Web Extra: Ben Affleck's Congo Mission

This Week, Martha Raddatz, Ben Affleck, Congo, Eastern Congo Initiative
3:00 | 03/02/14

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Transcript for Web Extra: Ben Affleck's Congo Mission
You know I I probably subscribe at some levels that stereotype of Africans -- -- lying around and waiting for aid and wasting money and aid in that could have been further from what I saw some people haven't. Through worse things than I ever imagine. And we're ready to live again and just needed a little bit out and I want -- stuff that I've seen as less punishing an inspiring capacity. To grow just want to survive to -- to move past its wanna rebuild their country to be willing to say what do we need to do. Faith of my family's been killed and I've lost one of my other -- I want to make this place better won't make this country better when I saw that spirit in Congo among the Condoleezza I was profoundly and. Tracks of my impression is you have the spirit and attitude of people Antonio its people say -- it's so incredibly beautiful. People don't realize it's one of the most beautiful places on earth and the videos that's been done about this begins with a line Congo is like a nightmare in heaven. Food and that really strikes me is that it really can be. A completely different the other thing that struck me from from the testimony as well is is who -- Association with -- NC hospital and her house and women. They've treated for rape fertilization. You know Penn hospital alone and there are others heal Africa a member of which with whom we work but. -- one we support we to a legal. Clinic there and other things with them. You know they were doing that -- and ultimately himself would do was doing ten its focus who have surgeries -- -- At the height of the conflict and official as an injury that women sustain which is debilitating and and can cause and to be ostracized and can cause you know. Can destroy -- destroys lives. And as a result either of those and very savage sexual assault since she and dramatic or of the far too young and delivering -- having -- to -- And this this was a real and is continues to be -- tremendous crisis. And the and the hospitals that stand to conduct McQuay -- performed -- himself to train others and he's really emblematic of of what I want. To try to -- -- -- -- the contagion of success -- one person do it helping you know others want to contribute training other doctors they're opening other clinics. That's the kind of electric desire to to bring oneself offense bring others with you -- the savior your fellow man or woman. And that that really moved me and you know he's neutral and yet -- -- chronicled him all over the place I'm -- just it just --

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{"id":22739777,"title":"Web Extra: Ben Affleck's Congo Mission","duration":"3:00","description":"This Week, Martha Raddatz, Ben Affleck, Congo, Eastern Congo Initiative","url":"/ThisWeek/video/web-extra-ben-afflecks-congo-mission-22739777","section":"ThisWeek","mediaType":"default"}