Roundtable: Culture Wars Return?

George Will, Matthew Dowd, Arianna Huffington, and Dana Loesch.
22:33 | 02/05/12

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Transcript for Roundtable: Culture Wars Return?
-- Carrying. Upcoming HBO movie and the 2008 campaign game change. This film still being written this year in the primaries and caucuses I'm joined as always on -- round -- by George well. Arianna Huffington the editor in chief of the Huffington media group. Dana last year big journalism dot com also conservative talk radio show host and -- data ABC news political analyst let's Begin. With the big events on the Republican side this week Georgia at Florida. Big win for Mitt Romney and he follows -- up with another one in Nevada. Last night. Seems like inevitable nominee. He -- I think the inevitable nominee for -- Florida turnout was down 14%. Over 2008 granted. In 2000 night there was a ballot initiative that may have pumped -- still. Enthusiasm -- street now. In Nevada where it's really ground zero for the pain of the economic downturn -- -- enthusiasm for the Republicans would be up. Down again. The Romney people always we're not counting on enthusiasm to produce winning comment on winning -- enthusiasm and I don't see that happening now he's he's. The second place candidate Newt Gingrich. Has no debate which is his strength until February -- second. In the south he's already lost the biggest sub state and Florida he's not even on the ballot in his adopted home state of Virginia. I think this is over. Yet people actually says he's gonna continue to go on there are some rumors last night that he -- get an that he called a press constantly at 1115 and I say no I am staying in. Also didn't take the advice of a lot of people to if you got a single positive news talk again -- Mitt Romney last night. I was a little bit shocked at the tone of that of his address last night especially when contrasting with Iran these very. Positive speech and Rick Santorum is very positive speech of his whoever gave and that advice is horrible he should he should've stopped talking at one point but. I -- I hope that it remains diversified at least until Tampa. I think it. I've kind of gone back and forth over this and at one point I -- -- all of the other non Romney's except for one to get out -- -- the support to coalesce around that particular candidate and they could. -- continue to look at. New Hampshire when you look at Iowa especially when you look at the results of Florida all of these votes for the non -- -- for. Ron Paul for Rick Santorum for Newt Gingrich beat that the votes that Mitt Romney was receiving so I think there is a chance. When you talk about having someone coalesce around -- -- -- candidate -- At the same time I don't know if that's -- that that's just presupposes -- that support went anyway. That we saw him start to get support Romney among Tea Party voters some very conservative voters he absolutely he was getting -- across the board and I know that Newt Gingrich folks like to say it was a -- Mormon population take up the Mormon population still wins the race by sixteen points it was unbelievable victory. I was thinking about this having watched -- -- -- response yesterday which I totally agree with him where he was going with this. Who would have guessed that the gold standard decriminalize. Drugs alternative was being rational -- on home -- In this race to me watching Gingrich. I you know he says he has -- 45 state strategy in this 46 state -- -- -- -- all the way to camp I think he needs a five state strategy based on Elizabeth Googlers ross' stages of grief. Because last weekend was in denial this week he seems to be an anger he's probably gonna go to bargaining -- -- -- he's probably gonna get to the state. Of acceptance he has to what he did yesterday. Only shot himself in the foot I think Mitt Romney continues to -- that by the time we get the end of February 015 or six in Iraq and -- I was like is a -- When -- campaign this week who are so snake bit. I -- game actually want to keep the pressure on the wanna keep going after -- -- have to on the other hand he finally did see Romney last night football -- attention of President Obama he seemed to believe. He would wrap this -- Yes and something happened last night to have an opportunity and about all of these months that last -- -- -- that comes. -- absolutely -- post on anyone but Romney and last night you saw that she if and you had done assessing our cake Romney. -- kind of reconciling them status would be inevitable that he would be then -- -- But this speech -- Romney gave last night. It's not a general election -- someone -- -- -- point it's going to be what let me just say I'm Dan -- candidate. To say outlined in the military that is so awful that no one can challenge -- Nobody believes that. To save face that you can balance the budget without making that is not true that American who can challenge meaning -- -- -- China germanic -- bad -- admitted there's going to be some -- it makes you long -- on false. Talking about -- -- about being the and that says a lot based on false assumptions and life you know these hog blasts he's not going to -- In a general election you -- with independence independence. I'm not going his unfavorable rating has gone up among independents among all will be. George exactly because there's a cost of this kind of campaign -- -- -- -- stop citizens -- camp. But beyond that he won two events this week that he may have lost the narrative of this campaign which was the economy is horrible and only I can fix it he's been running on his resonant on his. Previous career. That may not work. Foreign policy and the American people here were winding down Afghanistan they -- great. It cut the defense budget and some conservatives say that means we can't intervene as much as we have in the past few things wonderful. Were drawing -- 7000 troops out of Europe. 80000 there. 65 years after he -- I mean what the whole Republican -- Since McGovern was nominated in 1972. Has been we're the party to -- on national security and I don't see the big difference and. To me that's a huge what's the big huge changes happening -- -- -- what's happened on unemployment this month that jobs or at least the conversation he just had it in his beginning to show positive signs of that the if that continues. And it will will probably start seeing a change in approval numbers for -- searching and will drop -- wrong track numbers concert -- that -- happen and when that happens. Mitt Romney's got to make a very difficult choice in this because it's been all negative Barack Obama no positive and on the American public -- -- Plus certain we'll start to move. To me Mitt -- feels like -- snake bit for the curse of the bambino which is this -- thing that happened of the Red Sox fell on him. So in 2007 Mitt Romney runs as a social conservative when people want -- sort of an economic outsider message. He didn't do that he loses the nomination process now he's about. Tell him the nomination process against what he thought was an incredibly vulnerable president who now could turn out to be not so. On and they knew you were just talking about -- concerns continue we wanted to continue to put pressure on running through this nomination fight but doesn't that make it harder for him. To do we need to do in the general election and grab more -- The -- not necessarily because I don't think watered down conservatism has. I've written and it worked in the general elections and I don't think that -- really lost it yet on the economy it in terms of proving a disparity between President Obama and himself especially when you consider. Just what November 2011 -- lost 30300000. Over 30000 jobs -- More than the jobs that -- gain -- -- Trenton is what matters in Italy plus one point two million people in the work force at the thirty year. Love that the problem is that. And she could actually run an economic populist message she put 5% the things investing not -- the fight trying to have. I know I'm not with -- -- -- -- about that hasn't -- not only. I millionaire or -- -- yeah. Sunshine and none of the blood that's actually how I can't Tom looked in the -- today and looked at and about a 1007 making America. I did not serious. He didn't like yeah. -- -- that you could actually look -- the fact that we now have long them on implied and not unprecedented heights you know we have. -- almost happy employee must have been -- five and a half million people he -- follow -- on the -- that youth unemployment state. I astronomically high 23%. -- sixteen to nineteen the -- I week -- that the unemployed down can become -- imply about. He's already focusing on the -- that to have three to five million people to disguised in a follow up so she put. Play on that message but then she doesn't have a -- says he doesn't have any solutions they're probably going to be against extending unemployment benefits which expire in -- and it's. -- take that question George Will you because the president admitted governor Romney is getting a lot of advice from wall street journal editorial page and others think he's gonna have to go big. On issues like taxes come out with a brand new economic and Smart. I think it is because again. He can't run on -- record -- I know how to create jobs and no one else does at this point Georgia 1980 forward to Reagan was gearing up for his reelection campaign. Unemployment had fallen from ten point 8% to 8%. It kept falling to seven point 4% and -- -- for the United States. -- you say it is the trial. But the big difference Smith died from 1984 and Reagan is -- there was a lot of pent up to me. In the economy and it's fueled the recovery is -- tells the economy was growing at -- Portland and Seattle as it I think it is not a big difference I think -- time will tell about how much this will really impact his numbers as I say because he's got to change the wrong Barack Obama's got to change -- wrong directions got to change his job approval in order to get reelected that may happen and we may see see that happen. But they're huge difference that I see there's still this gulf between jobs getting created and people feeling like the country's going in the right direction they feel like there has not been a rise in 22010 dollars per capita income. In ten years in ten years the entire Barack Obama presidency. And the bush president just like everybody didn't -- -- throws everything else and and so during Reagan's rising Clinton's rights people felt that just got edited their income went up and they felt -- could spend more money people haven't felt in ten years. And meanwhile we're also seeing a lot more focus again with all this talk -- the economy were also started -- focus on social issues as we can at least two major. -- -- -- -- start with this whole controversy over the Susan G. Komen breast cancer foundation they took away their funding. From Planned Parenthood huge backlash. Create online. By supporters of Planned Parenthood it -- and also the president. A planned -- came out and said this. There's a relationship we have for many years that came as a total shock and a real disappointment. And we provide more than 700000. Breast exams every single year and we've been very proud of our relationship with a -- foundation. By the end of the week at Dana -- komen foundation -- -- said that they are open again to providing money. -- to Planned Parenthood which created a lot of concern among those who are anti abortion. Yes -- at. When you consider the amount of money that Planned Parenthood there aren't that common donated to Planned Parenthood and the amount of accessibility that common funded it's really not a lot I think it's something around. 800000 and screenings that Planned Parenthood either provided referrals to -- -- they -- provide referrals to mammograms two different clinics that actually are licensed to. Did you know monarchies an -- tomography machines where they do the most basic a basic -- that it 800000 of them is usually Botti air. Now common fund's 34000. So that's like four point 25% that's like nothing if they can't afford to. Planned Parenthood by themselves pay for less than 5%. Of the breast cancer screenings then they can -- doesn't -- this -- Not -- or not but what we -- here is. And Sasha need to two it is really next time one -- has now raised all benefiting me about us. And that five times what was it -- next five times presidents day. Not a lot less fascinating west that -- -- activities is that these young left and right issue this is about -- had a this is an act and the planet the size eight. And by that change in leadership -- them that's a common foundation including got hot it will run for governor of judge yeah on. That flocked from all black and that -- that -- -- blocks from and against bad parent hood. Soviet want to politicize this issue backfired. And people who say this is not a left right issue. -- this is not about himself this is about providing 300000. Abortions a year that. Problem parenthood cleverly cast this thing we're in the mammogram -- -- immigrant business and the referral program. -- showed two extraordinary things here first the American left cares about Indian wars and I care about poverty and care about the environment. What they really care about. I'm not perfunctory is when you touch abortion that historians will marvel. An American liberalism and first part of the 21 century is defined as defensive report. Iowa northern the second floor mats technically still smoke just -- its second. All these people describing themselves as pro choice said it is illegitimate. To choose not to be involved in abortion. And a much more important decision politically -- -- this week. With the Obama administration saying the Catholic institutions have no choice and this was applauded by pro choice people. Have no choice but to provide contraception. A -- inducing drugs and -- If you want to get that -- first -- Coleman and let's get that other. When possible and this is upset presenting this as a left right issue to say that I value -- To say that the people unable to raise my name is cool -- signed petitions on the last and that didn't care about. Head the rest of constant didn't care about prevention is upset and give you look at what mankind with Johnson and -- -- on the -- that. Is about prevention. And what it's shelved this -- Campaign that that was generated -- people and buys us and made this week showed the new power of that. To actually do it fast decisions say very quick you have to -- other website they had Planned Parenthood website they are -- -- them on FaceBook I mean that's definitely -- -- that -- AUS at a high tech -- -- this demonstrates to me demonstrates the corrupt nature that's happened in politics is now -- into the privates but what many -- as the private sector which is. He didn't that there is now a private foundation can given dispense money anyway I want to can choose to get money people could have said when they first gave the money to plant hundred. Parent -- is that a good idea. Nobody Easter is -- in the -- but also they say we're gonna take 700000 -- A private donations which most people they gave money to Susan komen foundation had no idea they were gonna -- to be going to Planned Parenthood. And so now what we see in congress this bitter response anytime somebody does something. Everybody screams and -- -- whether or not congress should be investigating planned -- we can have an argument over I don't think they should be in the middle of that but I don't think -- Democracy we didn't articulate I don't know I think this is it true this is a corrupt poisonous part of democracy at work I think foundation should be able to make a decision and it Planned Parenthood wants to -- -- Wait -- yeah another stop them -- not only got. And floss my -- blasted a common foundation is going to do. They worry about the decision an incredibly busy ingenious way saying that there is -- they had withdrawn the finding. Was because men and was under investigation right now the hashing foundation. Has seven and a half million dollars from a common foundation is -- -- -- the Penn -- junior president which is under investigation. They haven't passed out Monday. Two quick points for Planned Parenthood was under congressional inquiry because of underage girls going into Planned Parenthood women than they were alleged -- used to hide statutory rape. The second issue is that on average -- the komen foundation would give a little over 500000 dollars. Two Planned Parenthood that was less than Cecile Richards paycheck. From Planned Parenthood -- you would think at some point in the past. It's been a year to the date since some live action called Planned Parenthood clinics -- 27 different states asked whether or not they had tomography machines you would think that at that point it heading here. Planned Parenthood would invest in obtaining licenses to operate an -- mother in the shape and give mammograms -- they could have avoided this let's get to. The issue that George Will raises while the president under -- his health care plans in the Catholic. Hospitals and other institutions have to provide insurance policies to cover contraception drew -- sharp response from house speaker -- This mandate violates our constitution I think -- violates the rights. Of these religious organizations. And I would hope that the administration. Would oh would back up and taking another look of those. Elian but even so the president's prominent Catholic. Liberal supporters that he's fit he went to forward when actually what Sam White House a sense of -- have been here and which still left with Catholic institutions. Still find ways in which second provide contraception for -- -- -- many of whom I'm not athletic. And to have a huge -- which collects about that -- -- and I'm going to be affected talking about. Company cost then -- -- -- a lot of non Catholics. But you want disclosure on on the board in the Catholic hospital in in Austin, Texas so with that being said. One of every six people in this country go. Get their medical care at a Catholic hospital. And I think what most people feel like is that in wind that there on the front lines are not making money there on nonprofits are doing all this time to be able to be put in the position of the federal government. Where they basically have to -- decide what they're gonna do about that whether they get up that. You know received money -- provide services on all that kind of stuff I think was -- not only a huge political mistake. But I think it was a huge substantive mistake. -- a system that basically provides most of the health care in this country which are Catholic institutions which came to this country before anybody else that provided those things. For the administration do that I just think is a bad decision if they want to provide. Health care for America. Political. Pennsylvania Michigan and Ohio particularly there are lots of blue collar -- You hear this as more -- The dialect -- in this country goes like this should declare right have a right to abortion contraception but then you say well we have a right to -- to be subsidized by the federal government. And them institutions that don't conform to our values have to be believed them to. And missed all in the name of choice it's an astonishing orwellian piece of. Right that some -- the way as -- in the president's campaign believes that this will be willing to actually working for the president taking George's point they think that that's an -- view. That the Catholic voter and that secondly that Republican parties put itself too far. Outside of the mainstream on the social issues. When -- specify -- talking about contraception were knocked out Nevada boss. And -- talking about the fact that so many of them make use of Catholic institutions are not company itself this is such a bad not that. Basic rights and that the fact that again this is -- -- -- to. He's taking us away from the major -- should be debating right now. Is it -- why isn't it politicizing abortion when Coleman decides to subsidize Planned Parenthood which is in the abortion business. But politicizing it when you withdraw that. -- right not only did they are making a decision on which they claim was based on the fact that they. -- -- represented live decision at the beginning of this of the common foundation is coming out of its less than anybody in this convoluted completely and. And I don't think it's about whether that Catholics believe in abortion when they believe in choice -- whether that that that's not what this is about I think but it just with -- -- -- -- -- What people -- these institutions that are in these services think and his wife the federal government. Doing this when we're providing all -- -- doing all this up wise. Big government getting involved in our business which we know what to do engagement political analyst -- political war by President Obama on religious liberty. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And here you have the government now saying that you don't have a choice to be able to practice your religious liberty in these institutions have to comply with this particular mandate that. Goes against their their freedom I'm -- -- they found irony. It is suitable summit before we leave want to get everybody's predictions the George first I do not always the biggest fans. Football is a mistake. It just -- it combines a -- Super Bowl Sunday. It behind us through thirty million people are gonna make a mistake -- much the -- on a quiet day. This is the second highest calorie day in America. Thanks in people are betting that -- instructor and today. But all of -- that combines violence punctuated by committee meetings called couples is just replicate the worst aspect of American life that says. When it's over. Pitchers and catchers report in two weeks and -- directory newspapers. You wanna prediction I want -- prediction I usually root for the team whose victory would make the most liberals I'm -- Boston -- new York and on how to fashion sought Saudi probably Boston have a higher concentrations along for the giants candidates getting over the giants -- -- -- -- Detroit Lions fan they're not in the playoffs but I'm atop group for the NFC teams as the giants I think they win by seven -- only -- seven because I think of that unemployment number -- -- seven. In front of it. Barack Obama's reflected and it doesn't think that's a pretty safe to give it gets down to seven that a lot of predictions for that to that it didn't. That's what I'm from Saint Louis so where the home of the rams and we're not allowed -- football. I I might still don't really -- -- getting left out the real nice I've -- -- I've been -- for the entire season so I feel really better today but I get -- and we had two great World Series you know whenever. But it would be nice to have a good. As a football team that hasn't had much success with the two teams playing today to northeastern teams though I met -- and bitter about it if you wanted to make people Maggie could shamelessly -- and supporting the patriots because patriots. Myself I get I giant I think we'll look at. Giants again what friends of and I predict that there would be a cop company from management that somebody's going to fine defense. That is fresh yeah that they put out by the fine man. They -- about -- half game show disappointing. And I do predicted giants and I am going to lead to a halt prediction that -- spots -- -- again. -- under ten seconds but he holidays to undecideds and Iran would have seen god that it didn't get the -- game decided that. By whatever defense can put my trash the applause inquired about I tonight it would have made a good thing you did -- come into okay okay.

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