'This Week': 2016 Forecast

Jeb Bush and the powerhouse roundtable weigh in on 2016 prospects.
3:00 | 10/20/13

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Transcript for 'This Week': 2016 Forecast
I've been out of politics for a few years now. I've had a chance to think a lot about what makes our country so great. What kind of leadership is required to keep it great. A look ahead to 2016. That was hillary clinton on the campaign trail yesterday. Her first political campaign appearance in more than four years. And someone also weighing a 2016 bid, jeb bush. The two shared a stage a few weeks ago and jon karl asked him about some of the behind the scenes moments between the potential rivals. What's that conversation like? It was very friendly. Treating people fairly and with civility is not a bad thing. It would be good for our country if political leaders actually took that to heart. There is so much public distaste, rightly so, with washington. You see it in the polls. Gal up is 60 percent saying they want a third party. Does any of that make you less likely to want to run for president? My decisions won't relate to this. It deeply disturbs me as an american that loves my country that we have this massive dysfunction and it troubles me. You still may run? Yeah. I'm at the same place I was the last time we visited about this which is this is not the right time to be thinking about that. The former governor of montana, governor schweitzer, said that we have a country of 340 million people isn't there somebody who isn't a bush or a clinton running for president? Some guy told me that an the plane stuck in o'hare airport. He said he was supporting obama early in the primary. I said why. He said we had a bush and a clinton and then a bush and a clinton and looked at me and said we're going to have a bush. It's an interesting perspective. I think some people believe that. That won't be a motivating factor in my decision. A bush, a clinton. Back now with our round table. Peter baker again, the author of days of fire, bush and and cheney in the white house. Talking about jeb bush, does george bush haunt him, help him? People criticized him in 2000 and said if his last name were smith he wouldn't be anywhere. He's trading on his dad's name. If jeb bush were running and his last name was smith it might help him. He's an impressive figure. There is a lot of republicans who like him a lot, but he's going to have to deal with the legacy of his family name at this point and explain why america should go back to another bush. Even if you like the best two -- they seem so different in demeanor, in everything. They're incredibly different. You sit with either one of them they're incredibly different. The problem which is what the governor said is I like jeb bush and the bush family. I like the clintons but we've been in this rodeo for almost 40 years. Some bush or clinton has been running for president for almost 40 years. The country is like, yeah, that was great, give them a watch, let them go home and where are our new leaders in this country. President obama did that so well, inspired a whole new generation of folks. I don't think hillary clinton or jeb bush can inspire folks to change washington which everybody believes we need to do with names that have bush and clinton at the end. What would hillary clinton do? I think she can certainly add a dynamic that we haven't really seen yet and the power of her voice as a woman. Frankly if she had a different last name -- there is an easy fix on that last name. Part of bringing washington together though is something that no president really has that much control over. It's political parties and leadership in congress. Is that really true? I have to respectfully disagree. There have been presidents in history that put out a great vision for america, the shining hill with reagan. History judges he was an amazing president. When you look at some of the candidates that we have out there, we have a lot of great candidates, jeb bush has put a very positive vision. When he talks he talks about the need for education, talks about the need for unity. I think the bush last name won't hurt him. You see gorge bush becoming more popular as he's out of office. People see him differently than when he got out and jeb is a totally different man. What's joe biden thinking right now? Here's the beauty of the democrat party I think right now. I think we have a number of people who could step to the national stage and maybe that's going to be joe biden. Maybe it's going to be hillary clinton or maybe somebody else that we don't even know and whether it's a bush or a clinton or xyz at the end of that ticket, it's going to be important to -- there is no heir apparent. In the republican party which has not happened in 50 years. Lucky for you there is no time to talk about the detroit tigers and the red sox. Go red sox. Thanks, everyone. Jeb bush might be undecided

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{"id":20627615,"title":"'This Week': 2016 Forecast","duration":"3:00","description":"Jeb Bush and the powerhouse roundtable weigh in on 2016 prospects.","url":"/ThisWeek/video/week-2016-presidential-election-forecast-20627615","section":"ThisWeek","mediaType":"default"}