Tim Pawlenty on Paul Ryan

The former Minnesota governor on Romney's vice president selection.
3:00 | 08/12/12

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Transcript for Tim Pawlenty on Paul Ryan
The blow inflicted by a local face and Jim: Welcome back. You usually don't think of boston as farm country but there are farm and they're growing food in the heart of the city. This could pay off. Reporter: It to be the nation's heartland or the growing farms out west but it's not. It's dorchester. We've been growing three seasons. Reporter: Growing a variety of fresh fruit and vegetable and supplying to local restaurants, hospital and schools and feeding local family. It goes out to programs feeding folks to the neighborhood which don't have access to the local healthy fresh produce. Reporter: Boston isn't usually considered farmland but according to a new report it could and should change. There are several thousands acres that can be converted into farms. Reporter: The conservation law foundation focussed on 50 acheers from roxbury to roslindale and said agriculture would be a boost to the area. We could be creating nutritious food for people who live here. Feeding children in our schools and children in our local hospitals and benefitting the environment. Taking carbon out of the atmosphere and improving air quality. Reporter: And converting just 50 acres of land would produce nearly 200 new jobs. I see potential everywhere Reporter: Mayor menino is all for it. It's sustainable and gives the opportunity for folks to have fresh fruits and vegetables and builds a strong community. People come together and network and under each other's problems. Reporter: And with drought conditions across the country. Food's going to get expensive. We want fresh and healthy food available in new england. Reporter: There are five working farms in the city of boston. They're trying to convince other official has it boston needs to do more to join the national trend of growing and buying locally. I'm susan wornick. Mary: Check this out. What do you think that is? Did you say fog? It's dust and it's a dust storm in phoenix and they were whipped up in a sweltering day, 110 it was yesterday. Dusty and sweltering in phoenix. Noomplaint here, please. I guess not. My son is working in las vegas and he's building a solar plant in the mojave desert and talked with the heat and dryness. Mary: He doesn't want to hear us complain either. Mike: He's trying to get the next plane back. Need an engineer? My son. Let's talk about the radar and i put the storm tracker south of fitchburg. You can see in the time line should be in west townsend in 21 minutes. It's producing downpours and we're seeing an area near nashua. It's a concentrated area. This is what we saw yesterday. You can have heavy downpours and drive ten miles. I would say keep your plans in place and keep in mind where you go if you get a downpour to pop up. See the line sitting through here. That's what we're talking about now and it continues to march ever slowly off to the east. Most activity is headed north but it's inching into 495 and eventually will be pushing into the area and see this area big hours ago and look at the trend winding down. There's activity off shore but a lot will just clip the outer cape and maybe nantucket and move out to sea and we're on the humid side of the front. The dry air's out more and causing the issue the last few days. We're stuck in the muggy air and we're starting to see holes. Quite a bit of clearing towards albany. It will add in extra heat element to the atmosphere and storms will build up and this afternoon I think we'll see another round of showers and thunderstorms. The biggest danger is lightning and the downpours. We're not really seeing elements in the atmosphere that would produce like tornadoes or hail or gusty winds as well. Here's what happens, 9:00 this morning we get showers offshore moving towards the cape, we get a bit of sunshine and boom, some thunderstorms pop up and they'll carry through the evening hours and eventually the drier air works in overnight and clear skies away and tomorrow looking sunny with drier conditions because the front will be moving its way on through. That's where the front is today and moves offshore and takes the rain with it and it will be a slow process and you may start with clouds towards the cape but eventually the sunshine wins out and the humidity starts to break as well. Here's your forecast then for the rest of today. Today, scattered showers and thunderstorms and locally heavy downpours are possible. You may get a hint of sunshine but probably not a lot of sun. Muggy conditions and evening thunderstorms and mostly cloudy skies with clearing, 62 to 68 degrees. The five-day forecast, monday less humid and plenty of sunshine and tuesday's low with low humidity and it becomes less humid thursday and next weekend, on saturday and we could see more rain on sunday. Not a washout but a chance for rain into the weekend. Mary and jim. Mary: Now 18 minutes after 9:00. Here's some other stories we're tracking. Jim: Michelle obama is raising campaign cash in los angeles after spending yesterday in colorado. Mrs. Obama visited with some of the victims still recovering from the movie massacre and thanked doctors and nurses and stf members for tending those hurt when a gunman opened fire during the midnight showing of a batman movie. Mary: Yesterday afternoon police confronted a 30-year-old man who appeared to be smoking marijuana and pulled out an 11-inch knife in the middle of an area packed with tourist and they chased him and pepper sprayed him and shot him in the chest when he allegedly lunched at him. Jim: Corrosion may be to blame for this fire in california. They're trying to figure out why chevron didn't replace the pipe after an inspection in november the explosion caused thousands to seek medical attention and led to a spike in gas prices on the westcoast. Another rough outing for the red sox and brent lillibridge picked up by the sox in the kevin youkilis trade and then ed around and traded to cleveland and lillibridge homered and drove in two runs, the indians handed the sox another loss. 5-2 the final. The sox have lost eight of their last eleven games. Mary: Will middlebrooks' season may be over. The third baseman was placed on the 15-day disabled list with a broken bone in his right hand and hit by a pitch in the ninth inninged in night. Bobby valentine didn't not expect him back hope to field this year. Jim: An ondoing debate in the medical field. I got blurried vision. Jim: She was diagnosed with chronic lyme disease and some doctors say that condition doesn't even exist. Mary: We have bargain hunters. Retailers and customers out in full force and how toed to trouble on a highway. Jim: A live look at boston. Still gloomy out there.

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{"id":16988951,"title":"Tim Pawlenty on Paul Ryan","duration":"3:00","description":"The former Minnesota governor on Romney's vice president selection.","url":"/ThisWeek/video/tim-pawlenty-paul-ryan-16988951","section":"ThisWeek","mediaType":"default"}