Roundtable II: Olympic Moments

George Will, Jonathan Karl, Ann Coulter, Van Jones, Steven Rattner.
3:00 | 08/05/12

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Transcript for Roundtable II: Olympic Moments
Most decorated Olympian ever Michael Phelps 22 career medals eighteen golds if -- -- country would from 36. In Olympic history an overall -- right now neck and neck gold medals US over China. 2725. -- at some gold medals tied an overall medals. 55 each with China vendors -- in your best moment of the week. You know watching -- mom. That won't get a Daniel's mom break down in tears and you know the story here's this kid you grew up in poverty she's -- and exposing think. Her mom has to -- -- away to a famous she doesn't know. That -- takes her and she's she's mothering her kid by Skype. And she's so that the Olympics that little girl with a gold medal and I mean that's America you know -- we we're we're one Kim -- doesn't matter if having that common. Goal and that is America is now on the cover of the corn flakes and -- Steven -- I was actually gonna say the same thing they're you know when you watch these young kids it is so amazing to see how hard they try -- Stressed -- -- the way they perform. But when you see somebody like -- can come from where she came in what she gave up and what you have to do. To succeed it really is quite amazing and waiting and -- -- -- This. Well the USA basketball team I mean you know they they dominated Tunisia. They dominated. Nigeria and then it came up this Lithuania came damn close. So I'm sympathetic they -- over the -- it really the dream team. -- did you watch. I know I was taking my next book all week but I caught up this weekend to watch Katie and a decade. When a Goldman swimming because she -- the needs of my friend John. Not harmful -- good news and I. World record and Georgia and it's hard -- you to watch Olympics during baseball season but I think all of us were actually -- -- what you wrote this week. About football your column this morning pretty simple but staggering. Conclusion you write the football just can't be fixed thanks. The human body is no longer -- for the kinetic energy of the National Football League and even further down to high school. In 1980 George threw 3 -- FL players over 300 pounds. Today there -- 33 over 350 pounds and 352. People on the 2000 I want rosters read more from 300 pounds. Over twenty yards which is where a lot of football is played these guys -- fastest -- -- -- running backs and kinetic energy is producing what is called chronic traumatic encephalopathy. CT eight get used to that because it's going to be a subject of lawsuits and other things a crucial word is chronic. Repeated. Small but repeated blows to the head. The brain floating them and the panel must -- now we know causes early dementia. And other. Problem is to be done about it because right now there's no evidence that the American public is ready to turn away well you start down below we start with -- -- the small level of kids playing football in grade school on -- high school we now in our hyped bars. Cautious parents. -- crash helmets on children weren't writing Trai Essex. Many of these parents are gonna let their children throughout the play football once they -- again the chronic picked cumulative effect of small brain trauma. He way to fix football. You know I I hope so that I mean I was taken -- -- Like football about -- -- dad -- football that I. When he's arguing about people in your column and now we get to their forties or fifties as it is their demented Dick killing themselves because they just can't live what with -- I think we gotta gotta. No way congress is stepping in yet yeah I I see I see no way but it is a stunning we're talking about refrigerator Perry and when he came on and -- -- five. I mean he just looked like a -- on the field and now he would be on the lower end you know this whole warrant in 201131. Of the 32. NFL offensive lines average. Over 300 pounds while. To draw thank you thank you -- -- much -- roundtable today.

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{"id":16933257,"title":"Roundtable II: Olympic Moments ","duration":"3:00","description":"George Will, Jonathan Karl, Ann Coulter, Van Jones, Steven Rattner.","url":"/ThisWeek/video/roundtable-ii-olympic-moments-16933257","section":"ThisWeek","mediaType":"default"}