Stephanie Cutter and Kevin Madden Debate

Senior Obama and Romney campaign advisers on this week's political battles.
3:00 | 08/19/12

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Transcript for Stephanie Cutter and Kevin Madden Debate
right for you. Enroll now. Emily: Now on the eyeopener, a campaign push. President obama stops in new hampshire. What he's saying about his gop r rival. Jim: How you can honor the memory of johnny pesky. Mike: Some are seeing sunshine and some cloud cover but all may see showers with tomorrow's forecast. The eyeopener starts right now. Emily: And good morning everyone. 9:00 a.M. On sunday. I'm emily riemer. Jim: I'm jim lokay. In the midst of mike's forecast we're talking about a big event. Old ironside hitting the water. Emily: Powered on its own. You have trivia about the number of sails. Mike: They're going try to set four in '97 they set less. If the set the four under their own power first time since 1997. It will be a bit cloudy notice harbor. One deck of clouds has developed near the coast. It was staying offshore and backed in almost to 128. It will thin out over the next two hours and then we get another batch of clouds from the west. This is thin high-level stuff, lots of holes with it with us this afternoon and those to the north are going what cloud cover, it's crystal clear and sunny out and gorgeous. It depends where you're at how much sunshine you'll get and it is cool 63 in boston and now back to up 56 degrees in some areas. It was a cool almost fall-like feel to the morning. Here's where the thin cloud cover is coming from in the west and the rain is stuck clear down in virginia. Though you see cloud cover coming in don't get worried about rain it won't get here tomorrow until's forecast. By noon we have the high clouds and partly cloudy skies and towards evening more cloud cover and rain for tomorrow coming up. We will win new hampshire and this election. Jim: The president in new hampshire this weekend. A state considered a big battleground this time around and the won in 2008 and wants to repeat in november. Emily: He took a hard line on mitt romney's tax proposals and tried to inspire supporters. Liam martin with the details from new hampshire. Reporter: President obama returns to the state that helped him get here. The president won the granite state in 2008 and the polls showed him tied with mitt romney. The theme was economic security for the middle class. They believe the best way forward is to go back to the old top-down economic has it got us here in the first place. Reporter: Obama cited independent studies showing romney and ryan would raise taxes on the middle class. Not to reduce the deficit or grow jobs but to give another tax cuts on folks like him. Reporter: Not everyone was happy to see the spread. Romney supporters clustered near the high school saying the president hasn't done enough to fix the economy. I don't like what obama's for right now. Reporter: One issue those agree on is the campaigns should have to pay for their trips to these towns. Afterall, all the extra security can cost a lot. I think if you're going to travel around why do it on the taxpayer's dollar. Reporter: Liam martin, newscenter 5. Emily: Mitt romney gearing up for a big campaign blitz in new hampshire tomorrow and yesterday he was on the cape raising campaign cash. He went to a vip event followed by dinner in nantucket. Earlier in the day he appeared at a fund-raiser at martha's vineyard. Tickets cost up to $50,000. And paul ryan promised seniors medicare will be protected. During a visit to a senior community the republican spoke passionately in defense of the program and introduced his 78-year-old mother to voters to drive home the point medicare would be there. She paid her payroll taxes into the program when she had this promise with. That's a promise very to keep. Emily: Despite his support he wants younger generations to have alternatives to medicare. You can stay with newscenter 5 and wcvb.Com for complete commitment 2012 coverage. Log on to our website. Jim: Malden police are investigating the third shooting in a week. This one happened saturday afternoon in the parking lot of a parking alley of middlesex ave. And less than a while way another shooting near the ferry way elementary school around 2:30 yesterday morning. The 28-year-old victim taken to mass general with life-threatening injuries. Police don't believe that shooting was random and we now know the names of the two victims in andover. They were killed on friday. Sky5 over the scene along 125. State police say the eckel's car hit a pickup truck. Emily: A chance to say good-bye to a red sox legend a wake for johnny pesky in lynn from 2:00 to 8:00 p.M. A private funeral is scheduled for monday. He died last week at the age of 92. Jim: This morning an elected officials are pushing to have the sub fixed at the same sub yard where it was set on fire. The portsmouth naval shipyard has the staff and know-how to repair the submarine. Emily: Old ironside said set so sail under it's own power. It will be towed between castle and deer island. In its battle cannon balls bounced o bounced o bounced off the constitution giving it it's nickname. More than 500,000 visitors go there every year. Log on for more. We have suggestions for the best viewing spots and can't get there we'll be live streaming the sail starting at 11:30 this morning. We have a slide show on the ship's history. It is up and running right now. And take a look at this. The u.S. Postal service released this forever stamp of the ship yesterday. It's the first in a series marking the bicentennial of the war of 1812. Jim: Count the sails. Emily: How many? Jim: Maybe 30. Emily: Four today. Jim: Great day to see history in action. Emily: Still ahead this morning, flames shooting from a jetliner's engine forced the pilot to make an emergency landing. Jim: How long it took for the pilot to land safely and tainted fruit being blamed for two deaths and the possible source of the salmonella outbreak. Emily: And the mars rover getting to work on the red planet. The task it just finished and ]With wetjet, cleaning better,doesn't have to take longer. I'm done. I'm going to... Drink this... On the porch! ♪ Give mejust a little more time ♪ MOPS CAN BE A HASSLE, But swiffer wetjet's spraycleaner and absorbent pads can clean betterin half the time so you don't miss a thing. Swiffer. Better clean in half the time. Or your money back. And for dry messes big and small try swiffer sweeper vac. things FiOS. Blazing fast internet. The best tv picture quality. But you're still sitting on the fence. So they're making it as easy as possible. NOW, YOU CAN SWITCH TO FiOS WITHOUT AN ANNUAL Contract. They'll even set up your whole home and give you upgraded equipment, free for six months so call or go online today. This is way betterthan sitting on a fence. GET THE FiOS TRIPLE PLAY Now with no annual contract and get everything you needto set up your whole home RFREE FOR 6 MONTHS.rNOW'S THE BEST TIME TO SWITCH TO LIFE ON FiOS. Call the verizon centerfor customers with disabilities at 800-974-6006 tty/v. 3q meansback germs. That's why Lysol partnerswith schools to help teach healthy habits, habits you can reinforceby adding Lysol Wipes And No-Touch Hand Soap to your backto school list. Learn more Emily: A salmonella outbreak has spread to two states. Jim: Health officials are closing a source. They think it's cantaloupes from a farm in indiana. Reporter: Authorities are zeroing in on an indiana farm as the source of a deadly outbreak of salmonella. The unnamed farm has withdrawn it's product and will not ship cantaloupes the rest of the season. The cdc is warning consumers to discard cantaloupes from southwest indiana and wal-mart will voluntarily pull all cantaloupes from that region from store shelves. Already two people have died and 140 more are sick. The outbreak began in july and spread to 20 states with cases popping up from coast to coast. This outbreak comes almost a year after cantaloupe from colorado tainted with listeria killed 30 people in eleven states. One of the deadliest food-born outbreaks. It's an outbreak that shouldn't happen. Jim: The cdc says washing the fruit isn't enough to look at the label. If it was grown outside of southwest indiana it's okay but if it was seal it in a plastic bag and throw it away but when end doubt always throw it out. Emily: So 9:12 you probably have your cup of coffee wondering whether you will head out. Mike: There are showers offshore that will thin out in the next hour and a half. Emily: There's a window. Mike: A window of opportunity but on radar nothing is being picked up. It's all cloud cover. It's so thin and so close to the surface it's hard to pick up. We've warmed up nicely. This is the thin overcast we're talking about. The cloud cover tried to work its way to 128 and falls apart and on the western part you're seeing thin clouds work in and temperatures to the west were CHILLY AND NOW UP TO THE 50s AND Around the cape we're seeing cloud cover and temperatures in THE 70s. There's a deck trying to work in and notice the hole and thin clouds from the west. We'll call today fading sunshine but the cloud cover and the thin stuff you'll see the sunshine through it and have holes in it all the time. We can still call it a mostly sunny to partly sunny day and thin clouds from the west. The main event is out to the west. That's where the rain is. That's why we don't have to worry about showers. The showers that develop will probably develop tomorrow afternoon over nantucket and we'll have to wait until tomorrow night before showers move across our area. The rain is long gone. This is what's happening tomorrow. A low pressure system south of the city and south of nantucket. What it will do is try to throw rain northward. I'm not looking for a big heavy rain just scattered showers and tuesday we'll get behind it and skies will clear at nicely across the area. As we look at the futurecast, tomorrow morning 10:00 a.M. Partly cloudy and there's some rain you saw south of nantucket and later in the afternoon you see showers developing total west. So our forecast then for the rest of day, morning clouds will fade-away and go to partly sunny thin overcast skies. 74 to 80 degrees forhe high. Tonight under partly cloudy skies cool and lingers showers before it clears off midweek and TEMPERATURES IN THE 80s. Snag feels more like summer. Jim and emily. Emily:9:15 and a look at your top stories. Jim: A trans atlantic flight makes a landing shortly after taking off. They saw flames shooting out of the engines as it lifted from newark airport to berlin germany and it burned off fuel before landing safely in new jersey. They have not announced an official cause. Emily: A dispute over the final resting place of unidentified 911 victims. A group wants to block from giving them the names and want to poll the families to get support for an above ground tomb. The current plan puts the remains underground. Jim:9:16. A lawsuit to stop the relicensing of a nuclear plant. The plant's owner is attempting to relicense the plant until 2050. Pedro, punto and a bit of gonzo were the pr primo maestros

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{"id":17037110,"title":"Stephanie Cutter and Kevin Madden Debate ","duration":"3:00","description":"Senior Obama and Romney campaign advisers on this week's political battles.","url":"/ThisWeek/video/stephanie-cutter-kevin-madden-debate-17037110","section":"ThisWeek","mediaType":"default"}