Roundtable III: Battle for the Senate

George Will, Gwen Ifill, Austan Goolsbee, Nicolle Wallace and Andrew Sullivan
3:00 | 10/28/12

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Transcript for Roundtable III: Battle for the Senate
If you're gonna comment on my record -- -- at least have you referred to him excuse me. Definitely -- currently does that matter a student class and please let us. George who famously said -- were governor that you enjoyed knocking Democrats soft teeth down -- one throats and you didn't say with a smiley. That's not what it's going to take to fix Washington. Senator -- a liar. -- -- of the people the state of Ohio who falsely attacking I want Stanford. Senate debates getting hit in these final days are back now with our roundtable -- George -- before I -- going to put up this map. -- sixteen tossup races right now for the senate reminding everyone if President Obama wins Republicans need to pick up four. Senate -- to get control of governor Romney wins the need to pick up three -- this thing is completely up for grabs right now. -- -- often say all politics is local this year may be no politics is local. Maybe there's going to be a national trend -- all the marginal states took the same way they did in 1982. And some other years no one knows at this point but. The Republicans going him. Defending only ten seats attacking 23 should have been easier for them -- -- to -- one of the questions Andrew Sullivan is how much these there's so much discussion turns out of right. In the senate races both -- and richer more right now in the in the last week will complicate the republicans' efforts to get control. Well yeah that's what's -- -- about the election will the Republicans interpret. There results in the senate as a function of that moving way far to the fundamentalist strike which is the center of the party at this point. On and and if they interpret that that they might be hope -- -- I'm supporting Obama because I want to save the Republican Party from being completely insane. That's that's where ongoing and I. I don't get that defeated if people like and -- came and went 30 yeah. I don't have any -- -- It is important that if you don't want to walk and eight can the lead stories they'd lose well and then there is not the only store's -- that Nicole Wallace on this because they can may cost Republicans -- senate seat. In Missouri but -- probably well -- there is the senate seat in Connecticut Linda McMahon coming on. Right in the end here you have someone -- who so not crazy she's actually running an ad that says vote for Obama. And vote for me and I believe she's the only Republican senate -- running that -- Night I understand from folks who are involved in the senate races at the national level that is working and has had the effect of tightening her race which is remain pretty tight. The whole time. The other thing about Connecticut is when our lights go out they stay out it's like you know -- the dark ages literally. So this may be -- stable we can actually evaluate and examine after the fact the ground game because it's possible of people in Connecticut won't see very many TV ads. Thanks -- hurricane. But you know I've interviewed both Todd Aiken and Richard Murdoch and here's the thing neither of them come I don't like the words crazy and insane to describe people who -- Actually trying to put themselves forward to run for public office to represent people because both of them are speaking to constituencies in their states in Missouri and Indiana. Who respond to what they say. Who believed that life begins at conception so they don't think what we should verdicts have this crazy that's a credit they didn't like what what they can sad about rights women's body shutting down but -- -- willing to forgive him for it. And that's why those races are close he's not out of that make it has not out of bed and Murdoch is now. I'm not a big pollution and you -- -- I'm talking about what it takes to get senate candidates elected. In these conservative I'm just saying on the principles they not they deny that he evolution takes place I think that puts -- in -- crazy category. -- -- -- -- I'm more a look I'm in Chicago somewhat and that Indiana race because it's on it's it's on our TV and it's surprisingly close I would have never thought that the Democrat had a chance of that state. But I think -- is insight is really. This strongest one to think here that. We've got a bunch of races they're all close you don't know what's gonna happen they aren't independent. I think George is in -- then what happens at the national level is probably going to carry over. On the final momentum is true so that could affect Georgia especially the races and places like Virginia. Montana. North Dakota where Republican is had been behind that there's been some -- for governor Romney I would also picked. Wisconsin. For the following reasons 2010. When the country move to the right. No state moved more emphatically to the right -- Wisconsin. Then they tried to the public employees unions to recall the governor. And the governor to fight that created a huge infrastructure that stayed in place. Now Wisconsin has voted democratic in five consecutive presidential elections. Bush lost it by two tenths of a percentage -- four -- in 2004 but five straight times and this could be the year round. Who was the Republicans when -- -- Tammy Baldwin very liberal Democrat Tommy Thompson fairly conservative Republican. They run negative campaigns to coal state hates both of them just wants to project -- -- but it therefore then neutralizing their negatives. This may be that the real Bellwether.

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