Ruddy: Trump should 'rethink' attacks on Senate Majority Leader McConnell

The Powerhouse Roundtable debates the week in politics on "This Week."
16:27 | 08/27/17

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Transcript for Ruddy: Trump should 'rethink' attacks on Senate Majority Leader McConnell
Multiple reports of deaths down in T Kelly Ann: A beautiful morning out there. This afternoon, we are seeing temperatures crossing into the 70's and making it a perfect afternoon to head out to Fenway park. We are taking on the Orioles. The wind will be gusty at times. Heading into tomorrow, light jacket needed for kids headed back to school. That includes schools in revere and booster. In the afternoon, sunny and mild. That continues right into Tuesday. Low humidity with highs in the low to mid 70's. Rhondella: Great weather for outdoor sports or indoor games. Gamers listen up, now is your time to potentially go down in Nintendo history. Doug: If there is such a thing. Registration is open for the Nintendo world championships 2017. Eight cities are holding qualifying matches leading up to the finals October 7 in New York City. You have two age groups. You have the 12 and younger and 13 and older. You have until September 10 to join the competition. It is the story of the last couple of days and continuing. Tropical storm Harvey continuing to deluge parts of Texas. Rhondella: Severe flooding expected as the heavy rain falls. Hear from the passengers who arrived in Boston getting out just before the storm hit. Doug: Also a series of Navy ship collisions prompting new concerns. The new training recommendations this morning. Rhondella: We give you a look outside from city cam. The city of Boston looking nice. 71 degrees. It will warm up a little bit, bu can't search hundreds of haircuts to find the best one. No. (Vo) But it can search hundreds of travel sites to find the best flight, hotel, or rental car. Eeh? Oh, you look great... Yeah, I knew it. (Vo) Compare hundreds of travel sites at once. Kayak. Search One and Done. Kelly Ann: A rising death toll in Texas as more life-threatening flooding looms. The lasting impact as the storm swirls. Plus the outlook for the end of your weekend here in the bay state. Rhondella: Protest, after a white house pardon. The backlash over the sheriff Joe arpaio decision, and how president trump is defending the move. Doug: Dolphins rescued. The quick save after seven became stranded off the cape. And their condition this morning. On the eye. Good Sunday morning. It's August 27. I'm Doug Meehan. Rhondella: I'm rhondella Richardson. Kelly Ann: Temperatures are starting to climb. After a chilly start. We can't complain when we talk about what they are seeing down in Texas. Here's a look. Tropical storm Harvey still packing a very strong punch. This continues to impact southeast Texas through today and into the next couple of days. That is likely going to linger into the work week. This would be tropical storm Irma as it makes its way up the coast. Great blue skies. Temperature is Boston in the upper 70's. Water temperatures down into the mid-60's. It's going to be a little chilly out there. Temperatures topping out near 70's. Rhondella: We are getting a new look this morning at some of the damage done by Harvey so far. Doug: Aerials from a drone showing the damage in rockport Texas where one person is reported dead. So far, two deaths are being blamed on the system. You can seen widespread flooding, mobile homes overturned and buildings destroyed. Rhondella: On the ground, this is tornado damage from Missouri city, Texas. Several buildings at this shopping center sustained damage from the storm. Broken glass and debris littering the ground. Doug: And this is new video in overnight showing the flooding in Houston. Flood waters rapidly rising this morning many people now stranded with no way out. Emotions were high for one woman who survived the storm. I have never seen such devastation. I was very scared I would die that way. Doug: Deborah Carter was in rockport at the height of the storm. Rockport, as we've said is one of the areas hardest hit by Harvey when it made landfall at a category 4 hurricane. Rhondella: Right now, flooding stranding hundreds of people in areas across the coast. Houston police rescuing people overnight from an apartment building. The group loaded into humvees and transferred to local shelters. A harrowing warning this morning the national weather service asking people stuck in their homes to go to the roof and not to hang up with 911 until there is an answer. Some gulf coast residents are watching Harvey's fury, while safely here in new England. The eyeopener's David bienick spoke with passengers arriving at Logan airport, from Texas. It was scary. Harvey was already starting to hit. Flights were being canceled. It was raining like crazy. Lightning. Nobody was playing specifically from the storm. All had been planning to travel. I left my kids. We moved a lot of our stuff out of the garage. Hoping for the best. At least a half-dozen disaster relief workers. They don't know if the homes are safe or not. They had water up to the windows. At Logan the challenge will be keeping it far from their thoughts as well. I'm going to enjoy my trip. Whatever happens happens. Doug: The storm expected to stick around for days. Our coverage of Harvey will continue on air online and on mobile. Check in wherever you are, and you can get the latest on the storm and the damage left behind anytime. Rhondella: An investigation is underway right now after a four-year-old boy died in falmouth. Doug: Rescue crews were called to the cape cod camp resort off Thomas landers road on yesterday afternoon for an unresponsive child. Firefighters say bystanders saw the little boy in a pool on the property and jumped in to pull him out of the water. They immediately started cpr until rescue crews arrived at the scene and took over. Doug: State and local police are now investigating. Rhondella: Chelsea police are investigating after a man was shot. Police tell the globe the shooting happened around 11 last night on Carter street. The victim was taken to Massachusetts general hospital for treatment. His injuries are not considered life-threatening. Doug: Julian Edelman is out for the season after tearing the acl in his right knee. Edelman went down Friday night in Detroit from a non-contact injury. The injury has a a minimum six months of recovery time. Rhondella: Right now, a two-alarm fire at a residential building in Lynn is under investigation. Firefighters say that a sprinkler system kept the blaze at 77 green street in check, and fire crews managed to put it out. The deputy fire chief says it appears the fire started in the basement, but it's too early to tell. No injuries were reported. Doug: Police in haverhill are investigating a shooting on Nichols street. Officers swarming the area late yesterday afternoon. A police surveillance truck brought to the scene. Reports of three people wounded. No word yet on the seriousness of the injuries, or if any arrests have been made. The U.S. Military is changing its evaluation of North Korea's latest missile test. Officials now say that two north Korean missiles did not fail in the air. They do believe a third missile blew up during the launch. Initial reports said all 3 missiles had failed. The test Friday came during the U.S. And South Korea's military drills which the north has condemned in the past rhondella: New action a week after the deadly collision involving the uss John S McCain. The Navy's top officer has ordered ships around the world to stop and re-train, re-learn and focus on proper procedures as well as safety precautions. 10 American sailors aboard the ship are presumed dead. President trump continues to face fallout for his pardon of Arizona sheriff Joe arpaio. The 85-year-old was convicted of criminal contempt for ignoring a judge's order to stop using racial profiling to detain Latinos. He hadn't even been sentenced yet. The pardon receiving criticism from both sides of the aisle. Rhondella: In a statement, the white house praised arpaio's admirable service to the nation and said he is a worthy candidate for a presidential pardon. Doug: And next at 11, Boston globe cartoonist Dan Wasserman goes on the record. His creative criticism of the president after the charlottesville tragedy. Otr is at 11 right after the eyeopener here on WCVB newscenter 5. Rhondella: Similar to what we saw last weekend in Boston, counter protestors driving out a right-wing group in San Francisco. Counter protestors largely out numbering those attending the patriot prayer event. The event organizer would go on to cancel the rally citing inadequate security measures. Doug: Celebrating the accomplishments of women, women's equality day. It celebrates the passage of the 19th amendment, that granted women the right to vote. There were lots of celebratory posts on social media yesterday, including this one from the Boston police department. They tweeted out this picture with the message, BPD is especially proud of and grateful to the women who protect & serve one of the greatest cities in America. Rhondella: The trial of a former coast guard officer accused of killing a fellow officer begins tomorrow. Adrian Loya is accused of killing Lisa trubnikova in 2015. He allegedly assaulting her wife and a responding Bourne police officer. His lawyer will argue that his client suffers from mental illness that prevented him from realizing what he was doing was wrong. Prosecutors say Loya drove to Bourne from Virginia to kill his colleague who he met while stationed in Alaska. Doug: A sobriety checkpoint in Seabrook New Hampshire leads to several arrests. Eight Massachusetts residents were among a dozen people arrested on drunk driving charges Friday. According to the globe, more than 270 vehicles were stopped. Those arrested will be in court on September 14. Right now, a crash in Manchester, New Hampshire is under investigation. Police say the driver was going at least 90 miles per hour. This was the scene last night on 2-93 south near xix 4. A car rolled@over and landed along a highway barrier. The driver and passenger were able to climb out on their own. Rhondella: An unforgettable rescue in provincetown. A team rescued six dolphins yesterday stranded at herring cove beach. The international fund for animal welfare says a seventh dolphin didn't make it. Some of them were treated for bad sunburns after being stranded on the beach. The rescue group expects the dolphins to make a full recovery. New trouble for Honda. Doug: The mysterious problems with clocks in some older models. Plus, a temporary pot shop ban? Why Bridgewater is the latest community to mull over a delay. Rhondella: Floyd Mayweather remains undefeated. The stunning win last night. The his reaction this morning. Kelly Ann: Clear and sunny today. The changes I'm tracking for I used to think news is news. It's all the same.

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