Roundtable: GOP Race Up for Grabs?

George Will, Peggy Noonan, Matthew Dowd, and Paul Krugman.
9:17 | 11/20/11

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Transcript for Roundtable: GOP Race Up for Grabs?
This now bring in our roundtable George Will. Former Reagan -- -- to Peggy Noonan. Former George W. Bush strategist Matthew Dowd and Nobel Prize winning -- times columnist Paul Krugman thank -- for being it was so. You sort of the speech -- rom Emanuel delivered last night that this was not just the -- -- of course. But taking on Romney is this the strategy that's going to -- I mean is this really what they -- now that is going to be Romney the -- the the candidate. I think they do it is it's hard to see. Romney not coming out at this point is the answer to William -- principle which as you vote for them the -- most conservative person who is electable. And that as -- -- -- -- field. So far but again let's went -- we've heard some from some actual voters. So how. Is the Rahm Emanuel sort of message going to play out I mean isn't -- Something sustainable now just to go -- wrong because he's not just -- he's a fifth -- -- look at the principles he did Stan. Look I think what Rahm Emanuel was showing. In that interview is that 2012. This about this here is the reelect strategy no matter -- the Republican hands. If the subject does Barack Obama. That's bad for Obama if the subject of the 2012 election is -- that Republican nominee is so awful. -- Obama has a chance this is going to be a demolition. Derby on the part of the Democrats in which they simply try to -- the other guy on. -- the other guy down. Rom clearly was thinking the guy right now and still is Romney -- whoever it is it'll be the same kind of attack. I just I talk a little bit and -- to the people this is not. Necessarily that they think Romney will Vietnam -- of the think -- will be -- to compete in the few others easily. Well that's -- -- -- -- because now all the told this recent news being about Newt Gingrich he's made this which we've got morsels of reports coming out of Iowa. Home of the first caucus. About how people -- giving a sort of serious second a precisely because of the way some of the others are imploding. -- but the interest thing. Thing about this race for the last six months it's been the Romney primary establishment -- primary vs the -- Romney established a primary in -- rival establishment premiers a much bigger pool of voters in the -- which is why he's been stuck at 25% so we've had these series of candidates to -- Romney -- not rising. And a series of candidates for Michelle Bachmann rise and fall Rick Perry rise -- fall. Herman -- -- and fallen on Newt Gingrich does he have an expiration date that's the same level -- the other and -- -- -- gonna go because of these problems I don't know it reminds me of the college football season actually right now we have LSU at the top. Alabama loses Oklahoma State comes up Oklahoma State loses organ comes up bargains loses and so we are sitting in this fight felt. Will somebody who represents -- on Romney have enough stick to a -- it to stay around and be able to win the Iowa caucus that's the question. At a faster structural are opposites here you have -- a Republican ideology. Which Mitt Romney obviously doesn't believe he just uses in sincerity as -- so obvious. But all of the others are fools and clowns. And there is -- question here need to eat my hypothesis is maybe this is an ideology only fools and clowns connecting leaving and that's the Republican problem. Until it. -- -- You know I think that's. Not uncharacteristically. Severe. Falls apart. Well first let me make my biggest weekly disclosure that mrs. Willis in the Perry campaign but with her but. Gingrich's is an amazingly efficient. Candidacy and that it embodies almost everything disagreeable Butler and Washington he's the classic rental politician. People think his problem -- his colorful personal life he's -- hope people concentrate on that rather than on for example affable. Al Gore has recanted from now. Not Newt Gingrich's Serbia from -- -- industrial policy of the sort that got us a lender he's all for it. Freddie Mac he says hired him. As a historian his not a historian higher Shyamalan hired Gordon procurement historian let's put -- said about about Freddie Mac in these local consulting consultancy fees. Well in fact in the second going to read it he says I want -- the onset. I would shoot -- -- every single question. That they -- -- the -- -- -- he'll be admitted to be convinced I believe that I did note being at any kind. I didn't know influence peddling of any kind. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't know. Look. There's a thing percolating. Coming to a boil on the Republican side it is this. Opposition to this resentment. To an -- -- -- to overthrow this permanent Washington political class. You see at this week in the Peter Schweitzer -- -- -- and a few months ago on the Gretchen Morgan some book everybody's reading them. The people who come to Washington. As regular -- middle class. Staying here for awhile served for awhile as they put it and wind up ten or twenty years later extremely rich men and women. I didn't know thirty and the like I think. I agree with -- and that's the problem we have is that Newt Gingrich who's a very Smart guy's done very long debates is a symptom. Of a Washington problem he says I don't lobby but he's paid lots of money. Not to lobby -- influence people since he start he left congress and not in sort of a middle class. Income person politician he became a multi millionaire in the course of the last ten years that do now -- part of the party that wants an anti Washington. Anti establishment in taking that marijuana has -- it became a millionaire. Basically by selling his influence. But even then hit the conservatism means Fred -- of the weakest the suit be foolish to count mute out and it outside the conservative side is trying to grab. I don't think so. A united -- and finish my list. We're not there -- women and and -- don't know -- the Bush Administration was trying to pass unfunded large new entitlement. And the prescription -- of prescription drug entitlement on Medicare who was out there. Saluting those in as part of his service I -- for big pharma he denounces the Ryan budget. And right wing social engineering he sits down to talk about climate change and cap and trade with Nancy Pelosi and others the list goes on he was. But. On top of all this there's the absurd rhetorical -- -- and here we can put up the the statement we had from them a moment ago. You can read this here's a man who says in fact that he's essentially he says he's the only man. In the Republican race you really deeply concerned about the Republican -- about the fate of the republic not true yet. And -- and I -- to watch is Ron Paul always positive not -- right now he's second in Iowa. -- second in New Hampshire and all the people that are in the top tier he has the most passion behind his candidacy I would not be surprised at all. Seven weeks from now that Ron Paul wins the Iowa Caucuses and goes -- New Hampshire and disrupts this field even more than -- -- -- a with a just these -- the one off -- wrong with you -- it would be disruptive when you win -- you go into New Hampshire with a certain amount of momentum we don't know -- and no one has overtaken Ron -- seriously their 41 Iowa does. Everybody you'll stop and say what the -- -- is something about -- I feel moved. We need a little -- Pro me so I balance but one thing that I think -- has going informants were a nation of insiders in a way everybody's always on the Internet reading stuff. The base of the Republican Party knows that the establishment of the Republican Party doesn't like news. It's a big plus. Second thing is I mean if it on the -- the second thing is that mimics. Debate strategy with -- Range and spoke to Republicans concede did this he -- I'm not gonna fight with the other guys -- -- they don't want be a better president than Obama. What I'm gonna do is tell you what we what we have to do to get -- -- plus I'm gonna hate the media for you and take them on. Remember this week though it is his debate performance incidents propelled him sort of where he is an option Activision facilities and -- gives us his. And the people. That the Republican base does not want Romney and they keep on looking for alternatives and -- although. Somebody said he's he's a stupid man's idea what a Smart person sounds like but he but he is more plausible than the other guys that they -- But -- there isn't he knows how to make the case for conservative thinking that surprise and -- -- -- in now. These he's done that ones they were -- for just such. Used to look upward of 666. -- seven weeks. Look for -- -- eight months he's not running for congress again he could be a third party candidate he has dedicated people in place. If he got 4% of the vote. Through whole number of states with their electoral votes you can tip over on I would absolutely. Adored them.

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