Your Voice This Week

George Stephanopoulos answers viewer questions from Facebook and Twitter.
0:31 | 01/22/12

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Transcript for Your Voice This Week
-- your voice this week where you get to ask the questions and I take a shot at answering them the first one today comes from a -- underdog. Do you think that Donald Trump will be -- third party presidential candidate I don't I think -- may flirt with it. For a little while but they're actually some rumblings this week that he might actually endorse someone. In the Republican fight maybe even that Ronnie it'll be interesting to see. If that big South Carolina went from Newt Gingrich changes that calculation for Donald Trump but I don't think he'll be a serious third party. Candidate we also got a lot of questions this week about last week's interview with fake presidential candidate Stephen col -- in his super Packers say. Do you believe they -- -- expression of the First Amendment. Without that you not to want. You don't believe that some -- quite used to. Well you answer one of my questions -- so what are yours. Bridget -- wonders real honestly attack -- -- barrel last week or did you appreciate the humor of the interview I wasn't mad at all you know we were both staying. In Carriker last week he was acting like a real candidate I was doing exactly what I would do -- a candidate where there. Giving those kinds answers or not answers to the question it was all in good fun of course cold there also want to make a serious point. About those super pacs and finally today George what was the most surprising thing that happened you during a political interview now that's a tough one because you know so often. These candidates come in so scripted but for had to choose one's. It would be this interview -- -- with President Obama just before his inauguration for years ago. We're about twenty minutes into an area that sometimes it got contentious but then in my ear I found out that Malia and Sasha -- actually com. Conveniently the president were in the control room and they had a question for the president they wanted to know when they were -- get a dog. And that's where the president -- some news just a couple of days before the inauguration if you've got a question Zenyatta FaceBook Twitter at hash tag asked George or any time. And And Yahoo!.

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{"id":15415190,"title":"Your Voice This Week","duration":"0:31","description":"George Stephanopoulos answers viewer questions from Facebook and Twitter.","url":"/ThisWeek/video/voice-week-15415190","section":"ThisWeek","mediaType":"default"}