'Sunday Spotlight': Rob Lowe on 'Killing Kennedy'

Rob Lowe talks with George Stephanopoulos about playing the role of JFK in "Killing Kennedy."
3:00 | 11/03/13

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Transcript for 'Sunday Spotlight': Rob Lowe on 'Killing Kennedy'
Look at the meet you come here -- and in the northeast we do with the midwest and that. In the west. -- Tell me in the morning bringing -- to Christian. Don't say -- Scene there from killing -- based on -- -- best selling look at stars Rob Lowe as JFK in our Sunday spotlight. Rob told us -- the role of a lifetime when he's been preparing to play for years. In a matter of days there was missiles will be operational we have to Abu -- bush. Topic -- job number you he's the most recognized face and voice arguably the history. And -- as an actor you have to service that that you don't have the look and if you don't have a voice you have anything. I am today announcing my candidacy. I am today. Announcing my candidacy. For the presidency of the United States so you do that and then you just begin. The real work making him a real human being one of the most fasting seems to me. He is during the Bay of Pigs crisis when he really reveals his insecurities. And I told them I was ready. And they trust me. That's why you fall in love with this character -- you really -- a man. Just like you and me just happens to be John F. Kennedy we all have stresses around our our our jobs for us his stresses just happened. To have the entire. World. Hanging in the balance especially in the middle Cuban missile crisis and today it's one of the tragedies. The Kennedy presidency is that. He was struck down. At the moment he seemed to be. Trying to his -- -- exactly. Both. Politically. And personally. I think there's a lot that speaks to. His relationship with Jackie being. -- on the rebound. And them really. Connecting with each other which she was I was found really moving about it. Killing Kennedy also takes on a lasting debate siding with the Warren commission's conclusion Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone are you convinced. I don't think we'll -- now have I've been back and forth is it true -- -- Charlie -- used to go back and forth and argue about whether notice and conspiracy. Not only did we argue about it that we actually. A couple of the leading authors. Com and speak to our little salon of France and you know Charlie has since taken -- to the level that. He also believes the moon as hollow. I am not really sure what that the significance of that would be. That you know I've -- -- -- -- -- ideas -- -- here's the list of believers in conspiracies here's a list of believers and an -- with. Vince Bugliosi Warren commission Kennedy family and said Charlie Sheen what was the biggest thing you learn. About John F. Kennedy. Throughout all this you realize that. Why he is held. In such reverence when you watch this white house press conferences -- -- a misdemeanor directed but I thought it sounded more like Teddy and it did neighborhood. Such style such -- -- such -- he was so. Asked -- he had the common touch. And yet he traveled the world that had every privilege. -- -- he was the unique original. That everybody from president Clinton's and Barack Obama or any of that the our leaders that we feel. Are great communicators Ronald Reagan. All of them come directly from from JFK. Killing Kennedy premieres November 10 and the Nat geo channel. And now some welcome news from Afghanistan this week the Pentagon did not announce any killings of service members. That's -- for us today thanks for sharing part of your Sunday with us check -- world news and -- here tonight and I'll see you tomorrow on --

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{"id":20770108,"title":"'Sunday Spotlight': Rob Lowe on 'Killing Kennedy'","duration":"3:00","description":"Rob Lowe talks with George Stephanopoulos about playing the role of JFK in \"Killing Kennedy.\"","url":"/ThisWeek/video/sunday-spotlight-rob-lowe-killing-kennedy-20770108","section":"ThisWeek","mediaType":"default"}