Your Voice This Week

George Stephanopoulos answer viewer questions from Twitter and Facebook.
1:13 | 03/04/12

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Transcript for Your Voice This Week
Your voice this week where you get to ask the questions I take a shot at answering them in the first one today comes from Steve Potts. It's safe to assume the democratic hopefuls are already jockeying for position to succeed President Obama. Please see at the top contenders for the democratic nomination 2016 it is awful early but not. Too early warning of a trio of governors after taking a look at it Martin O'Malley of Maryland Andrew Cuomo of New York John Hickenlooper. Of Colorado keep an eye also on the Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel not impossible he takes a look at this he spoke at that Jefferson Jackson dinner in Iowa this year. And finally could be setting up a generational battle -- Hillary Clinton says she's not interested but I wouldn't completely rule out the possibility she takes look at the race. And of course by president Joseph Biden is keeping his options open as well. Also George up -- -- Lou Cannon writes I am Greek from -- CBS what part of Kris are you from. My mom is from populace my father's from small village near Olympia called -- -- -- Which makes -- Spartan. If you've got a question recently and -- FaceBook Twitter at -- take action George or anytime at And Yahoo!. That's all for us today world is -- David Muir has the latest tonight on those deadly tornadoes. And Tuesday night Diane and I will be here election headquarters all night long bringing the Super Tuesday results as they come it. Thanks for -- -- your Sunday with us I'll see you tomorrow on --

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{"id":15844052,"title":"Your Voice This Week ","duration":"1:13","description":"George Stephanopoulos answer viewer questions from Twitter and Facebook.","url":"/ThisWeek/video/voice-week-15844052","section":"ThisWeek","mediaType":"default"}