work crews are working on fixing the power lines torn down by trucks on thursday causing this traffic nightmare. Investigators say there was a structural problem that caused the lines to sag. Gas prices continue to rise. The average price up to $3.74 then national average $3.70 then cause is middle east unrest and problems in some refineries. The cheapest in is in irving. Analysts predict prices will drop in the fall. Emily: New efforts to protect against mosquitos with deadly diseases. Jim: The spraying campaigns underway and why a new vaccine looks promising to fight against west nile virus. Emily: And the battle in the bronx. Why carl crawford may be looking to end his season early. Jim: Welcome back.

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