This Week Fast Forward 7.30.2017

Speed through the highlights from the latest "This Week."
1:07 | 07/30/17

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What do you think needs to happen to stabilize this administration. A fundamentally. The captain of that ship. Needs to change the problem for Kelly is not going to be his bow and implementation his own strategy it's going to be can he get the staff and the president's goal along with that this has been. A White House that. Can't get its act together what they have to show for it is one of the most unproductive. Starts to a presidency. Culminating in the end they would be and they'll vote on health care this week are you going to. Help and implode or tried to fix it. That the responsibility of the department is to improve health and the safety and the well being of the American people and we take that mission extremely. Seriously most of my listeners are proud that that Trump's turf is still in the White House any still extremely popular among the base who put him there. And if the election were held today I think the trump certainly beat Hillary again. And again and again.

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{"duration":"1:07","description":"Speed through the highlights from the latest \"This Week.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/ThisWeek","id":"48935540","title":"This Week Fast Forward 7.30.2017","url":"/ThisWeek/video/week-fast-forward-7302017-48935540"}