Super Tuesday Showdown

Will anyone derail Mitt Romney's path to the GOP nomination?
2:20 | 03/04/12

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Transcript for Super Tuesday Showdown
Good morning and welcome to this week. Super Tuesday showdown I came here through. Mitt Romney survived a scare in his home state. We didn't win by a -- -- -- won -- -- and that's -- -- -- But at what cost him a month ago they didn't -- are they do now. Super Tuesday success and secure the nomination. Pundits and the pollsters. They -- -- to count us -- Questions for our headliners the man is still hopes to play spoiler Newt Gingrich and Obama's top re election strategist David Axelrod. Plus she must be paid to have sex rush -- is time. McCain. And the way -- -- as senate centrist retires nobody's. Announce the -- jumping the gun. Sabers rattle on Iraq. All that -- the rest of the week's politics on our powerhouse roundtable. With George Will Donna Brazil Matthew Dowd Peggy Noonan Howard Dean Jeffrey Goldberg and Christiane -- for. Grumman. ABC news. This Week with George Stephanopoulos. It's your voice your vote. Reporting from ABC news election headquarters George Stephanopoulos. Good morning could we finally be seeing a winning streak coming up those two crucial wins in Michigan and Arizona. Mitt Romney won again last night in the Washington State caucuses. Ron Paul edged out Rick Santorum for second place in the delegate race -- has a commanding two to one lead now over Santorum. But the biggest prize yet comes in two days voters go to the polls in ten states for the Super Tuesday showdown. 437. Delegates at stake -- Mitt Romney win enough to finally pull away or -- one of his rivals up and the race again.

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{"id":15843703,"title":"Super Tuesday Showdown ","duration":"2:20","description":"Will anyone derail Mitt Romney's path to the GOP nomination?","url":"/ThisWeek/video/super-tuesday-showdown-15843703","section":"ThisWeek","mediaType":"default"}