Pelosi: President Trump 'has nothing to show' for first month in office except 'fear'

The House Democratic leader is interviewed exclusively on "This Week."
7:15 | 02/26/17

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Transcript for Pelosi: President Trump 'has nothing to show' for first month in office except 'fear'
have gone both ways. Sarah Huckabee Sanders, thank you very much. Nancy Pelosi, thank you for joining us today. You heard Sarah Sanders talk about the committee looking into the Russia ties with the trump campaign. Also, pretty much saying there will not be a recusal from now for if attorney general. Your response? As you read the law and saw the law, the attorney general must recuse himself. But let's just take it back a step. You have seen a flurry of activities that are completely inappropriate, encouraging lawmakers, encouraging foishls say something is one way or another. Let's have the investigation and find out the truth. And we have been called, we have 100 now plus one Republican on Eric's bill for an outside, independent commission to study the personal, political, and financial relationship between president trump and the Russians. So far, the efforts have been quashed by the Republican leadership in the house. You're getting pressure from Democrats to go farther. Michael Moore put out a 2w50e9 this week, tell your senator and house members now, you want them to cease all business until they appoint a special committee on trump tapped rush xwrans he gave the phone number there as well. Are you ready to go that far? Let me just say, there is no business. Let's put this in time. You did at the beginning of the show. In a couple of days, it will be 40 days, 40 hours, 40 years in the desert. 40 is fraught with meaning and symbolism. When president Obama was sworn in on the steps of capital, he asked for swift, bold action now for jobs and education for the 251st century. One week and one day from that swearing in, the house passed the American recovery and reinvestment act. One week later, the senate passed it. Four weeks from his inauguration, he signed a bill which saved or created 4 million jobs. He had already signed, lily Leadbetter signed it. Schip, the children's health insurance program. By the time he had his first address to the join session, the first speech, he could say this is what I asked for. This is what we have done in the first four weeks. What has the trump administration done from their inaugural address, where they talked about decay and carnage? Thai done nothing, except put Wall Street first. Make America sick again. And instill fear in our immigrant population in our country. And make sure Russia maintains itself grip, its grip on our foreign policy. You saw Sarah Sanders say, talk about Obamacare on Tuesday. Would not say it will guarantee. It can't guarantee. N the Republicans have been baying at the moon for seven years that they have a better idea. They've come up with nothing. They say repeal and replace. That has alliteration. That's all it has going for it. They don't have a replacement. What they have put forth and outlined will cost more to consumers. Lit cover fewer people. It will give tax breaks to the wealthiest people. The president wants to do, the 400 wealthiest families in America will get a tax break of $7 million a year. But if they do follow through and repeal Obamacare. They won't be able to do it. They can't? They have alliteration. Not votes. If they do, won't Democrats have a duty to go in and help repair it so the people that will lose coverage, according to your analysis, don't lose it? If everyone loved their care, if everyone loved it, which they didn't, and their insurance policy, we would still have had to do it because the escalating costs of health care in our country were unsustainable to individuals, families, small business, corporate America, and to the public sector. The costs were just soaring. We do the care. And had three goals. One, two lower costs. Other two expand benefits. And the third to improve, increase access. 20 million, 400,000 people now have health care who didn't have it before. This is the important part. 155 million people who get their health insurance through their workplace have now had expanded benefits. Stop the rate of increase of costs. But, no longer will you have pre-existing condition prevent you from getting care. I understand that. No, I understand that. Don't you have an obligation to protect those who will lose coverage? St you have to have the full package. If they come up with something that lowers the costs, expands the koechblg, increases benefit, then we'll have something to talk about. We haven't seen anything to talk to them about. When he makes his arouddress on the 40 things that he's done many the 40 days, all he has is fear. Fear of the greed on wall Street. What kind of reception is the president going to get on Tuesday? Some Democrats are thinking of bringing guests they believe have been impacted by the president's policies. Well, that would be a Normal thing to do. I, myself, would bring a guest who is a dreerm. A guest who has -- lost her son through gun violence. I'll bring a guest who is a symbol of the freedom of the press, which the president, in his authoritarian manner, is attacking. And I think that's really -- our biggest guardian of democracy is the first amendment. The freedom of the press. Are there any issues where you feel you can still work with the president? Back in November, you talked about infrastructure. We don't know if he'll propose a plan on Tuesday. Is that something the Democrats can get behind? Let's talk about that. I call him the deflector in chief. He has no jobs bill. I talked about president Obama in the first four weeks,4 million jobs. He has no jobs bill. So he's got to talk about the press. He has no jobs bill. So he has to talk about kids -- transgender kids in school. He has no jobs bill, so he has to talk about immigrants and have a ban on muslims coming to to country. All of this is a deflection from the fact that he has done nothing. We haven't seen a jobs bill. We haven't seen -- Do you have an open mind on it? If he has, as I have said to him and said publicly, if he has an instfrainfrastructure bill that helps to address the deficit we have in our country, let's talk about. But if it is yet again, another tax break for his rich friends, disguised as an infrastructure bill, we're not going there. Nancy Pelosi, thank you for joining us this morning. My pleasure.

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{"duration":"7:15","description":"The House Democratic leader is interviewed exclusively on \"This Week.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/ThisWeek","id":"45747302","title":"Pelosi: President Trump 'has nothing to show' for first month in office except 'fear'","url":"/ThisWeek/video/pelosi-president-trump-show-month-office-fear-45747302"}