Roundtable II: This Week in Politics

George Will, Donna Brazile, Matthew Dowd, Bill Burton and Kerry Healey.
3:00 | 09/02/12

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Transcript for Roundtable II: This Week in Politics
The key campaign stops he's making before he lands in charlotte. Jim: And the reason mitt romney is taking a break from the campaign trail and this morning a great white shark washes onshore in an unusual location and the next steps to figure out h like? Head north, to someplace pristine like Acadia National Park. There is nothing like the parks this time of year. The falling leaves, the crisp air, the perfect inspiration for Air Wick's Fall Collection. Yeah, when I smell all those things, I know fall is in the air. The Fall Collection brought to you Xby Air Wick and the Nation VPark Foundation. Something in the Air Wick. theroad. message. We have a proud tradition of fishing in massachusetts. It's been a source of strength going back to our earliest days. But like a lot of people, our fishermen are hurting, and washington is part of the problem. The fishing industry has been hit with over-regulation, unfair enforcement, and crushing fines. It's totally killing us. You don't sleep nights. People have lost their jobs, their homes, and their way of life. Our fishermen deserve better and I'm going to keep fightingto protect them. communities everywhere can produce world-class athletes, then why can't small communities and neighborhoods everywhere produce world-class health care? I believe world-class care is already he. Health care that knows your name. That understands your needs. That makes all of usbelieve in health care again. Which is why I am a steward. Woman #1: I am a steward. Woman #2: I am a steward... Of the new health care. Jim: Right now on the eyeopener a big push for the white house. The key campaign stops both candidates are making and a new poll just rele released on the state of the race. Emily: A great white washed up on the beach and how they'll figure out how it died. Jim: And the miscues and mistakes for the sox. The eyeopener starts right now. Jim: And happy sunday morning. 9:30. I'm jim lokay. Emily: I'm emily riemer where meteorologist david brown and 69 degrees and a cool start. David: Feels like september 2. I think it will be the trend for the next couple days though i have an 80 in the five-day forecast. It'sor st. Louis. Emily: I'm holding on to summer with everything I have. David: We saw fine weather. We have a lot of sunshine on tap and temperatures across the region, 67 degrees downtown boston and norwood. 65 through the hills of worcester county and 66 in FITCHBURG AND LOW 70s, NEAR 70 Over the south shore. Lots of sunshine across plymouth county down to the cape and islands. A nice start. Trekking up to the north, new hampshire and coastal maine more clouds. We'll see more clouds pinwheel in during thafternoon hours. There's a bundle of energy tilting in through the lakes region cresting over extreme massachusetts and other than that mostly sunny. Not a bad looking day and the tropical moisture trapped and it will be part of our forecast tuesday and wednesday and high in boston 71 degrees. The warmest air to the south and southwest. Jim: Commitment 2012 and mitt romney's slight bump looked to be short lived. President obama gaining a short lead. On friday a similar poll put the governor ahead one point. And president obama's re-election team hopes the convention will give him a boost. Emily: The president is in colorado and arrived last night. Today he has a campaign event at the university of the colorado. Yesterday he hit the trail in iowa where he told voters his administration has more work to do. We've got more troops to bring home and more veterans we have to take care of. We have more doors of opportunity to open to every single american willing to work hard. We have come too far to turn back now. Emily: The president will end the day in the battleground state of ohio and spend the day there tomorrow and then go to louisiana to inspect damage from hurricane isaac. First lady president obama is the featured speaker on friday. And senator john kerry and boston mayor, tom menino and governor deval patrick. Stay with newscenter 5 for complete coverage of the dnc. Janet wu will be live all week reporting for us there. Also new this morning we've learned after the dnc wraps up president obama will return to the campaign trail in new hampshire. On friday the president alo with the first lady, vice president joe biden and his wife will be in the granite state. They're expected to make a stop in portsmouth but an official itinerary has not been released just yet. Jim: Mitt romney is at his vacation home and will head to vermont on tuesday to prepare for debates. He has no public events planned during the dnc. On saturday romney and his congressman, paul ryan addressed a crowd of thousands of military voters but earlier in the day campaigned separately in ohio. Today 23 million people are out of work or stopped looking for work or are underemployed. If you have a coach that's zero and 23 million you say it's time for a new coh. Jim: Ryan attended a buckeye game against his alma mater, university of ohio and ohio state the game 56-10. By the way, primary elections for several seats set for this thursday. Most of the state's congressional seats are being contested. Watch for coverage all week long on newscenter 5 and wcvb.Com. Emily: Rescue teams worked through the night to save dolphins stranded last night. The efforts worked and the dolphins were guided back into deeper waters and all survived. Teams will patrol area beaches this morning to look out for more strandings. A new twist in the summer of the shark. A dead great white washes up on a beach along the massachusetts-rhode island border and though great white sightings have been common on the cape they're rarely seen on the south coast. The 13-foot predator washed ashore in westport as newscenter 5's john atwater reports, experts are trying to determine exactly what happened. It's something. Reporter: The cus quickly swarmed. The jaws and the teeth, that was what caught my eye. Reporter: Marvelling at the menacing eyes and razor sharp teeth. It makes your adrenaline go a bit because he's stone dead but it has jaws written all over it. Reporter: The fisherman spotted the great white at day break. Pretty scary standing next to the thing. Historically white sharks have been out here and will continue. Reporter: This is a learning opportunity for scientists as they slice the shark open and start to examine it. We'll start look at the stomach and see what it's been eating and look at the backbone to determine the age. Reporter: There are no obvious signs of trauma. For many it's a rare chance to safely see a dangerous predator. It's cool have this chance. Reporter: For now the water's off limits and after the find many are calling it a season. I'm glad the summer's over. Don't think I'll go back in the water. Reporter: John atwater, newscenter 5. Jim:9:36. A final good-bye to a soldier killed in afghanistan. Michael demarsico is laid to rest and the county was draped in red, white and blue to celebrate his life. Reporter: A horse-drawn carriage supported the casket. Hundreds of neighbors, friends and many strangers lined the streets and watched in quiet tribute to private michael demarsico. Since he was a boy the 20-year-old never wanted to be more than to be a soldier. Reporter: He's the first to be killed since vietnam and a promotion put him in front on patrols. He had the toughest job in that platoon. He was the point man and the reliance the soldiers had on michael. Reporter: He was just two years out of high school and well known in north adams. His girlfriend said finding the positive is good. He's gone for the right reasons. Fighting for our country and doing what he loves. Reporter: Governor deval patrick and both senator john kerry and senator scott brown were there. Veterans from the region and members of the flag-carrying patriot guard came from five states. He was doing his job. He was saving his platoon. He was an awesome handsome young man with a lot of character and obviously was extremely brave. Reporter: An army major general who attended said he found and disarmed 15 explosive devices before the one that took his life. I'm pam cross. Emily:9:38 and a game changer in the fight against muscular dystrophy. Jim: The discovery found that could change lives forever. And how a truck driver lost control. I am much more afraid than triple e and west nile. Emily: Safety questions about chemicals to fight diseadisea america, continuing to lend and invest in the people, businesses, and organizations that call greater boston home. Whether it's financing the continued growth of a local restaurant company, helping to provide food, shelter, and hope to those in need, or offering young people the support they need to build successful careers in the arts, what's important to the people of greater boston is important to us. And we're proud to work with all those who are making our communities stronger. that's mouth. I just wish it wouldn't fade away so fast. Let me show you something. Dr. Rahmany ] AS SOON As you leave here... Plaque quicktarts to grow back. But now there's a way to keep the clean longer. Introducing new crest pro-health clinical rinse. It's a clinical breakthrough that actually keeps your teeth 91% clean of plaque at 2 months after a dental visit. Plus, it gives you these key benefits. New crest pro-health clinical rinse. Crest. Life opens up when you do. Also try newst pro-health clinical plaque control toothpaste. Jim: More spraying this week in an effort to kill disease-carrying mosquitos. Residents in the area are asked to keep windows closed and pets inside. Emily: The threat of west nile virus and triple-e taking steps to kill off disease-carrying mosquitos and some are questioning the safety of the chemicals that are supposed to be protecting us. She rescues birds right in the heart of the 21 community where's massachusetts officials have sprayed this year for west nile virus. I'm much more afraid of the spray than I am of triple e and west nile. Emily: She said pesticides may be partly to blame for birth defects in animals adding to pollution and threatening honey bee and other beneficial wildlife. If year losing bats and bees and others that's not good. Emily: What is being sprayed is similar to what's being sprayed in texas and they're found in some products used to kill insects indoors. The environmental protection agency and cdc say it's perfectly safe. They've been used for decades in communities and they haven't seen health risks and they've done studies in the communities where it's taken place and can't even find pesticides in people's body they break down that quick. Emily: Closing windows and turning off air conditioners during spraying and keeping kids away from trucks go along way from protecting people. In texas each plane can cover 100,000 acres in acres in hours. There's no other way to kill them than through aerial application. Emily: Some homeowners are covered areas where pets play. They spray at night when bees are not out. They use very low levels so it shouldn't affect the fish and don't spray open water. I don't see it stopping what it's intended to stop. Emily: If you want to flow the risk of west nile check out the up-to-date map on our state on our website wcvb.Com. David: It's 9:43 and we've seen some clouds and clear skies and that will be your trend for sunday. Not a crystal clear blue skies occasional showers from time to time and a quick shower after 2:00 or 3:00 this afternoon. Temperatures stay on the cool side. Below average and tomorrow back to sunshine. If you're an allergy sufferer it's been a tough haul. We've not had a lot of rain at the end of august and don't see rain until tuesday. That's when the pollen count will go down. It is rragweed and it will end with the first frost. You want to enjoy summerlike weather. We'll see clouds develop in the latter half of the afternoon but in the south shore and cape and island we'll see more sunshine. Mainly sunny to at times partly sunny skies and temperatures in THE 70s. Surf one to two feet though there are some areas along the east-facing beaches we'll see a rougher surf develop tomorrow and tuesday and wednesday due to tropica tropical activity and high tide early afternoon. Dew point mainly in the mid up TO UPPER 50s. Temperatures early monday MORNING IN THE MID TO UPPER 50s. 55 in orange and 70 in provincetown to marshfield and 72 over the vineyard with more sunshine and clear conditions over the came and island and plymouth to attleboro and to the north and northwest along the border with new hampshire more in the way of clouds. A couple spot showers around the manchester area through maine and some upper disturbance will cause clouds time to time and from fitchburg to lawrence a spot storm. Spot showers and areas of fog tomorrow from cape ann to marshfield to chatham and east to southeasterly winds today will keep us on the cool side. We'll be monitoring the showers and bed of thunderstorms across the upper midwest. I think the area of low pressure will continue to move in our direction and I think we'll get some wetting rain from tuesday into wednesday. Meanwhile, tropics are lined up with development in the open ocean. Tropical storm kirk heading to the north and bermuda will be watching the development of what will become hurricane leslie. Here's details for sunday in the middle of a holiday, mainly sunny to partly sunny skies and combination of sun and clouds WITH LOW 70s.

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