Roundtable II: Campaign Closing Arguments

George Will, Gwen Ifill, Austan Goolsbee, Nicolle Wallace and Andrew Sullivan
3:00 | 10/28/12

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Transcript for Roundtable II: Campaign Closing Arguments
flooding. No matter what size your pumpkins you may want to move them inside. Obviously take pillows in and move what you can. What you cannot move like maybe a big table, flip it over and tuck it into a corner. And of course, don't forget about your pets. Be safe and use your common sense. I'm susan wornick. Bianca: Sammy probably the safest dog in new england. Tracking sandy and the impact it's going have on our gas prices. Randy: Prices at the pumps just starting going down. Why the storm may drive them back up. The reason analysts are giving for the jump this morning. Reporter: And we've been talking about water all morning long but how much water do you dishwasherare up with grease and lime scale. Use Finish Dishwasher Cleanerevery month to keep your machine in sparkling health. For shining results,Finish Dishwasher Cleaner. ♪ ♪ that's free from struggle ♪ ♪ I want to build you a world ♪ ♪ where you can spread your wings ♪ boston children's hospital. From a simple treatment to the most complex procedure, no other pediatric hospital is ranked higher. Learn more at ♪ Until every child is well ♪ Bianca: Help is on the way ahead of hurricane sandy. The preparation utility companies are making now get your lights back on if power goes out. Meteorologist: And we're tracking the large storm as it makes its way up the coast and when we'll feel effects of hurricane sandy. Randy: And the impact sandy is expected to have at the gas pumps. Bianca: And good morning everybody. We'll show you this, a look at hurricane sandy from space. Randy: Yeah, nasa has released this huge satellite image. Good morning. I'm randy price. Bianca: I'm bianca de la garza. The governor issues a state of emergency. Randy: And the stormteam5 live on the scene and we want to beginning with stormteam5 david is here and j.C. Good morning. Meteorologist: Let's look at the storm itself. It's a large storm. Tropical storm force winds extend 500 miles away from the center of the storm which is 260 miles off cape hatte hatteras, north carolina and it stays over atlantic until late monday, early tuesday. 500 miles out from the storm tropical storm force winds and we're on the strong side of the storm for the winds. The winds will start to increase today, seas will start to build and we're already seeing that. The peak of the storm tomorrow into early use and decreasing wind and rain and could have hurricane-force gusts so expect widespread outages. Pockets of moderate coastal flooding and rain, yes, we could get several inches. Less of an impact than the winds. Look at the winds monday morning. 52 mile per hour winds gusts up to 70 mile per hour by monday afternoon in chatham up to maine and still strong wind gusts right into tuesday morning. As for rainfall, less of an impact for us the highest amounts around the mid-atlantic. The higher amounts in the hilly terrain in cent central massachusetts. You'll have more rain than wind but the combined efforts could have widespread power outages and david will talk about coastal concerns. One of the biggest concerns about the storm is it is both a huge storm and a slow-moving storm. Bianca: Governor deval patrick taking no chances with sandy declaring a state of emergency. Randy: The utility companies have been prepping best they can all week avoiding outages staying ahead of the potential storm-related problems. Bianca: Emily riemer live in westwood with more on what the crews have been doing this morning. Reporter: We're at enstar's headquarters in westwood. At noon 200 staff workers wil arrive to get assignments and some people have come in now and they've opened their receiving center at 10:00 a.M. Is when they're planning to do that. Both national grid and enstar plan to have ten percent more crews on the ground this time than in past storms. Some of the crews were out earlier this week. Enstar had trees cutting tree limbs near power lines and reducing the possibility of downed lines is important. National grid stocked in whitensville planning to have 10,000 people in this weekend and their call center will be staffed 24-7 starting tonight and both companies getting outside crews. Power crews from thego area are heading this way to help with potential outages. It's sending about 700 workers to pitch in. Some things you can do today to prepare. Make sure areas around electrical equipment are clear so if you have a transformer near your hse make sure it's cleared out and if you're a national grid customer text 64743 the word storm to get text alerts during sandy. Live in westwood, emily riemer, newscenter 5. Randy: David brown is here with us this morning. Bianca: More of the concern really on the coast and the hit it could take, david. Meteorologist: That's what we'll be watching. We'll be watching the wind and waves. TEMPERATURES IN THE 40s AND 50s And the other computer shows winds we're tracking now. Meremec valley and 12 miles per hour and 15 in downtown boston and over the cape and island over the vineyard 16 mile per hour winds and 13 in the nantucket area. We have high wind watch starting tomorrow morning at 6:00 a.M. Through early tuesday. Winds approaching tropical storm strength and hurricane gusts from chatham to nantucket and long duration easterly wind and astronomical tides wouldn't be surprised to see moderate flooding and from sandwh to narragansett bay wouldn't be surprised during the times of high tide we pick up moderate to major flooding? Narragansett bay tomorrow evening at 9:00 p.M. And for the high tide cycle around noon we could see moderate flooding from chatham to sandwich to nantucket with the long d durion of easterlily wind and flooding we haven't seen in two years. Bianca: Boston harbor could be the site of a potential storm surge and officials warning boats should be secure order removed from moring. I know it's human interesting to come down and see the winds and everybody wants to see the surf but stay off the jetty and seawalls. Bianca: Waves expected to be three to five feet larger than normal. It's busy if you're hitting the super market. People getting last-minute essentials. Randy: We find jim lokay at a market basket in new bedford. Reporter: On a sunday normally we're seeing the biggest rush for the patriots game but not the case this morning. The market basket opened before 7:00 and from the moment it opened it was packed with customers pick up non-perishables to paper towels to milk and enough for dinner tonight. The one thing we've seen a big run on is bottled water. The question is how much do you need through the storm. You need for a family of five one gallon of water for each person for three days. We have 12, 13, 14. Give a family of five through the storm for three days and another question is what about flushing tilet? Here's the other tip. Make sure you have enough water to flush that two to seven gallons depending on the age of your toilet. A newer toilet you only need a few gallons, an older one you'll need more. Unpleasant but have you to plan for every contingencies and they're running out on d cell batteries for flash lights. Make sure you have those on hand. Jim lokay, newscenter 5. Bianca: On a lighter note, good news for kids. Sandy's approach means halloween will be today in gloucester from 4:00 to 8:00 p.M. Randy: We're adding an hour from 7:00 to 8:00 and wrap up the day with a full hour at 11:00 running until midnight. And if you lose power during the storm watch us still as we continue our coverage on your iphone, ipad, android device and download the news app. The coverage will be there when you need it. Bianca: Still ahead, breaking news in hawaii. An earthquake issuing a tsunami warning. Randy: And how long the da danger will last and the crisis haiti is dealing with now. Bianca: The storm may be affecting the prices at the gas pump. We'll have the latest. 9:39. We'll be right back. on us, we're going to consolidate your debt into a home equity line, it'll give you a much lower rate. The money you're savmonthly will go into college saver accounts for joan, timmy and little frankie. Joan and timmy are going to sleep away camp. You're a little nervous, but you'll be ok. You're tough. And last tuesday, you stubbed your toe chasing after your cat, tiny... Which is a funny name cause he's huge. I miss anything? She's good! Good banking is knowing you, and how sensiblehome lending can help. Randy: The eyeopener now at 9:42. Hurricane sandy's wrath is still being felt in haiti the prime minister is calling the aftermath a disaster of ma major proportions.

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