Roundtable: One Month to Iowa

George Will, Arianna Huffington, Major Garrett, and Donna Brazile.
10:21 | 12/04/11

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Transcript for Roundtable: One Month to Iowa
We turn now -- roundtable I'm joined by George Will. Arianna Huffington of AOL Huffington Post national journal's Major Garrett and democratic strategist Donna Brazil welcome -- to this week. George Rick Santorum hoping to get a boost from Herman cain's supporters is that. -- -- -- -- Sure -- -- in the -- game by the traditional rules and I think there's an interest in contrast between santorum's statement came straight. We want a process that allows a dark course like central and someone who's been seriously engaged in national politics to gain traction if he has time counsel small state like we should -- this process. I think however -- wonder Donna agrees that between now and 26 -- both parties have to do some serious thought as to whether they can develop some filter. To prevent this process -- -- was mad proliferation of debates from being hijacked. By charlatans entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial charlatans. Who community as -- of those well the one who dropped mr. -- who used this is a book tour. In the fundamentally. Disrespectful. Approach to the selection presence now we have been -- and December 27 debate proposed. It would be moderated by Donald Trump surely it is time for these candidates to do something presidential. Stand up and say we're not going to be hijacked and purchase of. It went unfunded he said he will not participate in this day and I'm confident that grievance I mean. Then lines with -- on at this hour and the campaign process from being. Getting scene and -- And now I mean -- -- The greatest threats weigh in a week since then media -- -- that they knew it was of -- came suspension of his campaign. We're really amazing -- -- basically right now we should give them that reality show keeping up with McCain says. And bad house. Leaning back -- gain. And didn't get any allegation you know but I'm arguing about what will become of Rick Santorum historically three tickets out of we figure Romney's gonna have one. Ron Paul will have one Ron Paul finished first second no worse than third in Iowa I guarantee you -- people are ferocious organized and they mean business. So what to Santorum need to do. To get to that maybe a third and a -- -- while he's got to get over 10% or these twelve or thirteen that's a long journey and he has made very little progress of that kind yet let me put. Living with summing up that actually Glenn Beck has said about him because he's -- -- picked up conservative support as we didn't say. Both said opinion and Glenn -- have gone public that what and that's at about -- If there is one guy out there that is the next George Washington. The only guy that I could think of is Rick Santorum. I would ask that you would take a look at him. Well characteristically over the top George Washington and -- -- both property owners in Virginia in the meg Santorum is obviously perhaps a beneficiary of the light the concern but still looking for candidates. -- and I think Sarah Palin's comments about Rick Santorum indicate that she still trying to. Attacked the party for crony capitalism folks who were both sides of the line and that's directly what she's saying about Newt Gingrich in Gingrich's rising Sarah Palin is not moving in this direction. -- -- her supporters he's not authentic enough to say Santorum might be. The look Santorum has traveled all of -- and he still gaining no tracks there's a reason for that. At this point in the contest rank and -- of the Republican base there -- so angry so so upset. They will back anyone at this point who is in contempt for the president they want somebody who will stand up expressed their anger. Expressed anger at Washington expressed their dissatisfaction with the president and they won't reward -- candidate what interest what outside. Why register poll. -- that two thirds of Republican voters are still shop there they're not -- minute -- -- not ready to. All you want yet they're still looking for that candidate who could -- -- -- White House is being very you know aggressive against Mitt Romney thinking that he was going to be admitted he still will be the nominee. Happy you this -- that Newt Gingrich is ascendant as a best of. Ultimately brought as many of us refer to on the former speaker of the house they -- but this is that the best -- so that you could happen politics three more Latin nationally televised debate. Then you have how could -- primary which is Huckabee is going to try that the crown someone Salem primary down trop now he has -- -- a primary. The White House is happy that. -- Mitt Romney will likely emerge as the the plausible nominees and and and you know why -- and -- -- Yeah I suspect. Because. I feel that them Newt Gingrich's main benefit the -- and -- Newt Gingrich. I think Newt Gingrich is likely to defeat Romney seemed to -- because Romney addresses the nation -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And -- Gingrich's he's got is this kind of week my -- -- was saved up in status celebrates -- -- -- his locks on paying mounted that. And in times of crises than nations looking. Fault -- Izod brand name called I had toxic as a -- a fox think you know. And those slices and I says and tries to -- big -- little Paulson explained he's not that -- Flip -- you know -- embracing his new blog yesterday you believe that's what conviction today he believes -- Until that point -- really being quite frustrating for prominent. People in in I would look at what's prominent Iowa process and -- is famous for being ordered over the bullet he's admirable in many ways but I don't back him. I don't trusted. Ten -- English turn that around in time due to win an island. But the problem is that once you've got a reputation for being changeable. No one is going to believe that you won't change what you just said about your prayer changes. What's worrying a lot of Republicans -- -- is that they think they found their Tom Dewey. In Mitt Romney. The president is going to run as Truman against congress but that's not how Truman got elected Truman was elected not because there is running against congress but because -- is running against Tom do -- -- Eastern Republican governor that people didn't cotton to. And still look if you look -- down into this to Moines register poll. By large margins when it comes to most presidential all most electable in a general election Romney. Boasts a pox is Gingrich -- when it comes to most XP is most knowledge about about the world best able to bring real change. English by big margins of houses is -- It's weird. Factors -- I would expect that Newt Gingrich who bring the two parties together is no one else could they be together against him. -- quite possible but the thing for speaker Gingrich's everyone around this table and many Republican voters know he lacks discipline. Newt Gingrich does not need to be disciplined for eight months -- -- to be disciplined for eight weeks that's possible. Newt Gingrich is a factor in Iowa he's gaining -- New Hampshire he will probably win South Carolina and he leads by a big margin in Florida. You ask yourself today would you rather be Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney you'd rather be Newt Gingrich because he has momentum. And the momentum is real the one thing about -- David you've ever been a room with him. He creates an idea factory that people like to respond to a solace and Obama campaign 2000 people support Barack Obama not just the candidate policies. But because the way they felt about themselves being supportive of that kind of candidate. If you get an idea factory going to it was -- you know what I'm an idea person I like being. Around ideas I think of myself somewhat better when I'm around Gingrich and if that takes all the pilots are predicting it -- -- -- it does. That's the kind of thing that can overcome the lack of organization -- -- -- precinct captains all another excitement can matter a lot politics which -- or how or why it happened. That Gingrich is going to be in Birmingham and -- some many of them. If you go to the Newt Gingrich of the -- in my back in -- that's speech -- speak. He -- founded which would be impossible to say today and then by the and prime and I want to -- he said. The balanced budget is the right thing to do but it does not have the -- -- urgency of coming to grips with what is happening to that bless America adds. He talked about -- -- you talk about a -- responsibility. Now that you Gingrich is. Not at all -- Newt Gingrich running not please come -- you know and then. They enable our laws for children to -- that should be -- -- -- was talking about torturing and becoming Johnny. So. We have -- Gingrich want to find -- Which like Microsoft as the best state generation you know the marquee candidates that -- -- -- Remember he said that as speaker after having said something favorable about orphanages among them before and that come on the cover of time magazine -- the grinch stole Christmas so that speech was a reaction to something he said earlier which is not altogether that dissimilar from what he -- about child labor laws now. Oddly enough in that respect there is a component of -- An -- -- -- to repay because he's also and he added Boone hit and is now tied for last with Rick Santorum. Let's just say he just spent a lot of money he's put up a new -- an eyewitness just listen. When you run for president. Get a bunch of questions about your -- People want to know what drives. -- you make decisions. Some liberals say the fates assign a week. The wrong. I think we all need gods. I'm -- I'm not ashamed to talk about my faith and I approve business. Not ashamed to about his -- what is he getting -- was he doing he's getting and here right. You might -- disclaimer that my wife is an -- Aaron he's getting that 60%. Of Republican participants in the 2008 caucuses who are evangelical Christians. And who elevated Mike Huckabee. So this is despite there was looking for do you think he has a child's. I think everyone has a chance as long as everyone in a majority of -- are still shopping. A. And -- that as long as there's still shopping but all these debates these -- these individual endorsement contest that's going on. It is still a race to -- to scene which candidate can put together -- remember this is a cold wintry night. And you need people who can go out and get their neighbors and friends. To come into a -- and competence.

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