Roundtable: Super Failure

Sam Donaldson, Cokie Roberts, Michael Gerson and Jonathan Karl.
11:05 | 11/27/11

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Transcript for Roundtable: Super Failure
We turn right now to our roundtable joining me today a pair of this week classics ABC's Sam Donaldson and Cokie Roberts. And win them Michael Gerson of the Washington Post and senior political correspondent welcome back Jonathan -- so you just heard what senator to -- just said. Is there any hope that this is actually going to move forward that's safe for instance on the the payroll tax -- the unemployment. -- -- If they don't extend payroll tax cuts and unemployment insurance. It's going to be a real hit in terms of economic growth. And so I think that they probably are likely to figure out something there although of course it contributes to the deficit. But but every economist -- saying if you do that if you don't if you don't let people have. Extra money and their paychecks which is what suspending the payroll tax does. That -- they won't they will tighten up and stop spending and that will be a terrible problem said. Centers to be talked about hoping that there would be some sort of bipartisan movement no no no he had been so little has Janet's whistling past out of national graveyards and think that this congress next year in an election here was the only. We didn't make a deal. We're bad boys and girls we will now make a deal and put this country in the fiscal. Have to make sense not a chance. I agree with -- -- -- probably do payroll tax and they've got to extend unemployment insurance over two million people. We'll be thrown -- to what sort of situation. And the reason why there's no chance Sam is because they have to do this now with the old rules the super committee -- -- on the fast track and -- with a simple majority. Now suddenly after the same thing but this time Christiane have to do it with sixty votes in the senate to get this should that make this bold not happens and -- -- and -- -- -- -- -- saying we can work of moderate Democrat Alan Arnold not there's two -- forget that the I'm. Think anything and look at name names and on the open -- that yeah. I know I. Foot put them -- -- duck session they're gonna face you know after the election -- -- -- face the expiring expiration of the bush tax cuts which hops on December 31. These automatic defense cuts which happened on December 31 and -- debt ceiling is going to be need to -- be raised again at the end of next year and not something you'll have to. Happened that my consent of both your perspectives from inside the White House obvious it has been from the opposite side of criticism of President Obama. They say that he didn't come bring -- you know leadership together and get a deal done -- -- Michael Bloomberg has been sent in his Mitt Romney did this just put up. What Mitt Romney's and as he would he said. -- -- anticipated that the president of the United States. We respect every day and many nights working with the members of the super committee is trying to find a way to bridge the -- but instead he's been out doing other things campaign. Blaming him. Trial. This is my -- excusable. From the suspected of the administration. It's a serious point the budget process that was designed in 1974 was designed for presidential leadership the congress reacts to the president's priorities. You look at past budget deals with the Reagan or bush won or or Clinton -- These were active president you -- to have -- energetic executive to get a budget deal. And we've really -- -- power outage here present that alternates between. Indifference and being out of the country. The country to be paralyzed dealing with aren't going to bring back -- he was not engaged in the process of most Democrats on the hill would would tell you that it. While you accurately accurately describe what's happened in the past when budget deals were made between -- president and another party in hill. This was different. This committee was set up by congress and expressly you won't find it legislation all of -- said we want the president of bought out we're gonna take this. Don't have him come down here and cutting. Let's look at. It might -- go to acknowledge that Romney's imperfect messenger here I mean Romney avoided taking any position on the debt ceiling itself. Until right before the vote he offered no plan -- -- -- -- It's -- in 1992 when George Bush did. Engage with his with the congress out of Andrews Air Force Base and made a deal where he had to break his read my lips no new taxes pledge. He got defeated and -- got to feel. Well our president is calculating that he wants to run against the do nothing congress and that he's gonna help them do nothing. But I'm not sure that does not look good I can do nothing in the -- is holding. Reciprocated as a suspect -- -- Reagan had to raise taxes yet now you've got to lean times -- yeah but the Grover Norquist pledge. No new taxes no raising taxes on that any account. Yes. Send to me and others did move a little -- on revenue is not a major shift or is that. But what I understand that -- -- and revenue by saying okay here's about 300 billion dollars from the rays one way or the other if you make. Most the bush tax cut as a permanent and so the gap would be about seven or 800 billion in their faith do thank you for nothing. Do you think it leaves open a -- and maybe might as well hold the woods on who he -- it an Angel opened for any sort of movement on this issue even often. The election anything can happen because -- depends on who wins the election. Both in terms of the presidency and in terms of congress this we could have a very funny -- next -- Where a Republican wins the presidency and the senate and the Democrats retake -- -- anything that doc and I think. I'm army specialist company be undone by the practice and -- -- -- them. So -- reality here is that the defense talks are curious and the biggest Republican allies in opposing those cuts is the current secretary of defense who would who works for Obama. You know if we can it implement these cuts the US -- will be the smallest since the beginning of World War I. US army will be the smallest since World War II that these are serious arguments Republicans won't like it. But just think of that when they made to be on the force and the president -- August and now they say well we were wrong team we have -- do this and people who do -- for us he's mad that there's just put up what Leon Panetta did actually say about the cousins -- -- he said it would terrorists seem in the nation's defenses. -- to a hollow force incapable of sustaining the missions it is a sign. And he added our troops deserve better. And on nation deserves -- -- one -- you know not only is -- secretary of defense but I think even more meaningful for him to say those words is that these and former. Budget director and so he was -- but he was the guy with the knife. And and for him to say that -- I don't mind his own he is well known for -- senate affect strongly -- something. Switch to presidential politics. Were you surprised on about the endorsement for Newt Gingrich by the union leader. You know it. It certainly looks like Romney had a very good chance again and endorse it -- a -- it. It it is there's no question about especially because the union leader doesn't just endorse they endorse every day and enable hammer this point home. As the editor once said we endorse every damn door what day we endorsed Reagan in 1975 and we endorsing him everyday -- So that they will they will hammer Romney. And and support Gingrich right up until that primary is is Newt Gingrich is -- final non Romney anti Romney candidate even -- this -- in this. You have to admit that the union leader has a mixed record currently endorsed Pierre DuPont they can rest. -- -- pat pat pat pat but. This is an indication that there's a significant portion of the Republican Party that doesn't want Mitt Romney that's been true since the very beginning. About a third of the party and in Iowa and South Carolina has fallen to -- candidate is currently on top who's not -- Mitt Romney that's serious challenges and couldn't. I'm wearing a pink insane assistant united serious question we've -- known -- a long time since he came here in 1978. And he is Smart as they com he's one of the greatest strategists have ever -- he's he's so interest. But he's undisciplined. And it's very difficult to say sustain a presidential campaign if -- -- on display -- Bill Clinton did it. But it is not an easy. Options -- thought about five people including Donald. That was a moment of sanity in that last debate when Newt Gingrich said the obvious with kids and all those people back. Well I think. We can't do it I think those -- questions for governor Romney and Michelle Bachmann. Well if you don't. Like its plan. You want to send them all back and if you do what is your plan to send them back local humane approach you grilled Rick Perry is it going to come up and bite. Newt Gingrich and -- I think a lot of other things -- -- Rick Perry other than Lana things that I with copious and he has five ideas today. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- One two of them are okay and one is terrible but doesn't know the -- An immigration thing the person is gonna. Because if he has been not only all over the lot on it. But. Explanation hasn't he and that's -- but the truth is is that that -- a losing proposition. In the long run for Republicans you know. You cannot have a majority party made up of white males there only 25%. Of the population white males over thirty. And that that's not a majority make. I do think that this is it indicates the state on immigration indicates. Gingrich's lack of discipline because there's no argument political argument -- -- also indicates a certain seriousness and you know that this is now familiar Republican Party the scandal of sanity. I'm definitely Republicans say something obviously true and then they have to retract it doesn't register -- -- -- -- -- shows that that Gingrich unplugged can actually be quite admirable as well -- as on this. 97 deal 1997. In which President Clinton and the Republicans made the -- move this forward from the standpoint of three years in which it was a total surplus mass myself. Security that's all right. -- -- part of that went after Republicans decide well he's not only better immigration but he would actually raise taxes under the deal that would releasing commitment. Immigration let's be -- Gingrich goes quite a bit further than -- Rick Perry and Rick Perry's things on the narrow question of whether or not resident illegals could get in state tuition. We're just talking about me and called amnesty but it's allowing people here illegally to be her legal in -- less than a minute left if the Iowa caucus was held today it's -- -- be genuine thing. Who would witness I don't know sorry -- Today ever try to be -- Gingrich but I would not be at all surprised if Rick Santorum wins the Iowa caucus. I think that -- Romney will come in second and it'll be good for -- because he is expectations -- quite like. Well I think that the other candidates have proven to the -- -- young's question. -- -- I'll take your -- on Rick Santorum. But. You know look Romney is -- corrective coming in second will be a victory for him. And you'll soon be deducted Allston. I -- nothing but I thank you for coming in on Thanksgiving of the Illinois great holiday.

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