Roundtable: Oscar Predictions

The 'This Week' roundtable make their picks for the Academy Awards.
2:45 | 02/26/12

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Transcript for Roundtable: Oscar Predictions
Talk about the Oscars tonight big night here on ABC after Sunday. And Georgia -- one against which you're watching for. There's only one -- islanders now. So. I haven't seen them knew the -- -- -- at four times and I'm sports. -- There's nothing else on television until the games start. And ten billion please heal the nation an agent played by Brad -- you get a great story about -- and Brad -- will. That came to his house and no appointments -- understand walk you run around you for Wednesday. What does that they go -- and make the movies -- watching the movie whose daughter. He says that I do that and that it did you do it all. It deserves answers at this -- -- all the money all for money. And can I think but I did love that help and I do think -- Davis desperately want Kuwait there. And as a brilliant and there hasn't fantastic -- Well by experts the end of my daughters and she should they all of the help but she's picking -- for the best picture gotten. I like -- look for the best actor -- night I'd like George Miley role that he played -- I have a lot of -- yeah Arizona's right and I contest I think he's due for -- but I'd love to see that happen. Another -- Streep as Margaret Thatcher did not like the movie but -- -- I just thought that it it really gave short -- to a remarkable. Transformative political career. -- and there were things in there for example the end of the Soviet Union as we knew it and it's sort of a how that happened you know they -- are reported did end but there was there was a lot that was just missing and you kind of -- this picture of this. Margaret Thatcher still lives today but in -- -- As -- Thank him as a brilliant performance and she let me. You know I -- to -- ask is only once and I was in my twenties and even then it was just mysterious to me I felt like saying get me to a political convention. -- -- -- -- -- I just think he -- and then. I just thought yes. And then. And it was such an homage to the movies so I would give -- isn't. The best director and -- been the best movie victim. I basically Begin ministry best actress -- -- -- years she acts. Yeah that's -- on a nominee and I just happened but for bridesmaids believed it was a. There is I loved every minute and Billy Crystal exactly thank innocent you can watch Billy Crystal in the -- right here on ABC tonight coverage begins at 7 eastern.

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{"id":15794458,"title":"Roundtable: Oscar Predictions","duration":"2:45","description":"The 'This Week' roundtable make their picks for the Academy Awards.","url":"/ThisWeek/video/roundtable-oscar-predictions-15794458","section":"ThisWeek","mediaType":"default"}