Remembering George McGovern

"This Week" remembers the former Democratic presidential candidate.
3:00 | 10/21/12

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Transcript for Remembering George McGovern
and for reconciliation, not for fair and division. It's a victory for truth and candor rather than deception and manipulation. THE NIGHT george McGovern was propelled to the debate candidate in 1972. He got defeated so badly by richard nixon back in 1972. And he had a special place in his heart for women, he was the first presidential candidate to nominate and select a chair of the democratic national committee, a woman, he also was the first candidate for president who said, we should have women on the supreme court and run for vice president. Yeah, so a generation of women. To me, they had a ticket with sargent shriver, the most idealist ticket that has ever run. BUT I THINK that McGovern thing is a very tough teaching moment. You can lose, but still basically carry the day. WITHOUT george McGovern we would never had jimmy carter and bill clinton. Without al smith, we would never have had jfk. You can lose, but with a moral voice carry on. There have been two campaigns, presidential campaigns, in the postworld war ii period that completely changed the trajectory of the two parties. Goldwater carried 7 states in 1964. But changing the direction of the republican party. As matthew said, paving the way for reagan. McGOVERN, Carrying only one state was a yale law student bill clinton. So, in many ways, the legacy of goldwater and McGOVERN CHANGED THE DIRECTION Of american politics. Good point. What congresswoman talked about what he did for women and democrats. Let's not forget what he did for the world. He flew 73 bombing flights in world war ii. He did so much for the world by flying -- not only that, also in his time after the senate in 1980, did run for president one more time but also continued his work against world hunger. And alcoholism in later years of his life. I think, you know, he's been vindicated. That's the one thing that he -- you can say. I don't think he needed to be vindicated. Vindicated in terms of that humiliating defeat. You go on and you serve 30 more years, you do as much good for the world when you're not in office as when you're in office, you know, he means a lot not just to democrats. It's great to see in politics, to see that somebody can lose, basically in the end win because of what their message and the moral clarity that he spoke with. We all remember him well. Thank you all very much for the great roundtable. For those great memories of george McGovern as well. For all of you at home, ralph, van and greta are standing by to answer your questions on twitter. And we'll be back with your voice this week. Knowing what to make and when could help cut down on thousands of unsold baked goods per month. Using analytics, we discovered when it's

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{"id":17529146,"title":"Remembering George McGovern","duration":"3:00","description":"\"This Week\" remembers the former Democratic presidential candidate.","url":"/ThisWeek/video/remembering-george-mcgovern-this-week-17529146","section":"ThisWeek","mediaType":"default"}