Reince Priebus Interview

The Republican National Committee chair on the economy and Mitt Romney.
3:00 | 08/05/12

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Transcript for Reince Priebus Interview
This -- your morning. Good morning George let's get a response right away to what you just wrote here -- -- what. I mean do we want to continue down -- direction. Unemployment above 8% for. Countless months a president that hasn't lived the mission hasn't fulfilled the promises people are better off today than they were three or four years ago. Do want to continue that direction. Heck now and as far as Harry Reid is concerned listen I know you might want to go down that road I'm not going to respond. To a dirty liar. Who hasn't filed a single page of tax returns himself. Complains about people with money but lives in the Ritz Carlton here down the street so if that's on the agenda. I'm not gonna go there this is just a made up issue the -- and spend any time talking. -- accuracy probably just -- a majority liar you stand by that you think -- -- to dirty liar. I just said it. So do so what do what do you want from him right now. Listen this president has a job to do and Harry Reid has a job to do. We have an opportunity in this country to save the very idea of America. Takes two to bring back the days of of of liberty and freedom the American dream. And the fact is -- we're just we're not doing well right now. As an economy. And this president is the head of this country. And he has not fulfilled the mission and he hasn't lived up to the promises that he made to the people of this country and and it's hard to believe. That the president of 2008. When he campaigned and said he was gonna bring America together. That he would trot out -- area. And tried to divide this country and spread this division and hatred it's ridiculous. It's wrong it's untrue. And. It's just starting a -- setting aside Harry -- charges a lot of Republicans as you know a lot of major figures in your party come forward and said. The -- -- issue just release more of his tax returns wouldn't that make a lot of these questions go away. You know George here's the here's what I think I think this president's got a problem with the American dream. You know when I grow up and I know that both Republicans and Democrats listen to this right now agree with this when I grew up. And a great players -- can -- -- Wisconsin. My dad was a union electrician my mom was a real terror. We drove around town. And when my parents and we drove past a beautiful house in the corner my parents didn't point at the house and say hey look at these lousy people. And this beautiful house look at this look at this guy and his new Corvette. My dad did buy the same thing here dad -- and a lot of dads out there and turned around and said listen pal. If you work hard. And you go to school mom and dad we hope you live in that house we hope it's two times bigger than that house that's the American dream. And this idea -- that we're spending all of our time. Just killing people because they live the American dream and made something out of nothing. And made money I mean this is crazy -- -- -- sure they get back to the issue. The shorter since you don't believe it's a sort of -- don't think he has to do anything more on the. I think it's hurting the president I think -- the president because people know that. The job to do in this country and the job that this president claimed that he was going to do is -- you say jobs one -- -- met with his jobs council. That the entire philosophy of Bill Clinton. Accuse me of Barack Obama can be summarized in one word and that's Solyndra that's -- Obama's philosophy. Let me let me ask another question about taxes the president also charged in this week the Mitt Romney's tax plans would raise taxes on the middle class and is back up. They point -- this in this study from the Tax Policy Center want to read. They're major conclusion it says that our major conclusion. Is it any revenue neutral individual income tax change that incorporates. The features governor Romney has proposed would provide large tax cuts to high income households and increase the tax burdens on middle and or lower income tax. -- There are saying that it's mathematically impossible under the assumptions that Mitt Romney has not to raise taxes on the middle class. Well that's that's just not true because they didn't taken a lot of that first of August this thing was written by a former employee of Barack Obama that's not all of this -- to work for President Bush and -- one of the authors of the study. OK but you know help illuminate around the world war brought this tax institute as a credible source. Okay. Will put aside that the author work for Barack Obama put that aside. But secondly. That the study itself that it wasn't going to be a score and Mitt Romney's plan. Thirdly it doesn't take into account the effect of deficit reduction plans that Mitt Romney's put in place. Reducing spending from twenty fought 4% of GDP down to twining reducing. Individual income tax rates 20% across the board for middle class families getting rid of the big -- -- tax. All of that deficit reduction individual income tax reduction and a plan to get rid of Obama care. Brings down. The deficit that. That makes the growth rate in this country increase. And all of those assumptions weren't taken into effect George they just warrant in this plan so. I think the growth rate that will come out of Mitt Romney's plan. Of reducing taxes on small businesses reducing taxes on individuals. And cutting spending in Washington that together. Creates growth will increase individual income tech net income rates and jobs and get America moving. Finally get around because -- you know vice presidential selection want to put up something that Steve amazingly impressed the weekly standard just wrote this week initially go for the gold that they -- -- choice. For vice president of what they -- is that what looks safe. Can be risky Rob -- the senator from Ohio was George W Bush's budget director Tim Pawlenty former governor of Minnesota present his presidential campaign was a disaster. The 2010 election was the best for Republicans and a long time. Brian and -- that's of course congressman Paul Ryan Marco Rubio senator Florida embody the spirit of 2010. Pawlenty and Portman don't. They -- -- choice they think that's Marco Rubio or your fellow -- hi Paul Ryan do you agree. Well -- one of my best buddies I went to law school with Marco Rubio on and I think the other two guys Robin Tim Pawlenty are great as well so. I think that we're gonna have an exciting. August a great convention. Unfortunately we've got a president that doesn't seem to connect the dots we've got the birthday of the credit downgrade today. And we've got a Democratic Party that -- -- -- in the right direction so. I think the American people see things differently. We're going to give people a bold choice I don't think people want another four years of this misery and we're gonna give Indiana don't -- Mitt Romney in November. We will see at the convention's chairman thanks very much.

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{"id":16933147,"title":"Reince Priebus Interview ","duration":"3:00","description":"The Republican National Committee chair on the economy and Mitt Romney.","url":"/ThisWeek/video/reince-priebus-interview-16933147","section":"ThisWeek","mediaType":"default"}