General John Allen: 'We're Not Done' With the Fight Against ISIS

4:15 | 09/13/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for General John Allen: 'We're Not Done' With the Fight Against ISIS
That refugee crisis sparked in part by civil war in Syria and the terror group Isis. The coalition effort against Isis is now a year old, so is the U.S. Winning the war? We took that question to retired general John Allen. But I started off asking him what responsibility the U.S. Bears to help those refugees? My prayers with all of them that they'll find security wherever their travels will take them. I also, by virtue of the job I have today, recognize that we have a responsibility, that we intervening months, between those days and today, a coalition that has worked really hard to stem the flow of foreign fighters, impede the finances of D.A.S.H. And yet, mosul is still controlled by Isis. Well, let me -- you're correct. We're not done. But we have had real successes. Tikrit was taken back. In Syria, that place kabani, brave defenders supported by the coalition, ultimately held the city. They pushed D.A.S.H. Well off that border and -- Let's talk about kabani, it remains desolate, 70% of the city destroyed, many of those refugees including that 3-year-old boy, his brother and mother were from kabani. They can't go back. Well, the intent is to create the humanitarian conditions where they can go back, rebuild the city. That process is under way. Syria is never going to be solved militarily. Syria has to have a mrilt call transition away from Assad. 2011 when president Obama said he has to go, he has not gone. There hasn't been a political solution and it's getting worse for the people who live there, it's getting worse for the refugees. And we're working very hard to try to have that political solution. Reporter: In the meantime, the white house is announcing that the U.S. Will take in 10,000 Syrian refugees, but the chairman of the homeland security committee says, Isis could imbed with those refugees, creating a Jihadi pipeline. They call it a national security threat, do you agree? I think we should watch it. We should be conscience of the potential that D.A.S.H. Might intend to imbed that population. But I have tremendous confidence in the work that has been and is being done by the director with the FBI and with secretary Johnson, secretary of homeland security, the attorney general and the department of justice, they have done tremendous work in protecting us domestically. And as I have watched their efforts unfold, and as we would see the potential for infiltrators to in these refugee colonies, I have confidence they'll work hard. But is it a potential national security threat? I think it's a threat. We need to understand the totality of it before we can brand it a national security threat. But it's clearly something we should be thinking about.

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