'This Week': Obama in South Africa

Byron Pitts on President Obama's visit to South Africa
1:06 | 06/30/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'This Week': Obama in South Africa
the newsiest weeks of the year. And we begin with what has become an emotional mission to south africa for president obama. Honoring his personal hero, nelson mandela byron pitts is in johannesburg. Good morning. Good morning. Moving is right. We're outside his home where the steady stream of the concerned and the curious continues today. As for president obama, he and the first family visited robben island today where mla spent much of his 27 years behind . He will meet with desmond tutu to shine the light on aids awareness. Yesterday he met privately with members of the family to offer comfort. And every public event in south africa, the president made the point that as a young man else inspired by nelson mandela to live his dream s. The president will overnight in cape town and tomorrow continues his tour of africa making a stop in the capital of tanzania.

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{"id":19536977,"title":"'This Week': Obama in South Africa ","duration":"1:06","description":"Byron Pitts on President Obama's visit to South Africa","url":"/ThisWeek/video/week-obama-south-africa-19536977","section":"ThisWeek","mediaType":"default"}