Web Extra: 'Becoming a Man'

Becoming a Man's Marshaun Bacon and Kerron Turner on the program for at-risk youth.
3:00 | 03/02/14

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Transcript for Web Extra: 'Becoming a Man'
Meeting the president hasn't made a difference in your life. And I really do mean president for the first time actually. In Sacramento and haven't done get the chance. Paladin make you feel that he came I couldn't -- really I'm in no -- -- -- to play in mainly for an exciting and he gave me hope and excitement. -- you help oversee the program. Was at a boost to the program and where you trip and -- well. Arnold is deafening -- for someone to. Have such an. A commitment in and a focus on these gas despite all the things he's -- -- I think religious shuttles his commitment to this population. And it really speaks is affected. When young me and see someone have that person -- -- left that they can look up to -- -- -- great decisions. Working with. Young people. Who are dealing with those kind of issues. How important is having a program like this. As an added incentive for them to two. Be successful -- this crucial -- what you hear about these guys saying his distress and every -- trouble and when they don't have. Role -- teach them how to cope with -- -- They don't have resources. Then you know like you said they can make very dangerous decisions so -- the band program. We give them a safe place to talk about those emotions. What -- check in process. But then we also. Make sure that they have -- someone like me or another counselor who can talk tomorrow on a regular basis so. The the emotional stress and in the trauma. I think is the thing that doesn't get talked about enough and so the band program is where we can say a man you know what. Yamana scared or you know I'm mom I'm sad because -- -- -- When -- in -- communities they have to be tough they have to have this you know heart exteriors so.

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{"id":22739472,"title":"Web Extra: 'Becoming a Man'","duration":"3:00","description":"Becoming a Man's Marshaun Bacon and Kerron Turner on the program for at-risk youth.","url":"/ThisWeek/video/web-extra-man-22739472","section":"ThisWeek","mediaType":"default"}