Robert Gibbs and Kevin Madden Interview

Senior Obama and Romney campaign advisers debate the presidential election.
15:30 | 07/29/12

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Transcript for Robert Gibbs and Kevin Madden Interview
Let's have some fun. So, I think they can pull it off. Let's hear it for the flying squirrel and her teammates. All right, now, as we scan the globe to bring you the constant variety of goofiness, we know now who was on her ma jesty bloomer, he is gary connery, stuntman, same guy who made this wingman suit back in may. The drink of choice, dan and bianna at this games the trendy power drink, beet juice. It's been tested and known now to increase endurance. Before you use it, don't be alarm if you start to pee red. Is that what you have been inking in the pubs of london? Yes. A little bit of asparagus. Beet juice by guinness. A little twitter trash talk during the women's soccer match. Brandi chastain was talking about the defense being lax. Hope solo tweeted, quote, lay off commentating and goal keeping until you get more educated. . The game has changed from a decade ago. Ouch. Bill weir, so great to have you covering it. Appreciate it. Enjoy theest are rof the beet juice today. And we'll be right back here on "good morning america" with "fixation." Keep it here. sunblock to your kids' wet skin. Neutrogena® wet skin kids. Ordinary sunblock drips and whitens. Neutrogena® wet skin cuts through water. Forms a broad spectrum barrier for full strength sun protection. Wet skin.Neutrogena®. wonder fleas? More generations of fleas. Frontline plususes two ingredients. One to kill adult fleasand ticks. Plus another to kill the next generation, flea eggs and larvae. Ask your vetabout frontline plus. gentle, constipation me... And me and me. New dulcolax laxative tabletsfor women are comfort-coated... So they're gentle on sensitive stomachs. New dulcolax laxative for women the overnight relief you're looking for. ain ♪ You're my obsession ♪ all right. It's time for "fixation" which is our weekly round-up of online exotica. Ginger, goes first. Let's get right into it. I want to show you someone just coming through the crowd waiting for the olympic torch and he's carrying what he calls the olympic banana. I want to say that the people inside the house know him and everybody is going crazy. They love him. The official olympic banana right there. There he is, omar. You heard the expression, using a sledge hammer to kill a fly. How about a flame thrower to wipe out a wasp net. In china. It was so high that the villager s were -- look at that. Yeah, yeah. They destroyed the village. But they got to wasps out there. Okay, for thosef you at home, no one died in the making of that video. Have you had a problem with your car that's so severe that you don't know what to do? Un. Always. Call this critter who is apparently very, very handy under the hood. That is a raccoon and we were given this video with no supporting information. We don't know where it was shot. He looked like he knows what he's doing. I have faith in that raccoon. Yes, he does. Labor charges are a little bit lower. Keeper. So I have been given another russian story to cover. Grandmother last week. This week, you know, people are sitting around in a busy town, talking, minding their own business and guess who goes by, a horse and a dog. That you're about to see. Wait for it. Wait a minute. Is there any explanation? No explanation. A busy city street. So, earlier in the broadcast, ginger made a random mention of having been menaced in the middle of a streaker. We went to youtube and found the video. Here it is. Here's gingersie talking about something somewhere. He's coming. There he is. That's very quick. It's very quick. I referenced him because i didn't know that he had no clothing on. He jumped back in the car. He couldn't have timed it better. I understand that you were totally cool. You should reunite. All right, we'll be right back. Keep it here. ] the wife.Hey, babe. Got the jetta. I wiped the floor with the guy! Not really. I would've been finewith 0% for 36 months, but I demanded 60. No..Idn't do that. It was like taking candyfrom a baby. You're a grown man. Alright, see you at home. THE VOLKSWAGEN Autobahn for all event. We good? We're good. AT 0% APR FOR 60 MONTHS, No one needs to know how easy it was to get your new volkswagen. That's the power of german engineering. ♪ YOU COULDINSTANTLY WIN Select favorites under 400 calories. Ha! AND LOTS OF OTHER GREAT prizesat McDonald's. Obviously, you need to do some work on the speed bag. Welcome back. These are the picture that is stirred up controversy. Publishing pictures of tom brady cliff diving while on vacation in costa rica. This isn't something you want a superstar quarterback doing. There are rules against certain activityivitys. As far as klich diving is concerned, brady weighed the risks and seemed to enjoy the reward. I was thinking about the olympic diving team. It's hard not to make that splash. I'm back playing football. That's what I enjoy most. It's not a b deal. It was a fun jump. I tell coach belichick was a bit displeased with the picture, but everyone moving o. Brady entering his 13th season with Announcer: Now the storm team 5 hd forecast. So the plan was to go with my parents house, and jumping off the slide maybe. But I don't see a pool day. It's dismal and dank. Emily: Great, dismal and dank by the pool. Not necessarily by the pool. Nothing better than lake swimming in the showers. Love t. Emily: And any day -- we had some sun in the forecast, but america the sun all month long, and if you're an early morning risers you NOTICE THE DAx+ILT HOURS ARE Getting shorter. July the first, 15 hours and 12 minutes of daylight. JULY 31st, 14 HOURS AND 30 Minutes. We've already lost 42 minutes. Of course, we have lots of summer. Summer months moving ahead. It has been warm, temperatures averaging three degrees above average, a handful of days below average. And last week above average with a high on tuesday of 91°. AND 90s IN THE FORECAST. WE'LL BE LUCKY TO SQUEEZE 80s Out of the next few days. TEMPERATURES IN THE 70s. Cool at the coastline. Temperatures in the low to MID-70Ss. Clouds throughout the day. Tomorrow, sunshine, and clouds to start off the day, sun in the sachb. Of course, all of us dealing wlt damp wet weather yesterday. Central and western massachusetts many areas. Two, three, four, five inches of rain. Longmeadow 4 fnt 69 inches. Lechter three and a half. Kingston, road road three and a half. And shrewsbury with two and a half inches of rain. 66° and wind shifting out of the north at eight miles per hour. A damp and dismal day. 69 in fitchburg to 68 in hyannis. And 68 from wellesley to provincetown. Mostly cloudy. A a few breaks can't be ruled out. Or at least a thinning of the overcast. Wet to the north. Scattered showers. Coastal new hampshire all the way up to coastal maine and showers leaving parts of the north shore. Noticing a heavier rain shower to the south of brattleboro and heavier or moderate rain pivoting in through other pas of the albany area. We have a dry slice right now. If you have outside plans i don't think you'll be dealing with heavy or consistent rain. You'll be dealing with the clouds and a kind of drizzly day. And then see more showers pin wheel through the region in the afternoon hours. Temperatures stay stuck in the 70s COURTESY OF A NORTH TO North easterly wind. We've seen clouds and light showers pin wheel through this morning. Dry with more showers backing in as we head through the latter half of the afternoon. It's not going to be until the evening that we see clearing skies. Here's the forecast. Detailgs sunday. Clouds in place. Winds blowing at the shoreline. Are folks there? I don't see that many. Do you? TEMPERATURES IN THE 70s. Tonight, cloudy skies, patches of fog. Overnight lows in the '60s. Five day forecast shoes tomorrow a better beach daip

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{"id":16880749,"title":"Robert Gibbs and Kevin Madden Interview","duration":"15:30","description":"Senior Obama and Romney campaign advisers debate the presidential election.","url":"/ThisWeek/video/robert-gibbs-kevin-madden-interview-16880749","section":"ThisWeek","mediaType":"default"}