Top Senate Democrat on Trump: 'Why is he so chummy with Vladimir Putin?'

Sen. Dick Durbin, the minority whip in the Senate, is interviewed on "This Week" about the ongoing government shutdown and new reports on President Trump and Russia.
7:01 | 01/13/19

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Transcript for Top Senate Democrat on Trump: 'Why is he so chummy with Vladimir Putin?'
You know the last year's been filled with first and now we have another one the longest government shut down ever now entering its fourth week with no sign yet. That official Washington is ready to end it lawmakers left town Friday the president's tweeting from the White House that the two sides aren't even talking about talking. The big question now we'll public pressure forced either side to ban. Our brand new poll of the Washington Post shows that right now a majority of Americans 53%. Pin the blame on president trump and Republicans in congress just 29% blame the Democrats. But support for the border wall is climbing. Last year Americans oppose the wall like 29 points the margin now just twelve points. And wallets shut down a starting to cause serious stress for those federal workers missing paychecks the vast majority of Americans 82%. Say the stalemate in Washington has an inconvenience them at all. And last that changes don't expect compromise soon. The swimmer to hear from two legislators have been in the road for those negotiations starting the number two Democrat in the senate Dick divert Durbin senator reverend thanks for joining us this morning. I do want to get hurt I do want you to the shut them but first those news stories from the New York Times and Washington Post. That the FBI was so concerns that the New York Times about presents dealings with Russia that they opened up a counterintelligence investigation while he's in the Oval Office. And the post report detailing how the president has concealed his private conversations. With platter of food we now know that. All the relevant house chairman say they're gonna investigate these stories think it's worthy of investigation what's gonna happen in the senate. And you believe it's possible the president trump has been compromised by Russia. The US senate is controlled by Republicans we found in the last two years they were unwilling to hold. Investigative hearings the only exception of my dad was a crime subcommittee of judiciary. Which was chaired by Lindsey Graham. Lindsay has now descended into the position of chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee it's within his power to hold these investigations and ensure. And what about the idea that president trump might be compromised by the Russians. You know there's so many questions raised why is he so chummy with Vladimir Putin. This man who is. Former KGB agent. Never been a friend of the United States invaded our allies threatens us around the world. And tries a stimulus to undermine our elections why has this president trumps best buddy. I don't get it and when he takes the interpreter she notes and wants to destroy them so no wouldn't concede what was said and written transcript. Get our raises serious questions about the relationship between this President Putin. You also sit on the Senate Judiciary Committee and opened the confirmation hearings this week for the president's nominee for attorney general William Barr. Of course if confirmed mr. Barr will oversee. The Russian investigation what do you need to know. About how he's gonna oversee that investigation and can you support him. Well the most interesting part of this Georges the number one question on everyone's mind. Well Bob Mueller be allowed to complete this investigation without political interference from the attorney general or president. And wolf the results would be made public so America can see for itself. Exactly what happened. Real serious questions arise because bill Barr volunteered information in the past volunteered. Basically saying the president shouldn't be subjected to this kind of investigation. And I'll just tell you that's the first line of questioning you can expect from most of the people on pale do you think you can oversee the investigation and a fair way. Well I'm worried about it community it clearly he's a good lawyer no question. But when it comes to this delicate political situation the power of the presidency whether this investigation is worded. Bill Moore had better give us America iron clad room. Rock bottom assurances in terms of his independence. And his willingness to step back and what mower commission's job. Let's talk what the shut down the president says it's all on you now all on the dirt Democrats attacking a compromise you prepared to make any new offers. I can tell you this church back in 1984. Senator Mitch McConnell is running for election in Kentucky and sent out a Bloodhound looking for the democratic senator. It's time to send out the Kentucky Bloodhound and look for Mitch McConnell. This week. Their senate Republicans the centrist who were trying to find some solution was shut down by the White House. It's time for those centrists to speak up and their own Republican senate caucus and to tell Mitch McConnell the party's over we want this to end there's no excuse for the shutdown. The Republican controlled senate and a handful of senators. We'll make that decision so could you support is some kind of an overall go compromise would include more funding. For the wall and say in return for protections for dreamers. It let me tell you George you remember a few years ago we had comprehensive immigration reform. We sat down Democrats and Republicans work for six months with John McCain and Chuck Schumer and others in the room. We came up with a package that dramatically invested in border security Democrats believe and border security we do not believe in government shut down since a threat. To innocent federal workers and has tool for the president to use over and over again to pressure congress put an end to the shut down and put everything on the table. We are willing to talk about more border security when we're talking about doctors and dreamers. And coming up with the border security plan that makes sense not some median wall but if you for border security then why not they make some moves now you know one of things the White House says the president those meetings. Has except in specific proposals for the Democrats including one from you on detection technology at the border. Well of course and we offered one point three billion but to start four border security. But the president's numbers have been wildly different 25000000011. Billion. Mike Pence two weeks ago offered his two and a half billion dollars within an hour the president said no I won't take that it's going to be five point seven billion or nothing. We asked him how are you gonna spend it. Well we've we can't give the details on this isn't a national emergency oh of course it is how soon could this wall of yours be built. Two years that's a national emergency. Come on let's get down to business or open up this government tomorrow the president can do it. And one phone call from Mitch McConnell didn't start one way the president can do it is to declare a national alert to see is that the most likely way out. I don't know if it is a way out or not presidents have been very careful in using that. When George W. Bush faced 9/11. He asked us for a national emergency powers we gave it to him on a bipartisan basis united as a country to fight off terrorism. But at this presidents can turn to national emergencies every time he disagrees with congress I'm against it. Let's make sure the branches of government are bound by the same constitution how does a sad. I think any and so when the senate Republicans saying we've got enough. We're not gonna stand here and the blame for this we believe the government should be opened there should be timely negotiations on border security after the government is open. Wants a president realizes he's lost senate Republicans. We can roll up our sleeves opened the government get them to us senator Durbin thanks for much for time this morning. Thank you.

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{"duration":"7:01","description":"Sen. Dick Durbin, the minority whip in the Senate, is interviewed on \"This Week\" about the ongoing government shutdown and new reports on President Trump and Russia. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/ThisWeek","id":"60344528","title":"Top Senate Democrat on Trump: 'Why is he so chummy with Vladimir Putin?'","url":"/ThisWeek/video/senate-democratic-whip-dick-durbin-shutdown-negotiations-60344528"}