'This Week': Gov. Deval Patrick

ABC News' Dan Harris and Mass. Gov. Deval Patrick on the one-year anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombings.
5:22 | 04/13/14

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Transcript for 'This Week': Gov. Deval Patrick
to move on to Boston, a city preparing to mark the moment one year ago when terror struck right at the heart of its historic marathon. They're back, Boston strong. Our "Good morning America" weekend anchor, Dan Harris, a Boston native, has more. Reporter: It was a day my hometown will never forget. Two explosions at the finish line of the Boston marathon. The city's secular holy day, transformed into a hell day. Three dead. Hundreds injured. As we come on the air, this is a country in search of a bomber. Reporter: It led to a nearly week-long manhunt for the suspects. The city on lockdown in those final chaotic hours before the capture of 19-year-old dzohzhar tsarnael. A community united around a simple idea. Boston strong. Perhaps most colorfully articulated by the red sox legend known as big Papi. This is our City! Reporter: One year later, a new report for the intelligence community points to some missed signals on tracking the suspects and faulting Russia for sharing more intelligence. U.s. Agencies generally shared information and followed procedures appropriately. Meanwhile, preparations for next Monday's marathon are now in full swing, with stepped-up security planned. Including more bag checks and more barriers along the race route. And with some 36,000 runners, planning to hit the race pack, the most ever, Boston has a new rallying cry -- we run together. But before the race, the anniversary coming up this Tuesday, the city will mark it with a tribute ceremony at the convention center downtown. After which hundreds of people including the survivors, will March to the finish line for a moment of silence. At 2:49 the exact time the first bomb went off. George, I will be there. And talking to you on an ABC news special report. Dan, thanks very much. Let's get more on this from Massachusetts governor Deval Patrick, thank you for joining us. Good morning. As Dan just said, the commemoration is Tuesday. The marathon next week, are you confident both will be secure? I think we have made every possible provision, the planning has been very, very thorough. The teams are well-coordinated. In fact, George, we had a tabletop exercise, a full day a couple of weeks ago, there were 450 people in the room from every federal, state, loyal loyal leadership. We'll be very prepared. I think we've struck an appropriate balance for having more law enforcement present and during it continues to be a family outing and a civic ritual. What's the biggest threat? You worry about that, and the fact an awful lot of attention is going to be focused on this year's marathon on account of last year's. It's always as you know a big deal for us in Boston and in Massachusetts. But, there's a record number of runners, a record number of reporters, I think, will be present as well. But, as I say, I think we're very well prepared and people should come out and enjoy themselves. You've seen the intelligence review the FBI could have done a better job of tracking tamerlan tsarnaev. And faults the Russians for failing to share intelligence. What did you take away from the review and is there anything more the federal government, Boston or Massachusetts could have done? Well, I think that, you know, it's obviously concerning that Russian intelligence was not responsive to questions asked by the FBI and by other united States intelligence agencies for a year or more. I knew this in the immediate aftermath when we were getting this information, now the public knows it as a result of the inspector general's report. Obviously, you want as much coordination as possible. But I think we're passed the point in many respects of could have, should have business. We're really focused on how to ensure this marathon is safe and fun. Celebrate in the coming week the way we have pulled together, the way that the medical teams pulled together to care for and comfort those who were hurt. If way the law enforcement teams pulled together. And the way all of the citizens pulled together to help us heal and make us stronger. Boston is ready to send a message next week? That's the message. It's going to be a great, great occasion and a solemn one, obviously, on Tuesday when we acknowledge the tragedy of the last year, but also, it has been a source of pride for us in the way that this community has shown the world what a strong community looks like. They certainly have. Governor Patrick, thank you very much for your time this morning. Thank you, George. Great to be with you.

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{"id":23309598,"title":"'This Week': Gov. Deval Patrick ","duration":"5:22","description":"ABC News' Dan Harris and Mass. Gov. Deval Patrick on the one-year anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombings. ","url":"/ThisWeek/video/week-gov-deval-patrick-23309598","section":"ThisWeek","mediaType":"default"}