Roundtable II: Debate Showdown

Haley Barbour, Howard Dean, Donna Brazile, Matthew Dowd, and Maggie Haberman.
3:00 | 09/30/12

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Transcript for Roundtable II: Debate Showdown
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Taking on 30 more minutes of news and weather. I'm jim lokay. Mary: I'm mary saladna. Good morning, david brown. David: Bearer of bad news. Mary: We're not blaming you. David: Really? Mid-january the blame starts. We're off to a wet start. The heaviest of the rain is along the south shore down to the cape and islands. It's a cool, clammy raw day. Wet as well. Some of the heaviest rain is across south coastal areas of rhode island and massachusetts and pinwheeling over bristol and far western plymouth county. Steady rainfall south of boston and rainshowers up and around the north shore cape ann to coastal new hampshire and maine. It's all pinwheeling around an upper level low. Between now and 2:00 or 3:00 steady showers and then see HIGHS IN THE 60s. Jim: A stoughton teen is dead and police are investigating whether he was accidentally shot by his older brother. David wade was shot in his chest. The alleged shooter was his 21-year-old brother. He was rushed to the hospital and doctors operated but later died in surgery. No far no charges have been filed. The investigation is early on. We've not ruled out an accidental shooting and it's fair to say the family is extremely devastated. Jim: The da's office said the alleged ser was licensed to carry a firearm. Mary: The investigators in the cape trying to determine the cause of a fire at a former antique shop. Flames ripped through the building saturday night off 6-a in sandwich. It gave of a glow that can be seen miles way. No injuries reported. Jim: A man held up a convienence store using a weapon that used like a hand grenade. Pam cross explains whether it was or not 911, what's your emergency. Tedeschi's, we just got robbed by a guy with a grenade in his hands. Reporter: It's a sight no one wants to see athief holding a grenade. He had a bandana. The store clerks felt it was real and gave the perpetrator cash and the perpetrator fled the scene on foot. Reporter: The description air, six-foot white man wearing an army fatigue bandana and pointed a grenade at the clerk and took off with cash. We're asking for help from the community to see if they have information to lead to the resolution of the incident. Reporter: They have leads and believe the man is local and want to know where he found a grenade. I know army-navy stores will sell dummy grenades. It's possible he was on a bicycle. We're pursuing that too. Reporter: We're told during the robbery the suspect asked for a pack of cigarettes. No one at the store was injured. I'm pam cross. Mary: The coast guard rescuing two people off block island this weekend. The distress call came in from a cabin cruiser. The boat hit something and was taking on water. The coast guard made it to the boat and two men were pulled to safety and are expected to be okay. Police are looking for a brockton man in connection with a triple homicide in maine. Witnesses tell police 31-year-old nicholas sexton was the last person seen with the three victims. The two men and woman were found inside a burning car in a bangor parking lot last month. Sexton's last known address was in brockton. Police are not saying whether there's an indictment or arres warrant out but they are looking for him. It goes up to the top of the chain of command. Jim: Drug lab fallout. Chemist annie dookhan is facing decades in jail. Dozens of convictions are in jail after dookhan made up or botched test results. We look at how questions of responsibility are rocking the system. Reporter: At the opening of a senior center in winthrop named after house speaker governor di leo there was reaction to the state scandal and said nothing whether he felt responsibility to the top official of the massachusetts government. The investigation is not complete I don't think we've seen the end of the fallout from this. It's a shocking magnitude. Reporter: Government watch dog david turk said it's more about chemist annie dookhan arrested with wrong-doing at the lab that could affect 34,000 drug cases. He said it goes up to the chain of command. You can imagine how the governor took his eye off the ball. He's busy now trying to get barack obama re-elected. You can imagine how he wasn't watching the agency carefully enough and how the commissioner took his eye off the ball and then we have this catastrophe. Reporter: He said governor patrick has shown great leadership but now his legacy will be tarnished. It will be a long and messy process and won't go away soon. I understand he has national aspirations and it would be harmful to those aspirations. Reporter: It would be a black eye on the state known for it's scientific prominence and it's a wake-up call for other labs to make sure there are no rogue chemists in their midst. Amalia barreda, newscenter 5. Mary: Commitment 20 morning. Both presidental tickets are preparing for the first debates this week and hitting the campaign trail. Today president obama will campaign in las vegas. Gop vice-presidential candidate paul ryan spent the day saturday stumping in new hampshire. Ryan told supporters in dairy they need to reach out to former president obama voters who may now have second thoughts. He said re-electing the president would lead to economic stagnation. Jim: In their first debate, joe kennedy iii and sean bielat one-on-one and on five. In an "on the record" exclusive the candidates for the fourth congressional seat got personal when he questioned the service. I'm proud of representing the people of massachusetts and standing up for victims. I don't think in any other state or district in the country people would consider you qualified other than the fame that comes with your family and money that comes with it you don't have the background. Jim: You can watch the debate for the fourth congressional seat with sean bielat and joe kennedy iii this morning at 11:00 "on the record." A somber milestone in afghanistan. Mary: The latest insider attack that's led to another death of an american servicemember. Jim: Record baggage fees and which carrier collected the most. Mary: And they call it carmageddon. This is part two. A section of one of the busiest highways in the world shut down this morning. How people in los angeles are handling the approvethis message. Professor Warren got caught ina lie. Harvard thought that ElizabethWarren was a minority because she said so. Harvard touted her as aminority. Initially she said she didn'tknow anything about it. She kept on covering up andgoing deeper and deeper into the hole. Elizabeth Warren got caught. You know you need to come cleanwhen you're caught. Seems like this is a pattern forher. I think it should affect a lotof voters and how they feel about Elizabeth Warren. We already have enough people inWashington who will say anything. We don't need one more. Mary: Record-shattering fees. Airlines collected more than one million in baggage fees more than ever before. Who is collecting the most fees and why passengers should not expect any relief. Reporter: Checking your bag at the airport has added up to big business for u.S. Airlines. So big, airlines raked in record profits from each and every luggage fee according to a new federal report. It's outrageous. That's the sickest charge. Reporter: The fees starting at $25 added up to millions. Delta topped the list and united was two with $351 million. They're not going away soon. Reporter: Genevieve brown said some are taking fees to a new level in time for the holidays. Some will charge as much as $100 for a carry-on bag. It will probably take people by surprise over the thanksgiving holiday. Reporter: The transportation department inspector general also sees baggage fees continuing as the airline industry deals with oil price and labor disputes. To say you have to pay more money when fuel's going down for baggage is ludicrous. Reporter: One taking a backslash is southwest. In a new ad southwest is trying to gain customers with bags fly free policy. Jetblue also gives customers their first checked bags free. The best way to try to save money is book your tickets for tuesdays, wednesdays or saturdays which are typically the cheapest days to fly. Abc news, los angeles. David: Well, this morning it's all about the rain. It's all about the lack of wind. In fact here's a live look at the roof top at channel5 a wsper of a wind on the wind sock out of north. You can see the lobe of moisture lifting up and over brockton to plymouth to hyannis. Hyannis you're noticing a moderate rain shower. Over to downtown boston and curling toward cape ann steady light rain and showers across coastal areas of new hampshire heading up towards maine. As you all wrapping around an upper level low. The other weather computer shows the rain cuts off in worcester. It's cloudy to the berkshires and new york and pennsylvania. Notice the drier skies trying to work in in the backside of the low. The drier wedge of air eventually gets here. It won't get here until tomorrow where we'll see partial sunshine and see the rain lifting to the north and northeast and drier skies late night. Tonight high pressure builds in and we'll see a return of some sun and temperatures in the low 70s. Today in buffalo, a cloudy sky. TEMPERATURES IN THE LOW 60s. A fairly light wind out of the northeast five to ten miles an hour. The showers early this morning are spot. Dis during the afternoon hours a spotty sky and the month has featured interception above average and a smattering of days below average and starting the month with an 80 degree reading and ending the month on a cool note with temperatures well below average. In fact, statistically speaking our average is 68 degrees. Friday a night of 58. Yesterday a high of 57. You have to go back to early june before we saw temperatures this cool for our daytime highs. TODAY WE'RE STUCK IN THE 50s. It's a day you want to toss away. Temperatures in the mid to upper 50s. Near 60 over the cape. Near 60 over the islands as well. Seeing steady showers towards the rainfall and in through the south coast, fairhaven, new bedford to fall river notice scattered showers and to the south and southeast steady showers around the portsmouth area up to portland. Dry across the berkshires but cloudy skies and the high pressure picking up the atlanta moisture and shuttling in our direction. Showers until 2:00 or 3:00 and we're stuck in the overcast skies. TEMPERATURES IN THE UPPER 50s TO 60s. The lobe of moisture over us during the morning hours and this afternoon drier but we'll hold on to clouds. We'll see eventually see sunshine tomorrow and tuesday. Cloud, drizzle, scattered showers. TEMPERATURES IN THE 50s TO 60s Today. An icky day. Mostly cloudy and showers around supper time and cooler in the overnight hours. Clearing will take place monday. Tuesday the daylight hours will be dry as clouds increase. By tuesday and wednesday we'll see the rain move in. Thursday looks nice. Mary. Mary: Photographers in new hampshire joined together to make a difference for families in need. 160 families had their portrait taken yesterday for free. It was all part of the help portrait event at the studiof photographic arts in manchester. Organizers say everyone deserve as a family photo but for some it's not financially feasible. To give them a family portrait they could not have afforded any other way. Even an inexpensive picture is beyond their budget and get it all in one shot. Mary: The turn out was double that of last year. Rockland police investigateing a robbery this weekend. Jim: The weapon the suspect used that caused a major concern. Plus. Somebody said let's put booze on him. I thought that would be cool. Jim: Pepperoni and onion and booze. The massachusetts restaurant selling 21-plus pizza. And head to wcvb.Com. The cities where you're likely to get one and first on what's coming up on "this week." Good morning, george. We're three days from the crucial first debate and can governor romney take on the president. Can president obama break the race open with a strong debate. We'll ask our headliners and the president's top political adviser our roundtable and others. That's what makes us different on sundays. YOU WON'T GET MORE DEBATE ANDur years,what will happen in our lives? Will I graduate? Find a new job? Get cured? Go to war? Finally get a raise? Whatever happens,your life will be affected by theleaders we elect. It's about you. Your future. Will you have a voice? Make sure - registerto vote now. The deadline is October 17th. It's your chance to be heard.

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