Roundtable I: This Week in Politics

George Will, Jonathan Karl, Ann Coulter, Van Jones, Steven Rattner.
3:00 | 08/05/12

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Transcript for Roundtable I: This Week in Politics
Mike: We've been talk being with the breeze and this is the wind turbine generating energy and with the breeze picking up we'll have nice electric making and a nice tailwind for the riders. Over the next five days very humid conditions today and a chance of an afternoon thunderstorm a slight chance and most after midnight and tomorrow after morning showers we clear way and less humid tuesday and wednesday and thursday we heat things up with more humidity and it means a chance for afternoon thunderstorms. Tuesday and wednesday are look being like the pick of the week. Jim lokay has been out side at the resting point for the pan-mass riders. Lots of remarkable people riding this event. Jim: We have lots of stories of inspiration and one story is a father who found long lost letters from his son. Here's anthony everett. Josh la rosa was just 16. It comes out of the blue. When he was diagnosed with mesothelioma a rare cancer no one knew why. You don't know what it is, you google it and it tells you an expectancy of two years from diagnosis. It hit hard for us a josh took it in spried. Reporter: After a year at dana farber it stopped working. He said it's done. He told me have you to keep breathing dad. He knew what was going to happen to him and he wanted to make sure that when he passed that myself and robin and his sisters kept living. Reporter: From the depth of their grief he started riding on his mountain bike. He enjoyed riding it and it seemed to fit. Reporter: Scott didn't know how much riding his son's bike fit until the poems arrived. His eighth grade teacher sent these. What it was like after they arrived. It was excit exciting but sad. Riding my red and black bike five miles to my grandmother's house and being on my bike was freedom. Reporter: Poems josh wrote in junior high revealing a new part of him to his family. It's his handwriting. It's like a message. Yep, a little message in the grave there. He would have wanted us to Reporter: Anthony everett, newscenter 5. Jim: You know when you talk about the amount of money the pmc has raised through the years almost $375 million that's what will hit the goal if they reach the $36 million expected this year and you see families enjoying the ride and ed harding was here with his daughter kaitlyn. Lots of people deriving inspiration to make this amazing event happen. Emily: And even more poignant for 300 of those are cancer survivors themselves and so inspiring and a great event. Jim: You'll hear from a survivor coming up. He was motivated uniquely and not only family members and his friends had a special motivation. Stay tuned. Emily: Good tease. Back to you in a minutes, thanks. Caught on camera. Still ahead this morning, a convenience store owner fights off robbers. The key clue he wrestled away from them and the man who caught gabrielle gifford may be changing the plea. The deal in the works that could put him behind bars for life. At 9:26 look over the city of boston this morning. Sun is shining. It looks great. 82 degrees though hot and humid 3q outof removal. Only Resolve all-stainshas two formula chambers, to remove alltypes of stains. Using Shout or Oxiclean? That's justplaying the odds. Don't chanceit, Resolve it. See a Resolvedifference or it's free. Emily: Right now on the eyeopener the convenience store robbery caught on camera and the key piece of evidence grabbed during he hold-up. The apartment building the target of a prostitution bust and the other places they think the operation did business. Jim: As you enjoy the last cup of coffee think of the hundreds raising millions for cancer research as part of pan-mass challenge. The eyeopener starts right now. Emily: Good morning everyone. 9:30 on sunday. I'm emily riemer with mike wankum in the studios. Jim lokay is live in bourne where thousands of cyclists are riding in the pan-mass chal pe -- challenge. Jim: The sun went way and looks like it's starting to breakthrough the clouds and the wind's picking up. Mike, we keep mentioning the tailwinds could help the guys out out there. Mike: You talked to ed harding 5:30 and he should be finishing up about now. Emily: He's pretty good. Mike: No, he's got a ways to go. Emily: He's going appreciate you said that. Mike: He's on the road right now he can't hear me. Temperatures will be warm inland. TEMPERATURES ARE IN THE 70s. THEY'LL PROBABLY STAY LOW 80s Where inland temperatures will be flirting with the 90 degree mark and we have a southerly breeze blowing cool air and we're starting to see a line forming to the west. It wants to move to the western part of the state this afternoon and we may see scattered thundershowers and tonight we may have a rumble of thunder and because there's potential for heavier downpours a floor flood watch in effect 2:00 this afternoon it tomorrow morning. Look for a thunderstorm fot west and mostly cloudy this evening and after 11:00 a chance for thunderstorms and talk more about and the tracking coming you. A convenience store owner confronts robbers. The lawrence man wrestles a key clue. This happened wednesday night and police want your help to identify the thieves. Kimberly bookman shows us how the store owner fought them off. Reporter: This is the metal rod he keeps by the cash register. He used it for the first time wednesday night when a robber jumped over his four and a half foot counter. He take out the gun and attacked me. Reporter: It was 9:20 p.M. Before closing time and two men rang the bell and let pin these are customers of ours. They come in every other day or so. Reporter: This time they didn't want cigarettes or candy but of cash. The surveillance cameras captured one thief propping own the door for the easy escape and the owner grabs the hand, yanks away the gun and wrestles him to the ground. Despite holding one intruder at bay the other steals. They stole from my hand. Reporter: He takes out the metal rod and took some swings. He's brave. Reporter: Police want people to see the surveillance video because one suspect has no disguise and they're hoping someone can identify him but warn people shouldn't take serious matters into their own hands. In this case it was a bebe gun. Reporter: Moral of the story, don't mess with your dad? Pretty much, yeah. Reporter: They have recovered the bebe gun and hope the video could lead to an arrest. In lawrence, kimberly bookman, newscenter 5. Emily: The credit for a rape arrest has going to a 911 call good sm samaritan in lowell. When police got to the scene last late night they removed a man from an suv and after an investigation placed him under arrest. Francisco lopez rustrin of lynn is due in court tomorrow. Investigators continue to look for the cause of a house fire in worcester. Nearly two dozen people are now homeless. The fire started at the three-story structure on irving street early saturday morning. Everyone got out safely. Two residents were burned out of their home for the second time in four years and this fire in gosstown where lightning struck a building and there's nothing left. It's where more than 150 kids came to practice little league with batting changes. It's all volunteer and they have their heart and soul in it and I hope something good will come out of it some how or another. Emily: Park officials aren't sure what they'll do next. Now to portsmouth, new hampshire where police break up an alleged prostitution ring. Brook heard was arrested and police want to find two more suspects. Jim parra of maine and alexander moreno of new hampshire. It centers around an apartment on sagamore avenue. They were seeing unusual activity at unusual hours. People coming and going and taxi cabs showing up. It's not an in and out complex where people stay for a year and move out Emily: Investigators believe the prostitution ring may involve a website and extend to manchester and portland, maine. A new attempt to tag and track sharks off cape cod. The vessel osiarc will provide a direct satellite linkup giving tracking locations. The ship's owner hopes to clear up bad publicity and wants to show people how vital sharks are to the eco system. Hundreds of cyclists are finishing up the 33rd annual pan-mass challenge and all raised goes to the dana farber institute's jimmy fund. This is the third leg of of the journey and an emotional journey. Jim: They may be doing it on their behalf or friends or co-workers or family. This was the halfway point as they made their way to provincetown and people had a good time doing it. . Everyone here becomes a family and it's a tradition. Jim: Side by side with total strangers but by the end of the weekend they share a common bond. My step-father passed away a year ago june. It's an emotional ride last year and this year too. My na na, papa, my dad. My father passed away four years ago and I'm a cancer survive myself. It's pete conlin's first pmc. A couple pints and friendly chatter hand it was it. Reporter: Others are hoping mother nature cooperates. My legs are strong but my stomach's queasy. I drank lots of water to keep my core cool. Jim: They had a bit of a party last night. The tents where many stayed are in the process of taking them down and keith there again, we mentioned a fun way of persuading him to do it, a few pints was all it took. It was his first and when he completes it he'll think about it this year but it's probably a no-brainer and will probably do it again Emily: It was that easy we'll have to work on that. We'll see you soon. New insight into mystery surrounding jesse jackson jr. And what his wife is saying with the health care battle he's fighting. A new deal in the works that can put away the man who shot former congress woman gabrielle gifford. The red sox unravel at fenway. The painful loss and hit that Emily: It's a big weekend. Day two of the pan-mass challenge underway and so many cyclists have stories of inspiration and hope. Jim lokay live in bourne this morning and you've already talked to so many people, jim, such an inspiration. Jim: There's also stories of what could have been dire circumstances but families getting through together. That's the case of a father and daughter they were both diagnosed with cancer within weeks of each other and here's ed harding on how they're giving back and thanks to dana farber. I was shocked to begin with but I was pissed. It wasn't supposed to happen. Reporter: One day after her 21st birthday doctors discovered a mass in her chest the size of a grapefruit and it was cancerous. All these flash go through like I want to be a mom some day and be married. You wish you could take it on yourself. Little did I know I would. Reporter: Just six weeks later, sara's dad, john, diagnosed with cancer too. It was a nightmare come true. It's a roller coaster ride the whole way. You're forced to split yourself into two and carry on two fights. Reporter: Father and daughter enduring months of chemo and radiation. There are down days why you get on the internet and look up survival statistics and you wonder. Reporter: They walk the pan mass bridge. It wasn't until my second to last chemotherapy treatment i walked over the bridge and stopped and started looking at the pictures and I said to my wife I'm going ride that. Reporter: Which is exactly what he did the very next year pedaling the 168-mile route with his daughter and sara cheering him on both finally in remission. I continued to volunteer and I was like why am I not riding it with him. We fought cancer together and now giving back together. Reporter: This is their fifth and they'll ride the 190 miles with a new purpose, her daughter fiona. I don't want there to be cancer when she's 21 years old. I want it to be something of the past. Reporter: We should point out it's never too late to donate. If you'd like to help us out get more information on wcvb.Com. It will be interesting once we get to the finish line how today stacked up to yesterday. Vivian on twitter said her sister was riding and was the hot ever pan-mass she can remember and now the winds kick up maybe it will make a difference. Emily: Still hot and humid. Mike: But cooler over the cape. They did have the worse of it yesterday and if you have a bed sheet pull it up and it will pull to you p town. Temperatures are warming up, UPPER 70s, LOW 80s. The humidity is so high. Look over the cape. We've actually had fog banks over nantucket keep getting the VISIBILITY REDUCED AND MID-70s Over the cape and warming into THE LOW 80s ALONG THIS Afternoon. We have the skies which are a mix of hazy sunshine, occasionally the clouds come through and then break a bit. That's what's going to be going on most of the afternoon. However we're watching the areas of showers to the west and it's head heading quickly this way and the better chance is when this comes through after midnight tonight. Let me give you a break down on the futurecast. We have a line of storms and we may have heavy downpours and lightning at 3:00 this afternoon we have it going on and it we could have scattered thunderstorms around 5:00 or so most of us again will not see anything out of it but one or two will get pretty good downpours. By 8:00 we start to see more

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