Trump's adviser on Supreme Court nomination confident they can get 'anyone' confirmed

Leonard Leo, an outside adviser to President Trump for filling the court vacancy, joins "This Week" to discuss the process for replacing Justice Anthony Kennedy.
4:57 | 07/08/18

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Transcript for Trump's adviser on Supreme Court nomination confident they can get 'anyone' confirmed
Today I amping another promise to the American people by nominating judge Gorsuch of thetestates supreme court to be of the united St sure urt. So was that rp wait? Hat was the president's first supreme court pick in Ary 2017. Xt one comes tomw night in primetime. We're now joined by the man who crafted presidenump's short list, Leonard Leo, on leave now from the federalist society, also now the president's top supreme court ser. So I guess I have to start out asking, has the president made his Deon? But'll tell you this, what drives the president in this process is that he made the supreme court a issue in tlection, more than any otheesential candate. He greatly enthused voters over itnd it was E of the big factorat led to his election and holding T. Senate. So he kept that mome going with neirsuch and no's got another opportunity to do it again. Everyone coming from the list that you help craft at the federal society. Our best repor is that the president own to four finalists, includingtt naugh, court O appeals in d.c.,o worked oneorge W. Bush white house, fac some ervative opposition. Senators ranul, Ted Cruz, Tom cotton raising concerns. Ken cuccinellie former rney general of the state of Virginia said he looks, walks and quacks like John Roberts, Jr. The bushives loudly in Kavanaugh. Are you concd about that conservative oition mountingto Brett Kavanaugh? Every potential nominee before annouent gets concerns expressedut them by people who might ultimately supporem. People aren't always familiar with their RDS tile say this about one nominee bee they favor anr. I think what you can say about what's going ot now, talk about Brett Kavanaugh, a Barrett, ts Hardiman, ray thledge who I assume those are the four. Hose are the. They're extdi diinguished people. Certainly Brett kaugand Amy Barrett have a lot of name recognn among suorters of the prest, I think that ultimately when people lth are nominated you'll seeot of folks line up. According to "The New York Times" senator mll said two would have an easier road to nfirmation, Raymond kedge and Amy Barrett. Is it true T they would have a tougher time getting confirmed? First of all, with re to kethledge and Tom Hardiman, they're a little less known by conservatives and theicords are a little lighter so it might take some time. Is that an advantaggh? Welt depends. Remembere president ran on the supreme court issue and thateatly enth's important tve people O are extry well known and have distinguished records. One of the -- our next guest, question saying that this should be put off until after the mid-terms, after the Mueller investigation is completed because it would be improper for the president to nominate someone who may have jurisdiction over his investign. How do you respond to that argument? I think it's a red herring. There are a issues that an executivranch and a president deal with O a regular basis that are extraordinarily important controversial. Don't hold upreme court nominations or conions forthose. The O big issue that's energizing so much opposition righw is the fear among Democrats, among Progressives that whoever president appoints is going to overturn ro wade. Is it fair to say that anyone who madeonto your list is likely to be an opponef roe V. Wade? No. First of all, nobody Rea knows. We've beenking about this for 36 years, going all the way back te mination of Sandra o'connor. And after thatyear period we only have a single individual on the court has expressly said he would overturn roe. I think it's a bit of a scare tactic and ranks speculation mohahing else. That comes from youlies as the national review wrote, no one has been more dedid to the enterprise of building a supreme court that will overturn roe V. Wade than the federalist ciety's Leonard has been your. My goal first and foremost has always been to find people to serve on the court who eve in the constitution as it's written that's reaultimately what drives the conservative legal movement. You want judges on the court who stand that the best way to preserve freednd dignity prosperity in this country is to have people who are going to interpret constitutis written and not play politics when 're judges Are you confident that anyone the president nominates tomorrow night can get confirmed before the mid-terms, that the Democrats would not be able to hold up the nomina U aftethe mid-terms? I'm very confident this president's enthus and with leader Mcconnell's enthum that they can get anybody confirmed. Leonaeo, thanks very much. Let's get a

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{"duration":"4:57","description":"Leonard Leo, an outside adviser to President Trump for filling the court vacancy, joins \"This Week\" to discuss the process for replacing Justice Anthony Kennedy.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/ThisWeek","id":"56438950","title":"Trump's adviser on Supreme Court nomination confident they can get 'anyone' confirmed","url":"/ThisWeek/video/trumps-adviser-supreme-court-nomination-confident-confirmed-56438950"}