Sen. Ted Cruz: 'I'm a U.S. Citizen'

The Texas senator discusses his presidential eligibility.
0:25 | 07/21/13

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Transcript for Sen. Ted Cruz: 'I'm a U.S. Citizen'
You born in Canada could you. Even eligible -- president since my mother was born in Wilmington Delaware she is -- US citizens on a US citizen by birth if the burglars were Wright Obama situation would have been the same as yours. A -- a mom an American citizen. Born in a foreign country I'm not gonna engage in the legal debate the facts are clear I can tell you where I was born and who let parents where. And then as a legal matter other others worry about that.

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{"id":19727321,"title":"Sen. Ted Cruz: 'I'm a U.S. Citizen'","duration":"0:25","description":"The Texas senator discusses his presidential eligibility.","url":"/ThisWeek/video/sen-ted-cruz-im-us-citizen-19727321","section":"ThisWeek","mediaType":"default"}