Stephanie Cutter on 'This Week'

The Obama deputy campaign manager on the state of presidential race.
3:00 | 10/28/12

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Transcript for Stephanie Cutter on 'This Week'
You can see this race remains a dead heat with -- Ronnie holding onto the tiniest of leads up one point over Obama among likely voters. We have two new polls out this morning from those all important battlegrounds first Virginia. Where the -- -- -- present Obama clinging to a four point lead that's up from eight points in mid September. And what may be the most consequential staying up all Ohio more signs momentum for Mitt Romney. The latest -- from a consortium of how newspapers paper shows the race all tied up. 49 to 49. And -- let's hear from the campaign's former house speaker Newt Gingrich for governor Ronnie. Deputy campaign manager Stephanie Cutter for President Obama and Stephanie let me begin with -- -- and that whole out of Ohio. It shows governor -- coming on very strong in that state that matter so much it looks like a real threat to your firewall. Well George you know that's one poll there have been several polls out this week one including that set us -- five an Ohio we feel pretty good about where we are on the ground there. In many cases -- beating Mitt Romney three to one in the early vote are people are turning out their turning out very high numbers we feel good about Ohio we think we're gonna win. And no lets -- dig into that ABC news Washington Post poll as well Stephanie age shows governor Ronnie really making headway. On the economy and who offers a clear plan. On the economy back in July pres Obama had a sixteen point lead. On that measure today it's -- we know the pres Obama's focus on that value disturbing plans all across the country but did you wait too long. -- absolutely not I mean. You know it's interesting that -- pointing out your national tracker poll but in the Virginia -- you just -- we are beating Mitt Romney when it comes to. Who do you trust to get the economy going who do you trust. For the next four years in terms of the president's plans were happy to talk about them the president laid them out at the convention we ran a two minute -- -- it. We've been campaigning across across the country. On this plan you know whether it's putting the best trained workers in place all over this country. 100000 math and science teachers bring jobs back to this country -- and sending them overseas or doing some nation building -- -- homer ending two wars using that savings to do. Some nation building here at home these are big plans that and the president. They got them out at the convention. And it's -- it's what you know a second term of an Obama presidency would mean to -- does stand -- -- and sharp contrast to Mitt Romney's plans which essentially just boils down to a five -- dollar tax but he can't pay for so how do you explain -- get as close so much. -- we can look at these polls a million different ways they all say something different at the end of the day what we are focused on is getting the president out across this country. Meeting as many voters as possible. But also implementing that ground game that we've invested so heavily on our people are coming out Ohio Florida the first day of early voting in Florida yesterday. Record numbers of people are coming out to about something like we've never ever seen. And that's a sign that it's a sign that there is momentum behind the president's reelection there's -- energy on the ground for a little over a week out and we're confident. We're also seeing a raft of newspaper endorsements come out overnight on the weekend. -- President Obama -- getting the endorsement of the New York Times several newspapers. You know -- the big surprises this morning to Moines register hasn't endorsed a Democrat since I have Republican since 1972 Richard Nixon. They endorse Mitt Romney saying he offers a fresh economic vision how to read a part. That endorsement right here says Barack Obama rocketed to the presidency from relative obscurity with the theme of hope and change. A different reality has marked his presidency. His record on the economy the past four years does not suggest he would lead in the direction the nation must go in the next four years how much -- dessert. Well you know and that they endorse Mitt Romney in the primary. So this is not much of a surprise it was a little surprising to read that editorial because it didn't seem to be based at all in reality. Not just in the president's record but in Mitt Romney's record. It says that he reach across the -- which -- doing the exact opposite its exact opposite of what he did at Massachusetts. And of course over the course of running for -- present -- over the last six years he's never once stood up to. The far extreme right wing I would just this past week we side when he went -- -- -- four. Richard Murdoch who had you know it's a now famous comment that it's God's will the woman gets pregnant through rape. He's not willing to stand up when it matters so the fact that he's gonna bring people together and work across the -- is just nonsense. And in terms of newspaper endorsements. You know we feel pretty good but -- -- this morning's bring that the Miami Herald the Pittsburgh post gazette. The New York Times. The -- at Minneapolis star Tribune the Toledo blade the Youngstown indicator I could go on we feel good there is momentum there is. Movement out there with people wanting a second term of of an Obama presidency we feel good about where we are finally. -- let's get to the impact of hurricanes and even party -- present Obama canceled trips to Virginia and Colorado. You all -- invested so much in the ground game to get out the vote how much -- the hurricane. Hinder your efforts there. Well we have to we have to see how it goes you know of course were all. Hoping that the hurricane doesn't have huge consequences for people safety. We've taken every precaution that we possibly can the president took down a couple of stops at that he could be at the White House to monitor the situation of course. He's you know given every resource. He can't the state state and local partners to ensure that people are safe. So we we just have to see how this goes and of course we're all hoping for the best and for for people safety.

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{"id":17582347,"title":"Stephanie Cutter on 'This Week'","duration":"3:00","description":"The Obama deputy campaign manager on the state of presidential race.","url":"/ThisWeek/video/stephanie-cutter-week-17582347","section":"ThisWeek","mediaType":"default"}