Rep. Joaquin Castro: 'No conclusion one way or another' on Trump campaign ties to Russia

House Intelligence Committee members Rep. Will Hurd (R) and Rep. Joaquin Castro (D) weigh in on this and the Monday House hearing on Trump's ties to Russia.
5:47 | 03/19/17

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Transcript for Rep. Joaquin Castro: 'No conclusion one way or another' on Trump campaign ties to Russia
And we're joined by two key members of the house intelligence committee holding the hearing with the FBI director tomorrow. Joaquin Castro, Democrat, and R R representative will Hurd. Have you seen any evidence of that? To quote my father, Bob Hurd who has given this advice to all my friends when they got married, it never hurts to say you're sorry. You think the president should say he's voir? Think so. It helds with our allies. We live if a dangerous world. We can't do this alone. When we have major ally. Not just sorry to the president. But also to the uk. For the claims, or the intimation that the uk was involved in this as well. It doesn't hurt. It takes away from the rest of his agenda. And congressman Castro, I assume you agree with that right there. What do you expect from FBI director Comey tomorrow? Do you think he's prepared to address this publicly? On the wiretapping, I hope he will. This will be an opportunity for us to have an open discussion about this investigation. I'm sure that we're not going to hear everything because we're not in a classified setting. There are a few things I'm hoping to hear. First, whether any Americans are being investigating for cooperating or conspiring with the Russians. Second, the scope of the investigation. Third, a timeline for resolving it. To follow up on something Chris ruddy was saying. We have the former director of intelligence saying he's seen no evidence of collusion with people from the trump campaign and the Russians. Have you? It's my understanding that's what's being investigated. He's stating there's a conclusion being reached. My understanding is that's being investigated. You haven't seen any evidence? No conclusion one way or another. Meanwhile, congressman Hurd, how do you expect to go about this? And bottom line, do you think the house intelligence committee will get to the bottom of this? What is it going to stake? I think it takes a bipartisan, thoughtful, thorough investigation. E think some folks will be frustrated on Monday not hearing certain answers because there may be an active investigation going on. Criminal investigation. If there's an active criminal investigation, we need to allow awe enforcement in order to do their job. Then the house and senate intelligence commutes should be reviewing what law enforcement's responses have been. What the intelligence community is doing. I'm looking forward on Monday to having the NSA director and the FBI director go through the time line, publicly, on the Russian involvement in our -- in attempts to influence our elections. What was -- how did we respond? And also, part of this is, if we understand what they did to plot out how we defend against this in the future. And maybe be able to tell our allies like France and Germany what they should be doing to inculcate themselves from Russian attacks. How much damage has been done to our intelligence relationships with great Britain and perhaps Germany as well? Given what's happened in the last couple of days. It's quite alarming, George. You think about our long standing relationship with the British. Our relationship and information-sharing with the five eyes. And how hostile the president has been, not only to the CIA and the FBI, our own intelligence age sis. Also to Australia. Now Britain, certainly Germany. These relationships work. And working together on things like counterterrorism is only successful if these nations and their intelligence agencies trust and have confidence in the United States. So when you hear these outlandish comments, what I keep thinking is that there's a real possibility that the president is undermining these relationships. As you know, congressman Hurd, the president and his allies believe he's been undermined by people inside the intelligence community. You have worked at the CIA. What do you make of the claims there's a so-called "Deep state" working against president trump? I spent 9 1/2 years as an undercover officer. I was the dude in the back alleys at 4:00 in the morning collecting intelligence. You have professional intelligence folks. And you have the political intelligence folks. The men and the women in the CIA, they do their job regardless of who is in the white house. Same with the NSA. Same with the FBI. They putting themselves in harm's way. Have to deal with difficult situations. What I think -- this is how the intelligence community refers to the Russian involvement or attempts to manipulate our elections, grizzly stat -- it will go down in the history of mother Russia as the greatest covert action. Not because trump won. But because it created a wedge, real or perceived, between the white house, the intelligence community, and the American pluck. This investigation has to be bipartisan. Thorough. And it has to be thoughtful. We're feeding into the covert action narrative that the Russians are trying to create. Thank you both for your time.

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{"id":46237096,"title":"Rep. Joaquin Castro: 'No conclusion one way or another' on Trump campaign ties to Russia ","duration":"5:47","description":"House Intelligence Committee members Rep. Will Hurd (R) and Rep. Joaquin Castro (D) weigh in on this and the Monday House hearing on Trump's ties to Russia.","url":"/ThisWeek/video/rep-joaquin-castro-conclusion-trump-campaign-ties-russia-46237096","section":"ThisWeek","mediaType":"default"}