Rand Paul on 'This Week'

Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul discusses NSA spying, the Obamacare rollout, and new plagiarism charges.
3:00 | 11/03/13

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commission and they told me that I needed it, I would put the disclosure on the table. You have collected the endorsement of most of boston's top racial minorities. Can you argue that they cannot really bring those to the polls tackle what is your position on that -- votes to the polls. What is your position on that? They have been working the districts and working the neighborhoods and visiting senior centers on my behalf. I am happy with where our campaign is leading into the last couple of days. Truly bringing together one boston. Could they bring together the votes for themselves when they were running tackle -- when they were running? They believe in the same things we believe, make sure the education system is approved and closing the achievement gap. They have worked extremely half -- extremely hard. Let's move to casinos. You say if you lived in east boston, you would vote for it. Can you say you are confident that a casino can be trouble- free? Caesar's was forced to drop out because of problems and controversy. The reason why the issue was found out is the way the legislation was put together. The commission followed all of the appropriate stepso make sure there was a good provider. I found out there were some problems with the application. Caesar's was thrown out of the process. Whether it is in east boston or anywhere, there are intentions to make sure there are wrapper policing. -- Proper policing. Whoever they pick next, the gang will both do the same process. I hope they will do a stronger background themselves to make sure they pick the right partner. With caesar's out of the picture, is it harder for the people of eastern -- east boston to make a decision? That might be an issue. That is something the voters will figure out. The mayor has seen -- has said complementary things about john connolly. Does his profile give you pause? I have people supporting my candidacy who were supportive of the mayor. The mayor has stayed out of this race. The mayor does not do anything halfhearted. He is a resident of the city of boston. He is a voter. We have knocked on his door and asked him for his vote. I will make sure I asked him again for his vote. It is one of those things. People make decisions and move however they want to move. I am proud of the money my campaign has raised. We have raised $2.5 million. We have 8000 different owners. I have contributions of $10 from people. A woman gave me a check for $10. Her note was, I need you to get elected. She was a nun. I have carried that note around in my pocket for the last several months. I view that as something special. Same thing happened when I was running for state rep. A woman gave me a $10 bill and i still have it. You have suggested big changes at the bra. Is that why some of the money has been going to john connolly at the -- john connolly? There are some concerns people have. Ready for the pop quiz. We have been talking about the 50th year of the passing of jfk. It has been a jfk-centric theme. Who was his controversial attorney general? Robert kennedy. What was the name of the volunteer service organization? The peace corps. A 10 month investigation concluded the president was assassinated by lee harvey also all too acted alone. That commission was named for home -- whom? Hoover? Chief justice earl warren. It concluded the president -- some say there was a conspiracy. The outgoing mayor has a world series parade and a world series championship. The incoming mayor has to deal with that. As far as the cost of it? We will make sure it does not go down. I am looking forward to the new england patriots winning the super bowl and the boston bruins and the celtics. You are looking for a big suite. Thank you for being here today. The polls open at seven in the morning. Coming up next, the otr little roundtable. england, straight. No phonies, no fakers. No shortcuts. VERIZON FiOS NEVER TAKES SHORTCUTS EITHER. That's why they built the only 100% fiber optic network in massachusetts, unlike cot. That means america's fastest, most reliable internet. So, we can stream online videos faster and watch all of our teams in unbeatable picture quality. Comcast can talk all they want, but new englanders know the truth. Having a network new england can count on. Call the verizon center for customers with disabilities that's powerful. At 800-974-6006 tty/v. Time for an abbreviated edition of the political roundtable. We only have a little bit of time. How does it look going into tuesday? Walsh has the advantage. If he is even even on election day, he wins. She made a mistake being too narrow in the education issue. Walsh has opened up a lead on crime. We had a crash of traffic titans. The president is in town pushing his affordable care health care act. The red sox were battling in the world series. Was the presidential visit a mistake? No. Why wouldn't you have the most powerful man in the world here with the world series? He drove by. He never stopped. The president stopped at 4:00 in the afternoon and four hours

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{"id":20769926,"title":"Rand Paul on 'This Week'","duration":"3:00","description":"Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul discusses NSA spying, the Obamacare rollout, and new plagiarism charges.","url":"/ThisWeek/video/rand-paul-week-interview-nsa-spying-obamacare-plagiarism-20769926","section":"ThisWeek","mediaType":"default"}