Rahm Emanuel Slams Romney

Chicago mayor makes the case for President Obama's re-election.
8:06 | 11/20/11

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Transcript for Rahm Emanuel Slams Romney
-- Manuel brought the house down in Des Moines last night -- the I would democratic party's annual Jefferson Jackson dinner. The Chicago man and Obama confidant to live in a sustained attack on Mitt Romney and a full throated defense of the president's recollect. Republicans -- Every step of the way but because of his leadership. Millions of young Americans have been given. A better chance. That is the change we believe game that is the change we worked for that is the change President Obama delivered. And -- Rahm Emmanuel joins us now from Des Moines, Iowa man thank you for being with us thank you for having me. So you did his speech and the beginning was a hit -- -- scathing send up. Of a lot of the Republican candidates knew -- bridge. Herman Cain Rick Perry and the others. So -- to assume that President Obama should be read. Can't believe -- not given these opponents. Well. Adult visit somebody's gonna be the Republican nominee and then that's up to the choice that presented for the American people. But what's interesting regardless of the personalities. All of whom are espousing the same policies that have been tried before led to the present economic situation that the president inherited in 2009. Now one element had an -- it's different. There was tried as I noted in the speech. George Bush got handed in the Republicans got handed in 2000 record surplus and they handed off a record national debt and we can just come to that by accident. The president inherited an economy that was spinning towards a nearly a depression a financial system that was frozen out an auto industry. There was near collapse. And then that everybody made some choices. Mitt Romney was clear about the choices he would allow the auto industry to go bankrupt I think it's -- jobs that were associated with that. But those -- the choices those -- the values that's the leadership. And that's what's will be measured by the American people so. You look at the field obviously drew the conclusion you said the policies. The same. You did in fact spend a lot of time talking about the promises made and the changed rule as you put -- union speech. And -- one of the biggest changes the President Obama promised was to unclog the gridlock. In this town right now in this town since he became president and he wanted to sort of have a different kind of politics and -- -- Stuck in the same political paralysis. And with no sign -- end in sight. -- what -- -- second I've been through people that brought an impeachment and separate you is it that absolutely there's gridlock now let's take example Christiane. He's offered a plan. As it relates to dealing with the net and deficit -- and the debt -- he's offered a plan. OK and what they've offered is an ideology. He is offered a grand bargain and they have refused to bark. The senate leader for the Republican parts of my number one -- to make President Obama a one term president now that's very hard to bring bipartisanship. When that's operating principle of the other side. So it is it bad yes but. No is it bad absolutely. But that yet but where does the origination of the poison start from. And so when you have the opposite of President Obama doesn't walk around saying my number one goals to be the republic of my number one goals to help America. They're number one -- a political one his -- number one goal is how do we make ourselves for a competitive in the 21 century those are two different operating premises. Well I don't know many many Oscar -- about the current committee and in the super can be -- Was in pot shaped by President Obama and here it is now at the eleventh -- And it is apparently Dennis failed and not gonna meet what they promise that they would do. And even -- saying the President Obama hasn't been front and center and off in terms of you know doing -- -- We wanted to lol lol lol at bat now now back up. Now he's the super committee was set up by the by the leading congressionally because that's what they wanted. Number two he put an insurance policy -- there they if you fail if congress doesn't do its job. There it's going to be an automatic. Cuts. And that was the insurance policy both to motivate them but to make sure that America got the types of changes and cuts and reforms were necessary. Number doubt he hoped congress would do it -- he had -- -- insurance policy number two. As I said before. He has a plan. They have an ideology he has offered to work on a grand bargain they have refused to bargain they will not move. He has put things on their dear to Democrats is that as -- overall plan. I will make that part of it. That shows compromise that -- interest they have refused to budge on a single piece of their agenda that is not how you get to an agreement. So let me ask you honesty giving a full throated as we would expect you know reelect rallying the troops for President Obama in this coming -- -- tonight. But here's Ali thanks I -- have to give this speech at the Iowa Democratic Party not to -- Brookings institute. I don't see any -- we honest and that you a Democrat -- the president's chief of stuff I guess what I'm asking you is. Given -- you know passionate defense given everything you're saying right now and given the polls that for instance show. That the majority of Americans think that the country's on the wrong track. They don't see the president is being able -- 43% of Americans don't see the president is being able to need them out of this economic bind. And -- the -- The latest CNN opinion recent poll shows that if the election was held today. Mitt Romney would beat the president by about 51 point 7%. How do you deal -- that heavy -- how does the -- see how does the president face that. Well. Well first -- -- you remind people where we were just three years ago. And what has been done but what needs to be done. And then second is I do I think in the speech there's a clear set of choices because when it comes to the decisions in that Oval Office. The outcome is clear. It's filled with follow your guide posts are your leadership your judgment your values. Mitt Romney has revealed himself and I believe -- -- campaign continues more moral people will see who he's willing to stand for. And who he doesn't really turns a blind eye towards where -- the middle class. I guess for the last year or more the whole conversation in this country -- -- about budget cuts and cutting spending except that have been wind Occupy Wall Street in those movements. It's sort of shifted to the income disparity to the inequality to the 1% -- -- -- the 99%. And now although reducing police departments all over the country's. Really trying to move them off the streets how much longer do you think that this movement -- lost and do you embrace. Their ideals and what this standing -- Well look in -- as mayor of Chicago. I firmly believe in protecting people's First Amendment right. They'll never be encroached upon. I also have a responsibly to enforce the law and that also will happen and I don't think first amendment rights and law enforcement are opposite. But you cannot be in public life and be callous. -- the inks the middle class in this country remember. In the last decade. For the first time during a period of quote -- economic expansion. The middle class lost ground economically they have the standards of living decline that's never happened before. Second even before they got their feet -- -- underneath them they were hit again by -- recession pick -- the double whammy. You cannot be callous. To homeowners. Families trying to send their kids to college people trying to hang on to their jobs and grow their income. And not see what happened to them in the last decade. Man -- -- thank you very much indeed for joining us thinking thank you very much.

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{"id":14992412,"title":"Rahm Emanuel Slams Romney ","duration":"8:06","description":"Chicago mayor makes the case for President Obama's re-election. ","url":"/ThisWeek/video/rahm-emanuel-hits-romney-14992412","section":"ThisWeek","mediaType":"default"}