Roundtable I: Romney's VP Pick

Cokie Roberts, Howard Dean, Paul Gigot, Gavin Newsom, and Peggy Noonan.
3:00 | 08/12/12

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Transcript for Roundtable I: Romney's VP Pick
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Jim: New details as former patriots star, chad johnson ends up in the jail cell and the what caused chad ochocinco in hot water. Mary: The handi handicap plagueing millions of americans and the treatment offered to some. The eyeopener starts now. Jim: Good morning, sunday morning. I'm jim lokay. Mary: Mary saladna, mike wankum. Mike: We've had a string of nice weekend. Mary: Here comes the but. Mike: Some enjoyed sunshine it was muggy but others got dumped on with rain and this morning we have a flood advisory out about another hour and the reason is because we continue to see a line of showers and thunderstorms through here. Not much lightning. It's more downpours and moving slowly. The general trend is for this to move in this direction to hartford and inching its way eastward and the leading edge is getting to 495 and it will continue to march eastward. Earlier we had a heavy rain. There's activity offshore and most will hit the outer cape and you'll wind this one out and it will come in from the west. Either way you'll still be dealing with showers and thunderstorms throughout the day. There's a lot of moisture sitting down the coast. We'll improve things dramatically later on tonight. Today showers and thunderstorms and hint of sunshine and thunderstorms before clearing. Jim: Regardless of the forecast you can bet bargain hunting is underway. Yesterday state police had to shut down exit ramp in avon. Mary: Not everything is a real deal this weekend. Reporter: This is the boost retailers have been waiting for. It's going excellent. Very busy weekend so far. Reporter: No sales tax on most item under $2500 and it's drawing big crowds to the scores. Jordan's furniture in avon flooded by customers eager for a deal. We came last week and picked it out and came back this week to buy it. We're looking for a bed because I grew out of my old one. Reporter: At best buy shoppers are taking the opportunity to score big ticket items that carry bigger savings. Managers except revenue to be three times their regular haul. You'll want to do the math if you want to take advantage of the sales tax holiday. The big screen 1899 but with smaller items like the headphones you won't even save a full dollar. It's maybe not worth a trip to the store. Imagine if they advertised hd TVs FOR 6% OFF BUT EVERYBODY Comes running when you hear there's no sales tax. Reporter: If you're going to hit the stores for the tax break make sure it's for big items and try to find stores holding sales on to the tax break. Was it busy here. Route 24 was backed up for for miles and so congested the state police had to close off the exit ramps because there were too many people here. Gives you an idea how successful day one was. Newscenter 5. Jim: A man missing for weeks after a trip to new hampshire is back home and how the strange trip ended is bizarre. 72-year-old hugh armstrong was vacationing with family last month when he vanished. It prompted a huge search in the woods around stinson lake and he was found nearly 1,000 miles way in his home state of north carolina and even his family can't believe how he got there. The basically walked from new hampshire and hitch hiked and stopped in pennsylvania to take a job on a farm bailing hay. Jim: He's suffering from some memory problems but add he instantly recognized his wife when she arrived to pick him up. Mary: New this morning we're getting our first look at the man who used to call himself chad ochocinco after his arrest in florida. This is the mugshot released overnight. The er patriot who's gone back to calling himself chad johnson was jailed for allegedly head-butting his wife during an argument. She was treated for a head laceration. Johnson who now plays for miami had a bond hearing this morning. The miami herald reports bail was set at $2500 and is expected to be released in a few hours. The new york police officer who shot and killed a football player from easton will be in a civil suit. He claimed he shot dj henry in self-defense outside a restaurant in 2010. The grand jury cleared him of wrong doing but henry's parents are suing him saying their son was just trying to move his car from a disturbance and there was no reason to open fire. The newly-minted republican ticket will be stumping for votes in north carolina. Jim: Paul ryan is wasting no time proving he knows his role as mitt romney's new running mate. Reporter: It's official a romney-ryan ticket and now there are signs to prove it. Supporters waved them at a campaign event hours after the official announcement. He's taken our party and make sure we focus on values and fight for thing we believe in. Reporter: Ryan quickly took on the role of attack dog. President obama's not going to be able to run for re-election on his record because it's a terrible record. And he didn't change tune or moderate. He stayed hard left. Hope and change h become now become and blame. Reporter: He's a 42-year-old seven-term congressman and a roman catholic he and his wife have three children and advocates cuts in spending and changes in medicare making him a target for democrats. Ryan hits the campaign trail as president obama is opening the lead and we'll see if he moves speedometer on the gop band wagon. The obama campaign wasted no time criticizing ryan saying his budget plan is radical and place as a biggeren on the middle class. Mary: George stephanopoulos will have a special a special edition of "this week." And the statement that romney has not paid taxes in years speaking this sunday "on the record" niki tsongas defends her major le colleague's remarks. It raises the issue of the nominee of a particular party should disclose their tax return. Governor romney's father set the standard for that. Most candidates are out to pass a number of cycles of presidential elections have done that. It was an issue raised in the remember primary. The issue is whether the governor should put the issue to rest. Mary: And congresswoman tsongas is "on the record." You're looking the flying car and it's one step closer to reality. The major milestone in its development. Jim: Tick season is not over soon and they're in places you wouldn't expect. Mike: And I have a futurecast and another days of showers and thunderstorms and 3q for lunch? My little helpers... And 100% natural French's Yellow Mustard. It has zero calories for me, and a taste my family loves. 3q think today. There's birth control you don't have to think about taking every day or even every year. I'm painting my arms. I want another child, but not for a while. 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Ask about Mirena. When you have time. Did you know ? If you choose Mirena to prevent pregnancy, it's also approved to treat heavy periods. Jim: Economic headlines the flying car developed in the bay state is a closer to takeoff. It's now through the second phase of testing that can earn it faa approval by this september and they already have 2,000 orders. The first delivery expected next year. Mary: Worcester airport can be in line for a technology upgrade it's often socked in by low clouds and making it landing difficult and massport is considering a $25 million instrument landing system. That could help the airport attract bigger airlines. Jetblue will visit the airport later this month. Ticks become a bigger problem in the summer months and the risks of getting a tick bite is getting higher because they're moving to surprising destinations. Reporter: It's the year of the deer tick. We knew it would be higher risk. Reporter: Because? There was no acorns this year. It meant fewer mice and because deer ticks feed on mice. The ticks are out for a longer period of time. Reporter: And with 25 percent of them carrying lyme disease there's a greater threat to The last time it happened was 2004. When we go back and look at health records there was a 51% increases in the cases of lyme. Reporter: While the number of deer ticks is higher the number of dog ticks is lower. The dog tick has become scarce where it once was common. Reporter: Preventative applications have curb the population because of fewer mice carrying the ticks into the woods they've turned up elsewhere like the beach. Prevention for dog and deer ticks is still your best bet with premprempremetharin applied to the skin. I have not received a bite. Reporter: A special task force is studying the incidents of lyme disease and the need for a vaccine and the report is expected this fall. I'm seuss worn. Mike: It's another day of showers and thunderstorms. We're not picking up anything right now but I wouldn't be surprised with a rumble here and there. The line is looping out 495. Most of the direction is in this direction and it's a slow process but some along 495 are seeing lighter rain and will probably see heavier rain. It's lifting it's way up in this direction and the story was the heavy rain over the southeastern part of the state. It's winding down but there's still a lot of showers offshore. Outer cape you'll see more downpours before the morning is over with. This is our focus through the afternoon hours as the line continues to form, reform or break you this is the latest futurecast. We take computer models and combine them to give us the futurecast. At 10:00 a.M., You see the showers there and towards the cape. Let's advance it and see what's happening this afternoon. By noon this like line of showers breaking up and showers over the outer cape I was talking about but watch the area here. We'll clear the skies a bit and with that the atmosphere will destabilize and we'll get a new batch of showers and thunderstorms to develop. Look at the aerial coverage. Most will not see anything out of it but here you'll get a tremendous downpour that will move through and be back in the muggy weather. Where it will happen is difficult to do and I know you have a lot of plans and would like to know if it's going rain for sure or not. It's difficult to say we just have to keep an eye to the sky heading to the afternoon. Towards 4:30 things wind down and once the sun goes down that's it. We'll go to clear skies into the overnight hours and there could be patchy fog but eventually we get to this tomorrow with plenty of sunshine, low humidity and it's shaping up to be a nice day and today it's muggy. We're on the humid side of the front and the dry weather pushing in as we start to talk about over the next couple of days. As you look on the visible sa sat imagery and the clouds are closing in with thunderstorms. There will be hints of sunshine and scattered showers and thunderstorms about and local heavy downpours possible and muggy 82 to 86 degrees. Tonight fairly overcast and clearing, 62 to 68 degrees and tomorrow's looking beautiful. Less humid, 86 degrees, a beautiful august day and by tuesday humidity-free but by tuesday night we get humidity back in here setting up for a possible round of showers and thunderstorms wednesday. Remember brent lillibridge. He's the guy the white sox threw in the youkilis trade and the red sox acquired him and a couple weeks later they traded him to cleveland for a minor leaguer. Last night brent lillibridge was a man-man wrecking crew for the indians over the red sox. This is what he did early on. Home run, his first of year and adrian gonzalez with bases loaded will give the red sox the lead and around to score comes ellsbury and crawford and pedroia thinks he can score and cannot and be the two hits for lillibridge. Ellsbury thinks he can get a triple and thinks he can get score and with a bad throw he's out. Here's lillibridge again and gets to third base and then a squeeze play and the indians win. Only highlight is this catch by jacoby ellsbury. 5-2 the final. Red sox have 47 games left and they play again and 1:05. Jim: The u.S. Women won another gold medal. Final score 86-50 the last loss for the u.S. In this event was 1992 the americans have 142 medals 15 for the than china and russia in third place. Mary: It's been called the silent handicapped. Uncontrol excessive sweating for millions interferes with daily living and relationships as well and a new treatment is finally offering hope and relief to sufferers. You can get out of shower and you're just sweating as you get dressed. Reporter: Her hyperhidrosis has plagued her since she was a kid. More than a sweating problem it's a diagnosable medical condition where sufferers sweat four to five times what's normal. They are reluctant to leave the house and only wear certain types of clothing and have a hard time keeping relationships. Reporter: At the end of her rope doctors suggest she try miradry. A chance for a cure without having to go under the knife. Results are in some cases miraculous. Reporter: After mapping out the treatment zones doctors end ject a local in aesthetic and it delivers low energy microwaves and targeting and shrinking sweat glands for good. 95% of patients will start sweating like a normal person. Reporter:45% of the population has been diagnosed. That's 12.5 million people in the united states. One in five americans are say they're so bothered by sweat that would get treatment if they thought it was available. Anyone c can get it done. Reporter: Side effects are gone by a few weeks. It makes a difference in your life. Reporter: The average cost is between $1500 and $2,000. Jim: A check of the top stories coming up. Mary: Including logan airport put on alert and the emergency landing that has

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