Roller Coaster Derails at Six Flags Amusement Park in California

The roller coaster 'Ninja' ran into a tree branch at 55 mph, causing the lead car to derail.
7:29 | 07/08/14

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Transcript for Roller Coaster Derails at Six Flags Amusement Park in California
Firefighters say they are still on the roller coaster trying to rescue those who are trapped on board. They tell -- everybody is talking and consciously -- minor injuries. But that -- is completely across -- -- -- ABC's Alex -- there are moments after that high speed roller coaster. More than twenty people stock until firefighters could bring them down. What went wrong on Michelle Franzen in New York more from Alex don't live in a minute first though we want to start with ABC -- only. Live outside Six Flags magic mountain in Valencia California season. With the latest. Well good afternoon Michelle -- seekers certainly got more adventure than they bargained for at this Six Flags. Outside of Los Angeles. It was a scary ride for all the wrong reasons at the six -- amusement park in California. Interrogated. -- bad -- we still have victim on the rise. Roller coaster known as ninja. Was coasting along at 55 miles per hour. -- the -- car hit a tree that fell across the tracks at a 45 degree it -- -- -- to the -- also about a 45 degree -- down. The impact dislodged the first car and forced the right to shut down. We heard yelling sounded like they were -- -- -- they didn't know what to do 22 riders were trapped for nearly three hours some cars hanging twenty to thirty feet above the ground. You can see the thrill seekers waiting patiently as firefighters try to reach them to a tangle track entry there's obviously a lot of panic confusion when something like -- As -- turned into night rescuers used a huge -- to secure the dangling car to the support -- above the coaster track. It was a painstaking process as riders were pulled down want -- to at a time. Park officials say four people were hurt. All the injuries were minor Sergio Mendoza with a ball to -- in -- right before the accident and we decided to leave. And I'm pretty I'm really happy -- The could have been me during the -- and the rest of the park's gate open. Other riots continued. It may be a little bit uncomfortable because you know if -- if stuff happens -- right you know maybe it. It happened on the right I'm on. -- Six Flags has released a statement saying that safety remains its number one priority Michelle. Now Susan mountain is responsible for maintaining that tracks what will be the probability on behalf of Six Flags here in this case. Right we're still waiting to learn that this accident is under investigation by the county's fire and sheriff's department. -- suspect we'll know more about that very soon Michelle. Think -- only in Bolivia. Right after this happened ABC's Alex -- was on the scene and filing for us. Has the story was developing he's joining us again today. Alex also following the story from -- -- bureau. As we saw a few moments ago you were right there as it was happening those crews Russian and described the scene at magic mountain. In those and yeah I happening. I have a. A deliberate on the street -- I was able to get there are up pretty quickly and when I got there it was still fairly chaotic scene of a lot of firefighters who are arriving. A lot of heavy equipment urban search and rescue from LA county fire was coming in. They were trying to figure out how they were gonna get those 22 passengers off the roller coaster and safely down eventually they were able to do it but it took some time. As you heard Susan mention the park remained open during the whole time they wouldn't let ASEAN. And they weren't letting people come in and buy tickets but those who -- already in the park it was a busy day being summertime. They were allowed to stay and enjoy the rest of the park while this rescue was going on. And we're seeing the images of course of that. Roller coaster as it was sort of dangling there at they had to -- -- -- -- the an idea of the challenges that firefighters. And engineers were facing. Well they had a lot of challenges and the roller coaster was about thirty feet high where the cars stopped and so firefighters had to get up to those cars about thirty feet out. In fact day in the initial -- two way radio at talk that firefighters are trying to figure out what they were going to do. They said this is going to be challenging figuring out how they were going to get out there but it's also toward the back of the park. In a kind of wooded area they have built this ride ninja. Into the trees and they like the trees around -- that's one of the selling points of this ride. That you zoom between the trees -- go through those trees so firefighters had to get in there as well. And get their equipment in and around those trees one of those trees was one that fell on the track. So as they were trying to rescue the people that we're stuck on this ride lot wore those people doing at the time. They were doing a lot of tweeting it appears because there wasn't a whole lot they could do this took a long time to get them out first of all firefighters had to secure that car because. The front car and there were seven cars as a part of this. That this group that was -- heading down the track on this roller coaster but they first had to go with chains and -- -- because that first one. Meantime everybody was still sitting on the ride they were scared there were minor injuries but it looks like they had plenty of time to tweet because that's what they were doing a lot out. Any mention this roller coaster goes through this wooded area give me an idea I mean this ride was going all day so do they know. Exactly when that branch had fallen and do they checked the coaster regularly. Well they do but he had been running all day about it when it runs and up to 55 miles an hour so it's going pretty fast it is not -- -- -- goes upside down through loops this would actually dangles from a I've -- that he is out Bob the writers instead of below. So gives you a feeling like you're flying through the trees. As you kind of -- from that the track above. But today it did take some time did to get in there and figure it out while everybody was still there and waiting. Alex what do we know about this ride has there been any other incidents and also about amusement park related injuries overall. It doesn't look like there have been any problems with this ride ivory admit -- -- fun -- you go pretty fast you you do take these two were three victories at the area that they have built in the back of the park but. Nothing that we know of with this ride specifically. Now around the world the industry says your chance -- and we've got some stats here of getting. Injured on an amusement park ride is about one in 24 million. So the industry would say that you're pretty safe if you're gonna be going on an amusement park -- still though we heard from a lot of people coming out of Six Flags magic mountain last night saying. They're gonna think twice about it because it did scare -- it did shake them up even those who weren't on that ride but saw what was going on. And of course an investigation still ongoing ABC's Alex -- reporting from our Los Angeles bureau thank you. Thanks -- and you can keep up with this story in real time by downloading the ABC news app and starring the story for exclusive updates on the go for now. I'm Michelle Franzen in New York.

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{"id":24472742,"title":"Roller Coaster Derails at Six Flags Amusement Park in California","duration":"7:29","description":"The roller coaster 'Ninja' ran into a tree branch at 55 mph, causing the lead car to derail.","url":"/ThisWeek/video/roller-coaster-derails-flags-amusement-park-california-24472742","section":"ThisWeek","mediaType":"default"}