Reince Priebus on 'This Week'

RNC chair Reince Priebus on the latest in the 2012 election.
3:00 | 09/23/12

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Transcript for Reince Priebus on 'This Week'
Good morning and welcome to this week. Caught on tape. We're. -- -- we're. That leaked video rocks the Romney campaign is not elegantly stated to be put it that way if you wanna be president you've got to work forever but. Capping a tough month for the GOP nominee. The candidate tries to limit the damage he'd have to get points backbeat behind in points Romney senior advisors are fighting -- not on the same page. Well it doesn't even turn around. She's now 44 days from the final vote the big questions can run the reboot his campaign. -- -- September slump hurt Republican chances to take back the senate and hold the house. And can President Obama sees the opening without stumbling himself -- -- our headliners the chair of the Republican National Committee -- previous. And Obama campaign senior advisor David -- -- cash plus full debate and analysis on our powerhouse roundtable squaring off. Nicole Wallace Melody Barnes Robert Reich and Coulter. And the man who present both candidates on Univision this week a promise -- a promise anchor Jorge Rama. From -- ABC news. This Week with George Stephanopoulos. -- your voice your vote. Reporting from ABC news election headquarters. George Stephanopoulos. Hello again with just over six weeks to go it is safe to say that Mitt Romney can't afford another one like his last. From the inside account of political dysfunction that broke Sunday night. To the electrical malfunction that grounded and Romney's plane on Friday nothing seemed to go right. And campaigning Saturday in Florida running mate Paul Ryan -- little question about griping from Republican insiders. There will always be critics they're always people who had other ideas -- how to best to achieve things but guess what. I have rarely seen. A moment where the man in a moment have met so well. On a rare trip to Ryan's home state of Wisconsin. President Obama pounded away at Romney's private thoughts on that 47%. We get get very far if we're his writing off half the country. As a bunch of victims. Or presume that somehow they wanna be dependent on government or don't wanna take responsibility for their -- lives. And -- let's get -- to our headliners David Axelrod from the Obama campaign. And the chair of the Republican -- committee -- -- -- chairman -- let me begin with -- good morning thanks for coming to us from Wisconsin -- -- You saw him there yesterday voters are going to be hearing about that -- video every single day. Well I mean listen I think governor Romney's been pretty clear play wasn't over them the best said. Moment in the campaign and crying at the best week in the campaign but I will say that I think we can we can look back get last week as a campaign and a couple months and say. This was the defining. Week in both campaigns where I think both campaigns are crystal rising around a central theme. Which is going to be. What kind of future. -- do we want for kids and grandkids what tip of America. Do we want for this country do we want the cradle to grave life of Julie. Obama care will take care yet from preschool to death America. -- -- they want sort of a return to. You know opportunity. Liberty freedom. You know the type of America where. Went on I grew up here and were seen in Kenosha Wisconsin that. -- my dad would point to a house as a union electrician and a nice house and say you know what -- If you go to school when you work card they're gonna linens -- and -- -- -- are you saying you like that you have that was presented to voters last week. No -- here's what I would say I think that it's it's an important question. And I think that the question presented to this country and the question that will be presented. Isn't so much which we can talk about whether people are better off today. Than they were four years ago and I clearly were not but I think the more important question is. What type of America. And -- and whether or not our kids are going to be better off for. Ten and twenty years from today and the policies that Barack Obama putting in place where we have seen just an enormous growth and people that are dependent. On the government mentions the fact. I don't think that's a tip of America we want for kids and grandkids and I think. That is an important question and that is a question that should be presented to the American people and Barack Obama's made everything worse George. Police say they -- the question is are -- running his campaign up to the task of defeating him in you know there -- a chorus of Republican critics. Out this week as well and none more forceful. And Peggy Noonan in the Wall Street Journal here's what she wrote earlier in the week she said it's time to admit that the Romney campaign is an incompetent one. It's not big it's not brave it's not -- flee tackling grade issues it's always been too small for the moment. And intervention is in order meant this isn't working you know she went on to amend that intersect -- Saturday comes as she was just being polite. Calling the Romney campaigning -- instead it's a rolling. Calamity. Now I know the governor Romney says his campaign doesn't need a turnaround but is he in denial. Well I don't think so Georgia and quite frankly I for as well I think Peggy Noonan really Smart and and and and I and I've read both of those columns. I think that where were act as a movement. And as Republicans and conservatives and people that are really worried about the growth of government in this country what that means our future. I I I respect and I admire people that get very concerned and an even if they're upset. About you know something that happens in the campaign or -- two week needs to be better late last week because I think that this is a different kind of campaign George I mean I promise in my life. I'm not sitting here talking you because I'm worried about the future of the Republican Party. And I can guarantee -- that all the people that we're talking to here in Wisconsin are neither were worried about the future of this country and that's why you know I think that the leeway. Given on our side of the -- very small to the likes of Peggy Noonan and other writers that say hey listen guys. You did you can -- we need to be ahead we need to be pounding away. I agree with that and I think we are I think that we had a good week last week I I I think in retrospect. In that we were able to frame up the debate. Last week. In the sense of what future do we want and do you want out there -- your bring her kids and grandkids and clearly that things are not going well and studying Orioles. Governor -- good -- previous Scott Walker Republican governor of Wisconsin has said that governor Romney has to be much more bold and specific. In laying out this case and he wants to unleash Paul Ryan. It congressman from Wisconsin as well thinks that the got the whole Romney campaign. Has to be more in the Ryan playbook has to be putting out more bold and specific ideas is he right. Well -- I don't think he quite said it that way George and -- said that months ago. He's not a right as we sit here today I mean the fact of the matter who's the words -- I was available this week. Listen uptight about specifics first evolved. Mitt Romney talks about all the time about reducing the GDP spending from 25 cents on the dollar -- -- -- Reducing smiling and small business taxes from 35 to point five reducing income taxes across the board -- -- percent. I mean for crying a lot. We've got Paul Ryan on the ticket there can't be anything more specific than a budget that we passed to get a hold of the ten year debt window. The ten that the deficits that are out of control at the president promised. That he would -- It's far specifics go worth only once talking about how to save Medicare the president's the one that raided Medicare by 700 billion -- -- get specifics. Coming out of our eyeballs Georgian -- I. I I just think that we need to keep pounding away on those specifics and keep talking about those specifics of that the American people know. That -- because. I think that people out there George I've made up their minds that clearly. This president didn't fulfill the promises in the mission that he laid out four years ago. And now over the next 46 days we have to lay out to the American people. Not just that we need to -- and having people in office that that commit to the promises they make. But didn't we need to lay out the vision and lay out the specifics as we are doing but more clearly. And more consistently. On a daily basis and that we have to win the day we have to win the mission on a daily base. This couple more quick questions. President governor Ronnie put out his tax returns 2011 tax return on Friday. The Obama campaign say that -- continues to fail the test. A full disclosure your response. I think it's totally bogus I mean they've given -- would pay over 30% of their income to charity to Romney's are. We are just we've mentioned that -- -- can auction -- in Wisconsin today. You know a lot of communities have families. That are extraordinarily generous that they're the ones that show up and save the symphony they they helped build the wing in the library. The Romney's have been successful but they've also been the types of people in the community that. That we thank god for every day for their generosity -- their kind heart that's a narrative George that has to get out there these are kind. Compassionate. Extraordinarily. Generous people. And for Barack Obama to play this small ball game. When he's got a disaster overseas in the Middle East and in northern Africa. But he said he could solve which he didn't and now they're whistling past the graveyard on that issue. We've got a disaster in economy in this country and somehow this president thinks he's entitled the four more years I think he should worry about. Intelligence briefings giving the economy back on track. Instead of debate -- -- -- then and you know interviews with you know came with a -- in and and meetings with Jay-Z and -- I don't know -- -- -- Alaska Republican chances from the senate seems like. -- has the Republicans will take over the senate far less than they were just a few months. Ago your own senate candidate in Wisconsin Tommy Thompson says the Romney campaign may be holding back his own. Chances as well two quick questions are you convinced still convinced the GOP can win in the senate and to -- it appears that Todd Aiken is going to be the senate candidate. In Missouri does he have the full backing for an official backing of the Republican Party. Well -- -- of the second 11 -- -- we're not going to play. In Missouri with tidy and I can tell you that so will we Quincy Douby yet to be seen whether he stays in -- as far as the first question. I'm very confident we can take the senate I -- I know that time is gonna win here in Wisconsin he is a legend it's like Harley-Davidson. Miller Lite. Tommy Thompson he is a brand is going to win but then you go to Nebraska North Dakota Montana that gives you four. You hold Scott brown and then we haven't even talked about what's happening in Virginia Ohio Florida. I feel very good about it and I would also keep an eye out on Hawaii and Linda -- a -- there are so we've got great opportunities were gonna win this race because people know. That we need a better future for this country and so for the last four years have been a disaster I don't think people are open for four more years of this mess -- previous thanks for much for John's morning.

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