Roundtable III: NFL Headaches

The "This Week" roundtable weighs in on the negative headlines plaguing the NFL.
4:58 | 12/09/12

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Transcript for Roundtable III: NFL Headaches
The new tragedy in the nfl tonight. Cowboys nose tackle josh brent was arrested this morning. Faces the charge of intoxication manslaughter. Jovan belcher was supposed to be taking the field tonight for the chiefs. That's not going to happen. Police say that jovan belcher killed his girlfriend and then killed himself in front of his coach. What a rough weekend cover of "time" magazine this week, roger goodell, the nfl commissioner is there. The question is, can roger goodell save football? George will, are the pressures of pro football worth our cheers? It may be a guilty pleasure the way boxing now is, we don't look at boxing the way we used to, because we know what's happening to brain trauma. George, let me give you some numbers, in 1980, there were three nfl players who weighed more than 300 pounds. 2011, 352 over 300 pounds. Football is played basically within ten yards of either side of the line of scrimmage. These big men are quick as cats. The kinetic energy is such, the body is simply not made for it. Last year, 31 of 32 nfl offensive lines averaged me than 300 pounds. I don't think the body is made for it. I think these men are paying a terrible price. We went to the super bowl in 2013 in new orleans, 2013, I'm never going to run for a public office in louisiana. The commissioner is a friend of mine. Having said that, I think he knows that he's dealing with a major problem, he's very upfront with it.Iminating kickoff. Who think that it's going to happen? Three-point stance could be gone. He's up front. It's a huge game. It's a wonderful game. But this is a real problem. This head trauma is a real problem. He's not denying it. I don't think any other person would deny that. This is a huge problem. I'm going to be upfront. I'm a longtime suffering detroit lion fan. Eliminating football is going to affect our city all that much. But I have three boys, two of them -- I live in austin, texas, home of "friday night lights." Football is like a religion there. My two oldest played football. I think the commissioner is basically, all he's done is window dressing on. The flight down here, I sat right next to earl campbell, a dominant force, he had to come on the plane in a wheelchair. His knees were shot. His hands were shot. I don't think the nfl has done their players right or the country right, they haven't dealt with the brain injuries that have happened in this country. They keep doing things that can eliminate the kickoff when they know that there's a fundamental problem. That they haven't dealt with. Change isn't going to come from the top down. But it will come from parents withdrawing from that sport. They'll have to be under evaluation. I think he's taking this seriously. Thank you all very much. And now, we honor our fellow americans who serve and sacrifice. This week, the pentagon released the names of three soldiers and marines killed in afghanistan. And finally, your voice this week, henry kinch jr. Has today's question -- how long a second term president relevant prior to "lame duck" setting in? To quote bill clinton the president is always relevant. As commander in chief and chief executive, far and way the most powerful person in the country, the window for real legislative success generally closes before the midterm elections. Presidents have achieved a lot during years five and six. That's when dwight eisenhower signed the civil rights act. Ronald reagan forged a bipartisan compromise on tax reform in his sixth. And bill clinton did the same with the balanced budget act that put the country on road to a surplus in 1997. Send in your questions on twitter and james and mary are going to stick around to answer your tweets for this week's web extra. That is all for us today. Thank you for sharing part of your sunday with us. Check out "world news" with david muir tonight and I'll see you tomorrow on "good morning

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{"id":17918613,"title":"Roundtable III: NFL Headaches","duration":"4:58","description":"The \"This Week\" roundtable weighs in on the negative headlines plaguing the NFL.","url":"/ThisWeek/video/roundtable-iii-nfl-headaches-17918613","section":"ThisWeek","mediaType":"default"}