What's behind President Trump's wiretap accusation?

ABC News' Jonathan Karl reports on the Trump administration after a difficult week inside the White House.
2:18 | 03/05/17

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Transcript for What's behind President Trump's wiretap accusation?
Jonathan Karl joins me now. And Jonathan, what are you hearing from your sources at the white house? Talking to the white house dreektly, we'll be, in just a few moments. What are you hearing why Donald Trump did that? These allegations made over Twitter caught the west wing by surprise. They had no idea this was coming. Had no idea what the president was talking about. After the tweets went out, you had something of a mad scramble, Martha, in the west wing, trying to figure out what wz he talking about? Is there evidence, a search to find out if the allegations, the explosive allegations the president just made were, in fact, true. As of now, I see no indication they found any evidence that trump tower's phones were tapped, let alone the idea that president owe be a ma would have ordered it. As we just heard Brian Ross say, was it from this Breitbart report? Uh, there's no indication it's anything beyond the speculation that was in conservative media, including that Breitbart report. There was an interview that aired on fox nows, the day before, an interview with Paul Ryan. Paul Ryan said he just didn't know. There's also speculation that he saw that interview, as well. President trump is down in Florida this weekend. At mar-a-lago. You have reported there was a very tense meeting on Friday. This was quite a scene, Martha. In the oval office, the president summons his senior staff. Including reince Priebus, chief of staff, Steven Bannon, don Mcgann. I'm told he went ballistic. Infuriated that the attorney general, Jeff sessions, recused himself from this investigation. Trump, the president saw this as emboldening his democratic critics. He said, we never should have given ground. There's no reason for him to recuse. Nobody's done anything wrong. He left that meeting, went to Florida, didn't take his senior staff with him. I'm told by two sources that reince Priebus and Steven Bannon both said we'll stay behind and work on this. And then came the tweets. As Jon just mentioned, the

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{"id":45924868,"title":"What's behind President Trump's wiretap accusation?","duration":"2:18","description":"ABC News' Jonathan Karl reports on the Trump administration after a difficult week inside the White House.","url":"/ThisWeek/video/president-trumps-wiretap-accusation-45924868","section":"ThisWeek","mediaType":"default"}