Roundtable I: This Week in Politics

Nicolle Wallace, Melody Barnes, Ann Coulter, Jorge Ramos and Robert Reich.
3:00 | 09/23/12

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Transcript for Roundtable I: This Week in Politics
61 degrees and sun is shining. Enjoy the day. David: Had some nice fall-like weather on the dor step the next couple of days. We're back to sunshine right now. We still have clouds over parts of the cape down towards the island and clearing skies for most of us and look at halifax, 68 degrees and 63 downtown boston but on the other side of the front through the midwest even the southern states beginning to cool off. It's cooler in memphis, tennessee than boston. 59 degrees and 45 in chicago. The cool lobe of air wrapping on the backside of an air of low pressure will get here tonight and today looks nice. LOW TO MID-60s. 63 with clearing skies in taunton. As you plan your day today we're in the middle of a nice mild stretch of weather. 69 through worcester county and temps running two to three degrees above average. Jim: Strikes and cars both sharing boston's narrow streets. Emily: And sever crash involving cyclists have renewed called for respecting each other. Reporter: The biking community still mourning last month's death of 41-year-old alexander motsggo and now two more fating crashes in boston. It's unusual to have so many crashes so close together but in any given year there are approximately ten fatal crashes in massachusetts. Reporter: Boston ems said there'd been 451 bicycle related incidents this year. Most of us don't really know what the rules of the road are. We asked dave watson of mass bike to show us. He put a camera on his handle bars showing what it's like to ride in cambridge. It's seen 150% increase in bike ridership since 2002. We're allowed to be there and more of us are on the road and people need to respect us to be there. Reporter: Most motorists don't realize a cyclist can ride in the lane of traffic. Most believe cyclists are not allowed to be in the lane. State law allows cyclists to use the lane just like a vehicle. Reporter: If a driver pass the bike there should be three feet of clearance. The law requires motorists to wait until there's a safe opportunity to pass a bicyclist. Reporter: Thai all they're allowed to pass on the right and you could get busted. We write tickets for red light violations, stop lights and same rules for motorists and bicyclists. Have you to stop for pedestrians. Reporter: Did you know state law requires for you to look before opening a car door. If you don't and a bike hits the door you could face a fine. All the top locations are all busy intersections. They need to be aware. Look for blinkers or a sign the car is turn to keep yourself safe. People need to slow down and view each other as human beings and not cars and bikes. Reporter: In cambridge, kelley tuthill, newscenter 5. Jim: On the way this morning a youth baseball coach allegedly takes a rivalry too far. Emily: He's accused of stalking a family. Reporter: And the guys behind the life is good t-shirts trying to make life better for kids. 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And last tuesday, you stubbed your toe chasing after your cat, tiny... Which is a funny name cause he's huge. I miss anything? She's good! Good banking is knowing you, and how sensiblehome lending can help. Emily: Now on the eyeopener, the candidates for senate battling it out in boston. The heated fight for your vote in the neck and neck race. Jim: A deadly crash at a new hampshire parking lot. The mistake a driver made that led to a man's death. Emily: And the fallout of the state drug lab scandal. The number of defendants already set free. Jim:9:30 sunday morning. Hope yourening joy the end of your weekend. I'm jim lokay. Emily: I'm emily riemer with meteorologist david brown. David: Last night when he rain and already cleared out. Near perfect. Temperatures settling back. WORCESTER UPPER 50s TO NEAR 60. Hold on to fairly mild air, 64 degrees from marshfield to plymouth and temperatures in the 60s AND NEARING 70s OVER THE Islands. Holding on to clouds over the cape and in and around the south shore and high pressure's building in going to kind us dry and cool. As you plan your day ahead bright sunshine across many neighborhoods. TEMPERATURES MID TO UPPER 60s TO 70s. Temperatures all afternoon long IN THE 70s AND ONCE IT SETS AT 6:39. We'll cool off rapidly falling BACK TO THE 60s LATE NIGHT. It's going to be cold. We'll talk about that coming up.Battleground boston the first debate behind them and elizabeth warren and scott brown are taking their push to the people and it's about winning over undecided voters. Jim: They're taking aim on the city. Amalia barreda has more. Reporter: With former boston mayor ray flynn making the introductions scott brown shook a few hands at castle left hand before sitting down for a hotdog lunch and then went on the usual attack of hisopponent's claim on native american hea heritage. He was hired to make sure there was no more liability with the insurance company. I know what I did. I tried to help people get another half billion dollars of compensation and went to united states supreme court to protect the trust to seem could get compensation. It was important and I'd do it agn. In woman fights for us. Reporter: Warren defend herself after a spirited wel well-attended office. And both candidates were asked about the endorsement of tom menino won by warren. I'm a realist I understand what's happening in massachusetts. It's a democratic state. The talked about why he was endorsing me and we have shared values. Reporter: The polls continuing to indicate a neck and neck race it will get more intense. Three remaining debates are a chance for one of the candidates to surge forward. Emily: The race for the white house in full swing with just six week left to election day. Vice president joe biden hit the granite state friday and spoke to members of the teamsters union and though president obama won new hampshire four years ago the november election is expected to be very close and both tickets have been putting significant time into the state. Paul ryan stumped for votes in the battleground state of florida yesterday. He took the stage at a campaign event in o orlando. Earlier in the day he was at a rally in miami. President obama and vp joe biden are planning a similar tour. Jim: We now know eleven defendants facing charges are out of jail. All the defendants were waiting for trials on charges of selling cocaine, heroin or other drugs and evidence in the case was the state chemist accused of altering test result and mishandling evidence. The charges were not dropped and defense attorneys said it's likely they can be convicted based on evidence that could be tainted. A man was hit by a driver. Robert young was walking into a store when he was hit by a large suv. The vehicle pinned him up against the ice machine. The driver was a mother collecting boxes from boy scouts selling popcorn a few feet away. She went to apply the brakes and failed to hit the brake and hit the gas which caused the vehicle to back into the deceased. Jim: The rockingham district attorney's is investigating. Emily: Police are trying to track down stolen property with rings, necklaces, earrings and watches. They were recovered after the arrest of a burglary suspect that broke into a worcester square apartment. Now authorities believe the jewelry was swiped from another robbery. Anyone with information is being asked to call boston police. More than a thousand massachusetts janitors vote to authorize a strike if they're contract expires without a new one in place it runs out SEPTEMBER 30th. The seiu local 16 union represents janitors in new england has been negotiating unsuccessfully with cleaning companies for about a month. The janitors that work in many prominent boston buildings are seeking increased hours and health benefits. New details on the the consule attack and the move glen doherty made to save others. 30,000 people enjoying great music and food while raising a million dollars. The people who will warren's ads? like jobs, she's being dishonest about who I am and what I stand for. Don't be fooled by elizabeth warren's negative attacks. Like a lot of you, I came from nothing. I'm on your side. Fighting for the middle class. An independent voice you can count on. To create a stronger economy, and more jobs for all of us. @ I'm the same scott brown I've always been, and I approve this message because I'm nobody's senator but yours. think today. There's birth control you don't have to think about taking every day or even every year. I'm painting my arms. I want another child, but not for a while. It's Mirena, a small intrauterine contraceptive that's over 99% effective at preventing pregnancy for as long as you want, for up to five years. Then again, I'm not sure I want to wait. Don't use Mirena if you have a pelvic infection, get infections easily or have certain cancers. Less than 1% of users get a serious infection called pelvic inflammatory disease. If you have persistent pelvic or stomach pain, or if Mirena comes out, tell your healthcare provider. If it comes out, use back-up birth control. Mirena may attach to or go through the uterine wall and cause other problems. Although uncommon, pregnancy while using Mirena can be life threatening and may result in loss of pregnancy or fertility. Ovarian cysts may occur, but usually disappear. Bleeding and spotting may increase in the first few months and continue to be irregular. Periods over time may become shorter, lighter, or even stop. Mirena does not protect against HIV or STDs. Oh, I can wait a little longer. Ask about Mirena. When you have time. Did you know ? If you choose Mirena to prevent pregnancy, it's also approved to treat heavy periods. Emily: To the world's largest beer festival now officially open in germany. Of course this is octoberfest in munich. The first kegs were tapped yesterday at the start of the 179th a annual event and there's plenty of music and food and excitement and barrels of beer served by the leader. More than six million guests from around the world are expected this year. Emily: Life is good this weekend in canton. Day two of the annual music festival gets underway later today. Jim: Big names with dave math use and sara brolin yesterday and raises funds for kids in need. Emily: Kimberly bookman takes us there. Reporter: Life is in deed good here. On the first fall weekend, 30,000 people are playing, dancing, eating, all while raising one million dollars. We're talking about kids that face poverty and illnesses like cancer. Reporter: If he looks familiar he's the co-founder of the life is good t-shirts. T-shirts is what we're known for but it's just a vehicle for the important message. Reporter: Bringing in big time bands, attracting music goers and families. The for-profit business is giving the shirt off his backs. Everthing will go to support 3800 playmakers otherwise known as teachers, coaches and social workers. The support can come in the form of training and resources. Reporter: This is one of the teachers that will directly benefit. It teaches us techniques in the class and help kids open up. Reporter: The children here learning at a young age about helping others. Good vibes can save lives. Reporter: You can see the good vibes sign and sunday will be dave mathews. The festivities going on all day. Emily: Thanks to your generosity the shelves at the greater boston food bank will be fuller. Viewers turned out in full force with donations in hand during the stuff a truck on friday at the stop n shop people donated food and at the dedham location almost 6,000 pounds of food. It will provide meals for thousands of low-income families. Thank you so much. We have generous viewers. David: And there are more if you didn't get to donate friday, head over and give them a box of cereal. For us, sunshine's here. We love that. Looks like a good day. A little on the breezy side. Winds from the northwest and the winds helping clear us out and dry us up. The anemometer and the wind sock blowing northwest. A crystal clear sky high above. If you have clouds as you may from the cape to the island you'll see clearing skies and sunny and mild and breezy side and cool system. A shot of cold air gets here late night tonight and colors beginning to splash across the sky or the landscape. Across extreme northern new england 30 to 50% across northern maine. We wind our way through the next several days the color starts to creep in and around central new england and by mid october in many neighborhoods. We need cold nights to get the maples glowing. And in vermont and around columbus day and this is the time of year you can do apple picking. Get out there asap. The crop is good and delicious. In the afternoon temperatures in THE 70s AND IN A FEW MINUTES Harvey leonard in cambridge at the walk to end alzheimers walk at canal park in cambridge. Registration's already underway

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{"id":17301706,"title":"Roundtable I: This Week in Politics","duration":"3:00","description":"Nicolle Wallace, Melody Barnes, Ann Coulter, Jorge Ramos and Robert Reich.","url":"/ThisWeek/video/roundtable-week-politics-17301706","section":"ThisWeek","mediaType":"default"}