This Week in Politics

The GOP field battles in Las Vegas, while Washington stalls on jobs.
3:19 | 10/23/11

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Transcript for This Week in Politics
Tuesday's Republican rumble in Vegas proved one thing Rick Perry didn't -- -- one mean punch but will the debate be a turning point in the campaign. In house special weekly feature Amman John call games out the stakes in this week in politics. Absolutely -- This was the week he's gotten nasty this decade are we learned that Mitt Romney can lose his cool as they -- -- -- -- again feel bad for you I'm just really -- -- Paper and that was the touch seen around the world. Romney's response to the charge that He hired illegal immigrants did more damage to his campaign the attack itself. We went of the company and we said look you can't have any illegals working and our property that's I'm running for office for -- -- -- can't have illegals. I'm running for office for Pete's -- I can't have illegals. She -- the Republicans bickered colonel Qaddafi became the latest bad guy to go down on president Obama's watch. The dark shadow of tyranny has been lifted Republicans have called him soft on terrorism. Candidate Hillary Clinton said He wasn't prepared for that 3 AM call this -- -- in the way. -- -- -- But under President Obama thug after -- met his -- on the jobs front though nothing doing. Just don't understand the whole thing -- -- So we're gonna break it up -- a bite sized piece. Sell the jobs bill He tried a presidential bus tour through the battleground states of Virginia and North Carolina John McCain didn't even like the boss. I've never seen an -- bus is traveling around Canadian bus touting American jobs but -- -- bosses remembered the straight talk express. That was made in candidate to even Michelle -- -- -- is Canadian. Surveillance -- made in America. President's own team didn't help. Watch this very clear. That private sector jobs have been doing just fine it's the public sector jobs where we've lost to -- numbers watched we just -- -- very clear. That private sector jobs and in doing just fine. Joseph Biden warned that murder and rape would go -- -- the bill didn't pass and then don't screw with me. Vice president tangled with a reporter from the conservative newspaper human events murder will continue to rise grateful continue to rise all crimes of continue to rise this scare tactics didn't work. His numbers were wrong and -- failed anyway the motion is not agreed. Two discs -- links trending up. Democratic cash. House Democrats raise nearly twice as much as house Republicans. Herman Cain still up in the polls but. Down debating himself on abortion and whether -- trade gitmo prisoners for American hostages. And enough -- already. That's an apple OK we'll replace in the box of -- I'll get. Then governor Perry was right that no He wasn't He was mixing apples and oranges. -- down her New Hampshire staff quits it doesn't even bother to teller about it. Perry up He proved He could throw a punch debates up more than twenty million -- washed them this fall. That's as many as will actually vote in all of the primaries combined. This week in politics I'm Jonathan Karl.

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{"id":14796402,"title":"This Week in Politics ","duration":"3:19","description":"The GOP field battles in Las Vegas, while Washington stalls on jobs.","url":"/ThisWeek/video/this-week-politics-14796402","section":"ThisWeek","mediaType":"default"}