Roundtable I: State of the Race

George Will, Gwen Ifill, Austan Goolsbee, Nicolle Wallace and Andrew Sullivan
3:00 | 10/28/12

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Transcript for Roundtable I: State of the Race
wage, but he voted to raise his own pay 8 times. Congressman bass doesn't get it at all. I think annie really cares about what happens to the people of new hampshire. I'm annie kuster, and I approved this message. Randy: Good morning. The eyeopener now and if you're just getting up and wondering about sandy and what we'll be experiencing in new england this is a sample. This is north carolina kill devil hills where the storm is almost 300 miles offshore. They're getting quite the pounding surf there. We'll be getting into some of the effects later tonight. Bianca: We do want to tell you already there's been one schoolancellation. Lynn public school is cancelled. J.C., Over to you with the latest track. Meteorologist: And yes, sandy's 260 miles or so off the north carolina shoreline but tropical storm winds can extend further and we're close to 700 miles away. We're not into the windfield yet but into tomorrow morning the winds will start to approach. It's moving very slowly to the northeast at 10 miles per hour and the track has been consistent for days making landfall in new jersey and taking on extra tropical characteristics allowing the windfield to expand and rainfall, it's hugging the coastline. Go out in time, by midnight it will start to bring the heaviest bands along the mid-atlantic and we'll start to see showers pick up tomorrow morning during t commute and heavier bands of rain coming in and heavier monday afternoon and continues to push to the north and the rain continues long after the severity of the storm reaches it's peak. We'll still have bands of rain into wednesday morning. Windfield expands in yellow. This is up to 40 mile per hour wind speeds and this is up to 60 in the orange. It gets towards us by monday evening along the south coast and the strong winds will continue into tuesday as well but again getting weaker during the time. As you take a look at some of these, by monday night we have very strong easterly fetch around the time of high tide along the eastcoast. Strong winds continue but not as strong into tuesday. Could have close to hurricane-force wind gusts monday at 3:30 in the afternoon. From the noon high tide through the midnight high tide we're looking at strong winds, 8:00 p.M. To 8:00 a.M., High tides along the south coast seeing strong winds and in terms of rainfall that's less of a concern but away from the coast you'll have the heavier rain bands, one to three-plus inches possible and more details coming up and now over to david. Meteorologist: Coastal impact with the waves and wind. Let's check out the graphics. This is a powerful storm. The damage will be from the prolonged period of sustained winds for a long period of time and then you get the near hurricane force gusts could topple trees and you can see power outages. The warning is all day tomorrow to tuesday morning. East facing coast lines. Here's a good news-bad news situation. The peak surge happens during the low tide that's a bonus of good news. Monday we have the possibility of noon of getting moderate flooding from chatham to nantucket for the east-facing coastline. Monday midnight high tide less of an impact because the winds start to relax a bit and tomorrow morning has a storm surge and tomorrow evening 8:00 to 8:30 to see a three-foot surge. Here's the high tide between 11:00 and 12:00 and towards midnight tomorrow evening. Only exception along the south coast and j.C., Today's going to be fairly quiet. Meteorologist: We have reports of sprinkles and cloud cover and they'll stay much of the week. Rain so the south and bands not coming in until tomorrow morning at least steady rain. TEMPERATURES IN THE 50s. This is where we stay all day today. Don't look for a big change in temperatures but there's time to continue to prepare for this storm which again will reach its peak from noon tomorrow through tuesday morning. We'll be seeing the worse of this storm. We'll see the high wind and rain but it's the prolonged wind that will create the biggest impact. We need to keep on top of this. Randy: Thank you. 18 after 9:00. Commitment 2012 the storm is impacting the presidential race. A critical time for it to be happening now. President obama cancelling stops in virginia and colorado and michelle obama cancelled an appearance at the university of new hampshire because of the storm. A new poll out has president obama holding on to a slim nationwide lead. So slim the pollsters are calling it a statistical tie. According to the reuters poll, the president is ahead by only two percentage points, 47 to 45%. Bianca: We want to check top stories happening. Randy: Boston police are vf investigating a shooting in east It was triggered by a fight. The victim suffered nonlife-threatening injuries. Bianca: And the daughter of florida senator marcio rubio recovering after an accident with a golf cart in miami. The little girl has a concussion but is expected to be okay. Her father campaigning with mitt romney when he heard of he accident and left to be with her. Randy: Two cars plunged off a parking garage in los angeles. The driver of a lincoln town car thought he was in reverse and hit the gas, the car went forward. Both that car and a car parked nearby went crash over a 20-foot high barrierding in an apartment courtyard. No one was hurt and people inside the cars suffered minor injuries. Bianca: Patriots and rams set to face off across the pond. Kickoff 1:00 p.M. Our time at wimbly stadium in london. Vince wilfork is probable for today's game. We're watching sandy. That's the big story. People changing their plans. Randy: Kids may be

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{"id":17582409,"title":"Roundtable I: State of the Race ","duration":"3:00","description":"George Will, Gwen Ifill, Austan Goolsbee, Nicolle Wallace and Andrew Sullivan","url":"/ThisWeek/video/roundtable-state-race-17582409","section":"ThisWeek","mediaType":"default"}