Sen. Dem: For legislation to end gun violence, put 'far right, far left rhetoric aside'

ABC News' George Stephanopoulos goes one-on-one with Sen. Doug Jones, D-Ala., to discuss the state of the Democratic Party.
6:53 | 04/01/18

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Transcript for Sen. Dem: For legislation to end gun violence, put 'far right, far left rhetoric aside'
We're gonna talk out of one of the Democrats is already won a seat in the deep as the red states senator Doug Jones of Alabama senator Jones thank you for joining us. This morning happy Easter to you that you do you did succeed back in December in that special election what is your message for the Democrats as they approach he's matier. When George first well thanks for having me this morning and are really appreciated and happy Easter to you and and all the folks out and and you're viewing audience. I think the message that I had and not race and I think Connell lamb had his race I think governor Northrop had. In Virginia as that you get to talk directly to people. I you'd have to talk about issues that mean very much to them on a daily basis and it's not just talking have to listen I think that has been one of the biggest problems. That the Democrats have had over the years is that there's a perception that we just don't hear that we do the things that we want to do. We don't hear we don't listen and I think that combination. Of having those dialogues that we talked about so much and campaign. Rather than just monologues is very important going forward in the 28 to does that also mean it not just opposing president truck but finding places where Democrats can work with them. Oh I don't think there's any question about it you know George last night. I was at a play in a lady came out to me afterwards we were leaving and she said I didn't vote for you voted for the Republican but I want to tell everyone. They need to work together that's a message for Republicans and Democrats she's made a point of saying that to me and I think that there's a lot of that out there. Not just in Alabama but from across the country people wanted to maybe see the chaos I heard the round table talking about that with the president's election. But at the end of the day they want to see people working together and to get things done that's the only way we can progress. See only way we can get some some serious minded legislation going to Cox. You see a pretty deep division in the Democratic Party now playing at a primary so all across. The country you know for one a better word between someone establishment. More moderate Democrats and in those from the progressive wing of the party has some Democrats say. May have energy in a primary but don't have what it takes to win in the general election. Well I think that there's some truth to that we have seems some divisions but you know there's always been divisions in the Republican Party with the Democratic Party. I think the challenge for Democrats is to make sure. That we have those open primaries that we week contest those primaries the way anybody with passion wants to do it but at the end of today we rally ran out. Because we've got a common goal on the common goals of people of this country. The people in our respective districts and states don't think the challenges as we go forward. We're going to be trying to challenge and every zip code and every state I think Tom Perez's. I will vote our program is really going to. Did have some major impact around here. But the fact of the matter is at the end of those primaries. We've got to make sure that we sitting on and we start rallying around together. To make sure those issues are taken straight to the November election you also had a message for Democrats is vacant floor of the senate. On guns let's listen. Can't simply demonize the NRA. And pro gun groups. All I know that these rich sometimes take what many including me consider extreme positions. They also represent millions of law abiding gun owner. Who are concerned their right to bear arms are. Yes this. Is so what's your message senator to those Parkland students everywhere we saw march last week in Washington and around the country seeking. They say that's simply the NRA is had a stranglehold. On the senate on the house and they prevented even those comments has managed to Kaiser you were just mentioning. Well I think there is such as some truth to that I think this entry in the senate through in the house but the fact of the matter is if we want to do something we've got to put those. That kind of rhetoric aside. I supported those kids for their I had one of them in the audience you know in the gallery watching that speech that I just met earlier that morning. And I support that but the fact of the matter wrist in order to legislate in order to do things can get things done. You've got to put some of of the far right the far left rhetoric aside. And the fact is that the NRA does represent a lot of millions Americans who were concerned about an infringement on their second amendment's. At the same time those Parkland students and the other millions of of kids around the country. Also represent a point of view that we have to do something. Not just about school safety but about gun violence in trying to stem the tide of gun deaths in this country so what does that mean right now. What we took a step up I think George in the budget. The other day we had the stakes knicks program we also cleared up the fact that the CDC can start in you know kind of doing some investigation in studies about gun violence those are small steps but they're important steps. I think we can look and find that common ground we can find we can do more all background checks. I still like to see the age limit for pistols which is been 21 for many years. In expanded to include all semiautomatic weapons. We can have those kind of dialogue and I think the background checks closing the boyfriend loophole those are things that ought to be bipartisan issues that I think that the bond large them. Vast majority of Americans support your colleague senator Mark Warner Virginia's have come Randy the deal with to try again on the assault weapons ban can go that far. I'm not sure I can go that far just yet go George we've got to get. Done what I think can be done right now let's richly reach across and with general party to do those things that we can do. And net debt to me is where I want to focus our really don't believe that a gun ban. Is feasible right Neil. And I think you've been there are things can be done. That we need to look at and I think outlined most of those in my speech on the floor last week like teaching away in a couple these Cavendish is facing president trump. Right now starting with his nominee for the VA doctor Ronnie Jackson do you have questions about his nomination is he someone you could support. Well I think you've got questions only because of that the lack of experience but I think as you. They talked about in the roundtable there's a lot about him that is not known and and I think that the job of the White House an analyst put all the information out there. He'll go through a full vetting I don't think anyone should say one way or another right now because he has such an unknown whether you'll support him. We're not support and I think that once we get in the background checks in the hearings think all that'll come out and we'll see we'll given the benefit of the doubt because he has a presidential nominee. We'll see how that shakes out how about Scott Trudy EPA does he have to go out. I think he's in real trouble I think that there is a the perception is not good at all. The fact that he has then had to controversy would expenses which I think is one of the things that. People are just frustrated with a win. Cabinet members who seem to want to use taxpayer dollars. To fund a like their own personal lifestyle. And now on top of this that. The you know not just of the fifty dollars but the fact that it was going to energy company lobbyist that's it just looks so bad and I think. It seems it that he may be on his way out. OK Jason Jones thanks for much for time this morning.

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{"duration":"6:53","description":"ABC News' George Stephanopoulos goes one-on-one with Sen. Doug Jones, D-Ala., to discuss the state of the Democratic Party.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/ThisWeek","id":"54158527","title":"Sen. Dem: For legislation to end gun violence, put 'far right, far left rhetoric aside'","url":"/ThisWeek/video/sen-dem-legislation-end-gun-violence-54158527"}