Sen. Mitch McConnell Declines to Say if Trump is Qualified to be President

The Senate Majority Leader is interviewed on "This Week."
7:55 | 06/26/16

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Transcript for Sen. Mitch McConnell Declines to Say if Trump is Qualified to be President
thousands of nurses will be heading to work tomorrow morning. The new deals that put the brake on a potentially historic strike. And the unexpected challenges that made it difficult for firefighters. We are wrapping up with some sunshine that am tracking some mug year air. The challenges facing after crashing a construction area. Good morning, this is newscenter 5 eyeopener. It is Sunday, June 26 and almost 80 degrees. I think we will get there before the sea breeze kicks off today. 75 in plymouth. More than one spot but you get a wind that is slightly coming in. Expect the beaches to be a little bit cooler. Some very-cloud cover overhead. Area of low pressure south of Nova Scotia. Giving us a slow-moving soaking rain. We will talk about the timing of the rain and the air to come. Raking overnight a nurses strike averted. The two sides reaching a deal after a marathon negotiation session. They fought over wages, benefits, and patient safety issue. Nurses threaten to hold a one-day strike if the negotiation was not reached. The tentative agreement still needs to be ratified by the nurse membership. Investigators are searching for evidence after a warehouse fire. Sean chaya bought is live with the danger inside the building that made it so difficult. Suddenly I look out the window and I see black smoke coming out of nowhere. Am I he called 911, called his mom and dog, and warned his neighborhood just before six. He called 911 and I called all the neighbors. Firefighters suit evacuated dozens of neighbors the Hyde park masonry and landscape company. Witnesses say flames first appeared at the redemption portion of the building, burning plastic bottles mixed with fertilizer in the landscaping business and a toxic myth's of thick lack smoke. It was probably carbon monoxide. Landscaping inside, we are going to put any members out of harms way. Because firefighters cannot get inside for several hours, it did take hours for that fire to eventually settle down. We are told teedo firefighters were injured. To view cbv newscenter 5. A plea for help to solve the murder of a Cambridge father. He leaves behind a wife and two children. Neighbors say when they heard that shot they heard a woman screaming. We are pursuing all the information we have. We believe there may have been other folks who are out and may have seen something else outside. Investigators say clay was targeted and this was not a random killing. A legend is facing drunk driving charges and police say he was involved in a construction zone crash Friday night. Fortunately nobody was hurt. New information concerning Austins must is tedious public high school. Superintendent Tony Chang plans to name an interim headmaster headmaster for Boston Latin this week before the search for a new leader begins. Headmaster Lynne Mooney tea and assistant headmaster Malcolm Flynn resigned amid questions of how they handled racially charged incidents at the school. Boston mayor Marty Walsh says he'll continue to support the high standards of Boston Latin. The mayor releasing a statement saying in part, I will never take steps that diminish that level of excellence, or put it at risk. Frank: Boston strong lending support to

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{"id":40139986,"title":"Sen. Mitch McConnell Declines to Say if Trump is Qualified to be President","duration":"7:55","description":"The Senate Majority Leader is interviewed on \"This Week.\"","url":"/ThisWeek/video/sen-mitch-mcconnell-declines-trump-qualified-president-40139986","section":"ThisWeek","mediaType":"default"}