Roundtable II: Overseas Challenges

Christiane Amanpour, Jeffrey Goldberg, Dan Senor and Rana Foroohar.
13:23 | 03/24/13

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Transcript for Roundtable II: Overseas Challenges
police are the officers walk their beats but they say three months isn't enough time to make a conclusion about the trends and shooting and gun crimes are up. Police are on the hunt for a person involved in a shooting. A woman was shot in the head near norton streets. The woman was taken to boston medical center. An allston liquor store is at the center of a credit card investigation. They're looking into reports of blanchard's liquor had they're credit card stolen and used to make unauthorized purchases. A store manager said it may be linked to a company that processes the purchases. Emily: There's a push to shut down a controversial turbine. A homeowner said the constant flickering shadow and noise are destroying his quality of life and his house is 600 feet from the turbine. Since it started operating last year we've been continual sick and our children are sick. You have no idea how massive the wind turbine would be next to our home. Emily: There will be a non-binding vote to shut it down next month and selectman want to see a study before making a decision. Jim: Fishermen are one step closer to getting help in disaster relief money. The provision introduced by senator warren passed yesterday. They face reductions in catch allocations for stock like cod and it's unclear whether it will withstand final legislation. The debate in three days away. Emily: And the most candidates are spending the weekend trying to stand out in a crowded field. They realize time is short before the primary. Reporter: Republican mike sullivan on the stump in weymouth hoping to gain votes house by house. The former prosecutor said what he's hearing is concern about the country's debt. There's no real plan in terms of addressing what's going to be a crushing problem at some point in time. Reporter: The newest face in republican politics joined in gop volunteers. I'm concerned by kids won't have the same opportunity that i had so I'd rather go and try than sit on the sidelines. Reporter: On the democratic side, congressman stephen lynch covered a lot of miles with stops in attleboro and dorchester. I know what's to likes to stand in an unemployment line and have the same work experience as the a lot of the families here so I'd be their voice. Reporter: Ed markey has been ahead of lynch in the polls did not have e a public schedule and did not return our calls. Emily: You can see the first debate on channel5 this coming wednesday march 27 from 7:00 to 8:00 p.M. Newscenter 5 is co-sponsoring the debate with members of the boston media consortium the hour will be split and the senate special election is on the mind of remember charlie baker. Today "on the record" he sizes up the field. You have choices if you have republican you is three candidates that are terrific people and bring different points of view to the table. I would say the same on the democratic side and steve lynch is a very different kind of guy than ed markey. I think for the voters in both primaries they should weigh the options. I haven't endorsed in the race and don't plan to. Emily: He discuss his own political future and watch it this morning on 11:00 a.M. With ed harding and janet wu. Jim: Mark zuckerberg and the new political policy he's pushing and a new deal to clear out a cluttered yard. The owner calls himself a picker but willing to sell off what neighbors call unsightly clutter. Emily: The pounding harvard took in round two of the ncaa Emily: You're looking at the marn wanted in a brazen jewelry heist. It shows him bolting from the mall on wednesday. He asked to see a ring and a worker gave it to him and he just took off. That ring is worth a reported $20,000. And take a look. This is the alleged getaway car. Witnesses say the thief got into it with another man and they sped off in a white dodge avenger with massachusetts plates. A deal in the works to clear a leominster yard. Ar archie's lawn is find $3,000 but an extra $100 every day until it's cleaned up. He says he's not a horder and calls himself a picker. They'll have a third-party remove the items and sell them. Jim: It's hard to believe it's springtime as another system heads our way and some places in colorado got up to 15 inches ands are littered with car crashes and it closed down i-70 and making its way across the country. A.J.: We get a glancinging blow and mostly towards the south coast and cape and islands and at that we're only talking about a couple inches of snow. That's it. We get off easy from this one as we look live out towards the back bay and salt and pepper shaker bridge and the red line over the top of it. What a nice nice day it is outside this morning. Good morning everyone. If you're just joining us it's a little chilly with a busy breeze AND WE HAVE READINGS IN THE 30s Right now at least in boston. The windchill though is 29 at logan airport with the northwesterly wind at 13 miles an hour. The sustained winds and the gusts are making us feel colder. 30s WALL TO WALL ACROSS THE AREA But again the windchills are BACK IN THE 20s. Bundle up and at least the wind will settle back towards the afternoon. This is a look at 4:30 this afternoon. Have you plans to head to the park and take a long run or training for the boston marathon or any marathon doing long running you'll have less wind to contend with and heading into tomorrow morning the winds will have shifted direction and start freshening up at 20, miles per hour as the storm system makes a close approach to southern new england tomorrow afternoon specifically. HIGHS IN THE 40s TODAY, 41 TO About 45, 46, 47 degrees on average across the board and a lot of sunshine so a great great day to head outdoors and do something nice. A big storm system over the canadian maritime is spinning and blocking storm systems from coming at out directly. Speak of which, here is the next storm system. Heavy snow on the back side of it and warnings for several inches of snow through areas like kansas city, missouri for example mong into st. Louis and points north. Notice though it's rain to the southeast. They have real gutter-busters down there and heavy over south carolina and moving through southeast georgia and the florida panhandle as well. For us the storm redevelop off the seaboard and this one heads down to the south. The northern extent of the precipitation shield I've colored in green maybe up to the mass pike and at that a very light amount of precipitation. Cold enough during the overnight period it will fall in form of snow however. It may start as a wintery mix for some areas down towards the south coast tomorrow afternoon. Tomorrow morning no problems and tomorrow afternoon's commute you may have rain drops, snowflakes around but I don't think we'll be dealing with anything on the roadways just yet and change to all snow monday night and exit by tuesday morning's commute. What does fall falls to the tune of an inch or two and during a good time at night when most of us are not on the roadways. An inch or two, 495 through providence, lesser amounts working northward and a coating to slushy inch perhaps down towards the cape and islands. Mostly sunny and breezy for today. Highs 40 to 46 and check it out on the five-day forecast and tomorrow starts cloudy to a wintery mix and all snow monday night out much here by tuesday morning and after that very quiet with temperatures running at or slightly below normal to round out the work week. Jim: We'll have a final check of top stories ahead. Emily: Including honoring victims of the newtown tragedy and the goal of a star-studded tribute and harvard up for a final exam on the basketball court and how they fared against arizona. Jim: And a look at the state's healthiest and least healthiest places to live first a look at "this week." Good morning. Big faceoff. For the first time obama's campaign chief will debate carl rove and fox news on the powerhouse roundtable and presobama back from his mission to middle east. What was accomplished and how will it shape conflicts in iran and we will have jeffery goldberg back from the

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